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Learn how to prevent varicose veins PowerPoint Presentation
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Learn how to prevent varicose veins

Learn how to prevent varicose veins

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Learn how to prevent varicose veins

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  1. Learn how to prevent varicose veins

  2. There are so many things that women should expect to happen to their bodies when they age. First of all, the amount of hyaluronic acid that is in the skin will naturally start to deplete, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles. The pigmentation in the hair will start to turn it silver or white. Additionally, vein irregularities might start showing up on the legs.

  3. These vein irregularities (such as varicose veins) do not just show up in older people. They can also, because of various lifestyle habits, show up on younger women. Of course, the key to figuring out how to prevent varicose veins from happening has everything to do with figuring out what causes them in the first place.

  4. Varicose veins are among the most instantly recognizable of the vein irregularities. These kinds of veins are considerably swollen and are purple, blue, bluish red or bluish purple. They are usually found on the lower legs, right around the calves.

  5. One of the leading causes of this kind of vein irregularity is obesity. Obesity is a growing trend amongst both men and women, but women are more likely to develop these kinds of veins than men. How exactly can obesity cause these kinds of veins? The excess weight places lots of pressure on the legs, which carry most of the body weight as it is.

  6. So, this pressure slows down the circulation in the legs. To get the circulation working correctly again, some of the veins start to swell, and that is how these kinds of veins start. It usually takes a lot of weight to be gained in a short amount of time for this to occur. Thus, pregnant women need to pay special attention to the comfort of their legs.

  7. How can this be done? First of all, it will be important for the pregnant woman to stop wearing high heels. High heels, as much of a fun fashion statement that

  8. they can make, are not very healthy for a woman to wear, whether or not she is pregnant. They are alright as long as the woman does not have to walk very much or stand for long periods of time, but the reality is that they just put too much additional pressure on the legs.

  9. So, what can a pregnant woman do to prevent problematic veins from happening? She should first and foremost start wearing shoes that focus more on supporting the foot and the circulation. Yes, some shoes do this and can be fashionable at the same time!

  10. Although varicose veins are usually just ugly to look at and not serious, there are times when they can be indicative of a more serious health problem. If the woman experiences poor circulation because of high cholesterol or high blood pressure, then both of those reasons can contribute to the presence of these veins.

  11. If the leg on which these veins appear is often aching and stiff, that could be indicative of a clot. Varicose veins are not such a serious medical condition, except when it becomes complicated. When they become complicated, you should find Dr. NamrataKhimani, MD Best vein specialist doctor in NEW YORK to help you solve the problem.

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