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Chinese Orphanages

Chinese Orphanages

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Chinese Orphanages

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  1. Chinese Orphanages By: Rachel

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  3. Who are the children in China’s orphanages? Why do children end up there? How do these children find homes? Your about to find out. Six of these children have found their way into our family. The orphanages kept them safe. Introduction

  4. The One Child Policy started in 1979. Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping started this law. He started the law because the population was way to high. This law was made so that families can only have one child each. If someone had two children they would have to pay a fine for about $10,000 they could also lose their jobs. Most families could only have one child except for farmers who could have two if the first child was a girl or disabled. This policy was believed to stop more then 200,000,000 children from being born since 1979. One Child Policy

  5. More then 100,000 children are abandoned each year in China. The parents abandon them because children born with disabilities need surgeries and the parents do not have enough money to pay for them, sometimes these children are also seen as bad luck for the family. Children also get abandoned because boys are preferred over girls, they believe the boys will support the parents when they are older and they will also keep the family name. Why Children Are Abandoned

  6. It is a hard life to be an orphan in China as they have no family or support . It is very unlikely that they would be adopted by other Chinese families. They usually go to the worst schools or they just don’t go at all. They are on their own once they turn eighteen and leave school and the care of the orphanages. Chinese Orphans

  7. All abandoned children are taken to a local police station. They are abandoned in many places. Some are really not safe. If no one claims them within a few hours they are taken to a local orphanage while they wait to hear if anyone will claim them. Many times children with severe special needs cannot be helped and are basically left to die as the orphanages do not have the money or the people to help. Eventually children will be registered and put up for adoption. Most of them wait many years or never get adopted. Orphanages

  8. Healing homes are set up by organizations and people who want to help and care.They help the orphanages by identifying the kids that need special care and work out a plan to get them the help they need.Often the healing homes will take the children that need help the most into their care so the children can get better help. Healing Homes

  9. Healing homes have connections with good doctors and donors (people with money who want to help) to help with the childrens medical problems.Surgeries are paid for by these healing homes.Sometimes the children are sent to other countries where they can get better medical help.Sometimes the children cannot get help because their disabilities are too severe.For these children the best hope they have is to be adopted to countries like the U.S.A as we have very good medical help and surgeons. Getting Help

  10. I have a five-year-old brother and a one-year-old sister with special needs that we adopted from China. My uncle and aunt have four Chinese Special Needs children. All these children have severe special needs and our families are getting them the best help we can. Our family works hard with organizations in China and surgeons around the world to help with surgeries and find homes for these little kids. My Family

  11. China is taking action to go to a two-child policy. This will make it easier for all the children being born first as the parents get a second chance. Also the orphanages are being sent more government funds and are getting better buildings and care rooms for the children. Doctors in China are getting better training and can do more of the hard surgeries themselves. Safe Islands are being set up at some orphanages so that unwanted children can be left safely and privately. This helps keep down the number of children that die because they are abandoned and not found soon enough. The Future/Conclusion