new jersey state banner by tori hoose and mat defulio gloucester county institute of technology n.
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  1. New Jersey State Banner By: ToriHoose and Mat DeFulio Gloucester County Institute of Technology SkillsUSA

  2. What is the first thing you think of when you think of New Jersey?

  3. Preparation • First Mat and I walked around and asked people what they first think about when they hear New Jersey.

  4. More Preparation • Second, we wrote down all the things we thought about when we think of New Jersey. We came up with a long list.

  5. Deciding on Design Concept • Then we started designing our poster. We drew pictures of the things we wanted to put on it.

  6. Our Decisions • Tori and I decided on six main things that describe New Jersey. They are tomatoes, corn, violets, the golden finch, Atlantic City casinos, and the Wildwood ferris wheel.

  7. Consulting With Industry • We then consulted with a professional from Wiked Designs. We talked about the designs, layouts, and materials for the banner.

  8. What We Came Up With • Mat and I knew we wanted to have an American Flag as the background. The reason we wanted the American flag was because it shows patriotism. • We picked out a couple of different fonts that we liked and a few colors. We then scheduled another meeting with Wiked Designs to start designing the banner.

  9. More Consulting With Industry • We met again with the professional from Wiked Designs to start designing the banner on the computer.

  10. What We Decided • We came up with having our banner printed on pearl banner material with clear plastic grommets. The program we designed the banner on was flexiSIGN10. Our background was from Aurora Graphics and the font was Aurora BdCn BT. The colors used for the writing were red and blue, and the outline colors were white and black.

  11. Printing • We then went to Wiked Designs to print out the banner. The banner was printed from a Roland VP-540 versacamm machine.

  12. Finshing Touches • Finally, we inserted six grommets with the Man Hand Grommet Press. The machine was built by Image One Impact.