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Delhi. Rail passengers to get exclusive facilities at New Delhi metro

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  1. Delhi

  2. Rail passengers to get exclusive facilities at New Delhi metro • After de-boarding at New Delhi Railway station you will not have to brush shoulders with other Metro commuters to get a token or queue up for gaining entry to the paid area in the New Delhi Metro station to catch a train. Train passengers soon will be offered pre-vended tokens and separate entry/exit so that railway commuters entering and exiting from the station do not face overcrowding or congestion. • The facilities include a separate exit block with nine automatic fare collection (AFC) gates, a customer care centre (CCC) and three additional token counters. These counters will also issue pre-vended tokens for frequently visited stations. This measure will help commuters save time and escape waiting in long queues. • The number of token counters on the New Delhi Railway station side of the metro station will be increased from 17 to 20. Besides, additional signages will be installed for the convenience of the commuters. • A new CCC has been set up towards the exit leading to the New Delhi railway station to address the queries of the passengers who come from the railway station. The CCC also has an additional ticket operating machine, which can be operationalised to tackle extra rush of commuters, said a DMRC spokesperson.

  3. Vocabulary Vended: offer (small items) for sale, especially from a slot machine. Commuters: a passenger train that is ridden primarily by passengers who travel regularly from one place to another. Metropolis: The capital or chief city of a country or region. Eponym: A person after whom a discovery, invention, place, etc., is named. Terracotta: is a clay-based unglazed ceramic

  4. General Facts on Delhi City name: Delhi Population: 9.4 million Language Spoken: Hindi, Urdu, English & Punjabi Currency: Indian Rupee (INR) Shoppers Paradise: ChandniChowk Traditional Festivals: Qutub Festival St James’ Church

  5. Touring Delhi

  6. Reasons to visit The Delhi Book Fair Has every publisher in India under one roof Has special editions not found in other book stores Something for everyone – books from all categories Get great bargains & discounts Chance to meet authors & publishers

  7. Unusual Delhi Museums Shankar's International Dolls Museum Sulabh International Museum of Toilets Sanskriti Museum of Indian Terracotta

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