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Elliott v7.x Warehouse Management System (WMS) PowerPoint Presentation
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Elliott v7.x Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Elliott v7.x Warehouse Management System (WMS)

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Elliott v7.x Warehouse Management System (WMS)

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  1. Elliott v7.x Warehouse Management System (WMS) Edward M. Kwang President

  2. Elliott V7.2 WMS Hardware • Elliott Warehouse Management System is part of Elliott application and will only run on Windows 32-bit OS: • Notebook Computer (Recommend) • Tablet PC (Recommend) • Stationary PC (OK for Shipping Verification) • Or any device (WinCE) supports Terminal Services • Notebook and Tablet PC should have wireless capability • Barcode Scanner are desirable • Especially Wireless Barcode are recommended

  3. Elliott WMS Hardware Strategy • Elliott will use standard hardware • No proprietary hardware • Most warehouse management solution today is based on expensive proprietary hardware. • An Intermec portable RF barcode scanner sell for $4,000 - $5,000. • Standard hardware are cost effective and versatile • A typical tablet PC or Notebook with wireless capability is around $2,000. • A Tablet PC or Notebook can run all Elliott functions and all regular PC applications.

  4. Ideal Hardware Configuration • A lightweight Tablet PC or Notebook with extended battery • Last up to 6 to 8 hrs. • Weight less than 3 lbs. • Wireless connection on the portable PC • WIFI 802.11b/g (best performance) • Require up front investment to wire the warehouse • $10K - $20K for a 90,000 SQFT warehouse. • Sprint® Wireless Card (cost effective to get started) • Not as fast as 802.11b/g, but no up front cost • $40(20M), $60, $80, $120(unlimited) per month • May not have signal at the center of a large warehouse. • Scanner (Wireless Recommended) • Bluetooth wireless scanner (or any other wireless) • It can be a scanner with cable. But it is less flexible.

  5. Bluetooth Wireless Scanner • Bluetooth is another emerging standard. It offers Inexpensive hardware and very low power consumption. But it is limited by low band-width and short distance. It is Ideal for cable replacement solution. • Metrologic MS9535 VoyagerBT • Street Price: $490 • Microvision Flic BlueTooth Scanner • Street Price: $200 • Just came out (it was not available three months ago) • BaracodaPencil • It’s a wand and a stylus for PDA • Watch for Symbol’s Scanner that Support BlueTooh. • They do offer non-bluetooth type of wireless scanner

  6. Metrologic VoyagerBT

  7. Microvision Flic BT Scanner

  8. Baracoda BlueTooth Pencil

  9. Portable PC Configuration • If you use Sprint Wireless Card • You must use Terminal Service. Otherwise Elliott would be too slow. • Firewall Terminal Server port need to open up. • If you use 802.11b/g • You can use traditional LAN setup to run Elliott. • Elliott run on your portable PC • However, we still recommend Terminal Services • Elliott run on the Terminal Server • The Portable PC run Terminal Client only • Terminal Services require very little bandwidth and is much more reliable to run in the wireless environment.

  10. An Example of Scanning Process • Receiver places portable PC anywhere closed to the receiving goods. • Receiver use the wireless scanner to scan the item barcode (UPC, or Mfg Item Number…etc.) • The wireless scanner transmit the barcode value to portable PC (Bluetooth) • The portable PC transmit the barcode value to Elliott application running on terminal server through yet another wireless connection (Sprint Wireless Card or 802.11b/g)

  11. Warehouse Operations • The following are four different types of warehouse operation supported through barcode scanning in Elliott WMS: • Receiving • PO Warehouse Receiving (Add-on $995) • Shipping • COP Shipping Verification (Add-on $3,995) • COP Simple Billing (Add-on $995) • Inventory Transfer • IM Inventory Transfer (Part of Elliott Basic Package) • Bin to Bin Transfer (Multi-Bin Enabled) • Warehouse to Warehouse Transfer • Physical Count • IM Physical Count (Part of Elliott Basic Package)

  12. Elliott V7.2 WMS • Part of Elliott Basic Package: • System Wide Item Barcode Scanning Support • GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) Support • Improved Physical Count to Support Barcode Scanning • Inventory Transfer Designed for Barcode Oper. • Barcode Printing • Add-on Features: • Simple Billing • Improved Shipping Verification • Warehouse Receiving Program • Multi-Bin Support • Radio Beacon Interface

  13. System Wide Item Barcode Scanning Support • Globally Support Scanning of • Item Number • UPC Code • Manufacturing Item Code • GTIN (EAN.UCC-14 / SCC-14) • EAN.UCC-14/SCC-14 • EAN.UCC-13 • UCC-12 (UPC) • EAN.UCC-8 • System wide, any place system prompt you for an item number where validation is required, you can enter any one of the above.

