these bags are clutch n.
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These Bags Are Clutch PowerPoint Presentation
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These Bags Are Clutch

These Bags Are Clutch

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These Bags Are Clutch

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  1. These Bags Are Clutch

  2. If you are looking for handbags the entire universe hasn’t already exploited - ones that are incredibly well made, large enough to hold more than a tic tac, eye catching, crafted of beautiful leathers and materials and won’t require you to save rent money for three months, let me introduce you to PLIA Designs.

  3. These bags are handcrafted, full of life, very useful, and people will stop you on the street inquiring where your handbag came from and who made it.

  4. Believe me, when you carry PLIA Designs handbags be prepared to be stopped in the street, in stores, in airports; you get the idea. Whenever I travel to another country, I know I’ll be stopped many times.

  5. Even some of the snootiest fashionistas can’t help but ask where I bought my handbag.

  6. It helps that the designers behind PLIA Designs have always been obsessed with handbags. Both of them grew up watching their grandmothers and mothers dress up an outfit with beautiful bags.

  7. They tagged along on shopping trips when their female relatives needed to buy new handbags. In a way it was via osmosis that they came to have a real passion for the handbag industry.

  8. When they came together to form a collection, they realized not everyone was obsessed with designer handbags or their price tag. In fact, many women were gawking at paying $2,000 for only one bag.

  9. And many of these bags aren’t even well made. So when they formed PLIA Designs, they vowed to maintain amazing quality, but to keep the price down. There is no sticker shock with a PLIA Designs handbag.

  10. Travel inspires the designers. They try to take two big trips a year to far flung locales they have never visited. Asia for instance played a huge part in one of their recent collections. They often host editors and customers to their showrooms in London and Paris. Both are known to be incredibly humble and well mannered.

  11. I recently had dinner with PLIA Designs’ designers. Over pasta at one of their favorite neighborhood Italian restaurants they talked about their new handbag collections. PLIA Designs designer handbags are always such a treat so I couldn’t wait to hear about their new designs.

  12. These new handbags are a part of the satchel handbag collections, but in a new smaller style. This one would be called the pixie courier satchel handbags and debut soon.

  13. Already several celebrities have been photographed carrying their new pixie bag. I can’t wait to get my hands on one. PLIA Designs is clutch and cool and they never disappoint.

  14. For details information, visit us