  14. Demo Item# Scanning Support • Any Item barcode can be scanned anywhere if it is one of the following: • Item Number • UPC • UCC.EAN-13 • UCC.EAN-8 • UCC.EAN-14 (SCC-14) • Manufacture Item Number • For examples • Item Inquiry • Stock Status Inquiry • ATP Inquiry • Order Inquiry

  15. GTIN Support • GTIN stands for Global Trade Item Number. It consolidates the following standard: • UCC-12 (UPC) • EAN.UCC-13 • EAN.UCC-8 • EAN.UCC-14 (support of package code)

  16. 2005 Sunrise & Barcodes

  17. Global Trade Item No (GTIN) • 2005 Sunrise (from UCC) • UPC is a US and Canada standard. Except US & Canada, retail products around the world are marked with EAN-8 and EAN-13 symbols. • By UCC mandate , by January 1, 2005 all US and Canadian companies must be capable of scanning and processing EAN-8 and EAN-13 symbols, in addition to 12-digits UPC symbols at POS. • In the mean time, UCC recommend all companies expand their business system barcode data field to 14 digits to make way for GTIN complaint.

  18. GTIN Structure • It is always 14-digit long • The first digit is the package size code • The last digit is the check digit • For EAN-8, UPC, EAN-13, it simply fill leading zeros and right adjust to make it 14-digits GTIN code.

  19. GTIN Four Type of Barcode Symbols

  20. Demo GTIN Support • Demo Setup of GTIN • Setup of Package Size • Demo Scanning of GTIN in Stock Status Inquiry • Demo Scanning in Sales Desk • Scan 14-Digits UPC Code without Package Size • Scan 14-Digits UPC Code with Package Size • Package Size is being utilized in: • Physical Count • Shipping Verification • Sales Desk

  21. Improved Physical Count • Allow Performing Physical Count through Barcode Scanning • Scan Mode • Recognize Package Code & Qty • Qty Mode • Designed for Wireless Operation • Part of Basic Elliott Package

  22. Demo Physical Count • Demo Auto Mode • Demo Scan Mode • Scan UPC Code • Scan GTIN Code with Package Size • Demo Qty Mode

  23. Barcode Printing • Item Label Printing • Working with Bartender or Label Matrix • Elliott supports barcode printing on any printing documents • Predefined Templates for • Picking Tickets • Invoices • Item Labels (Avery Label Standard)

  24. Sample Laser Picking Ticket

  25. Sample Item 1x3” Labels

  26. Sample Item 1-1/3” x 4” Labels

  27. Everything Included So Far • So far the features we had shown you are part of Elliott Basic Package. • What we are going to show next are optional add-on features.

  28. Simple Billing • Designed for Warehouse • Only a few enter keys • Operator can’t change Order Header and Line Item Screen. • Assume ship complete • Option to change billing screen (freight) • Optionally print immediately invoice as shipping document. • Optionally Add-on feature ($995)

  29. Demo Simple Billing • Intend to be a warehouse function • Can’t modify header • Can’t modify line item (assume ship complete) • Scan the order number • Print the Invoice • You can optionally let warehouse access billing screen for freight & misc. charge amount.

  30. Improved Shipping Verification • Can optional perform immediately billing selection. • Can optional print immediately invoice • Shipping Verification is a more sophisticated function than simple billing • Does not assume ship complete • Barcode verify each shipped item • Track content of each package • Support Printing of EDI ASN UCC-128 Label • Optional Add-on Features ($3,995)

  31. Demo Shipping Verification • Scan Order# Barcode • Verify Item & Under Ship an Item • Complete Order (Auto Billing Selected) • Print Immediately Invoice • Show the back order line item • Show the Shipping Data in Order Inquiry

  32. Warehouse Receiving • Warehouse Receiving is designed for receiving at the warehouse • Minimum keystrokes • No Accounting Info • Designed for scanning operation • Optional Add-on ($995)

  33. Demo Warehouse Receiving • Scan the UPC Code of an item • System either identify the PO automatically or ask user to select. • For Non-Serialized Item, system ask user Qty • For Serialized Item, system ask user to scan the serial number and qty is determined by the number of serial number scanned. • Move on to next item. Assume the same PO.

  34. Multi-Bin Support • You need Multi-Bin when you outgrow the single bin configuration: • Need to use all the space in your warehouse • Can’t reserve bin space for item. • Multi-Bin requirement will make your operation more complicated because you need to collect more data (Bin Information). • Optional Add-on ($3,995).

  35. Radio Beacon Interface • Radio Beacon is a leading third party warehouse management solution • If you need the most sophisticated warehouse management solution beyond what Elliott can provide, this is where you go. • Use portable wireless barcode scanner. • This is a much more expensive solution for customers seeking for state of the art warehouse management solution. • Optional Add-on ($9,995)

  36. Future Developing • Streamline Multi-bin support • Currently, the following areas does not support multi-bin • Shipping verification • Warehouse receiving • Streamline Lot# support • Shipping verification • Warehouse receiving • Physical Count

  37. In Summary • Warehouse Management will be a feature that Elliott distinct itself from other Accounting package. • More efforts will be devoted into warehouse management features improvement.

  38. Q&A