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Unit 9

Unit 9. New Jobs Today. Main Points Ⅰ. Leading In Ⅱ. Text A Ⅲ. Text B ● Vocabulary Practice Ⅳ. Practical Writing. Leading In.

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Unit 9

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  1. Unit 9 New Jobs Today

  2. Main Points Ⅰ. Leading In Ⅱ. Text A Ⅲ. Text B ● Vocabulary Practice Ⅳ. Practical Writing

  3. Leading In Just imagine that you can become anything you want—now you can! Close your eyes and think of yourself in the job you’ve always wanted—you’re smiling and enjoying your day. What kind of work are you doing? These days, you can walk on the moon or swim in the sea—there’s nothing you can’t do in your job if you really want to. All you have to do is dream! So Dream BIG!

  4. Different Jobs In Our life With the development of society, many new jobs have come into being. You can choose one that fits you. There are many kinds of jobs below. Such as…

  5. A taxi driver

  6. A salesman or saleswoman

  7. Air-courier

  8. Journalist

  9. Computer operator

  10. Cook

  11. Tourist guide

  12. teacher

  13. Whatever you would like to be, you will certainly get an interesting experience from it. Here are two questions. Please discuss it in groups. (TB)

  14. What’s your purpose in taking part-time jobs? ﹡to pay your fees ﹡out of curiosity ﹡to support your family ﹡to get some woke experience ﹡to get to know society ﹡…

  15. 2. What would you like to do after graduation? ﹡a teacher ﹡a doctor ﹡a politician ﹡a scientist ﹡a lawyer ﹡a worker

  16. Text A Low on Cash? Try Paris for a Holiday!

  17. Ⅰ.Pre-reading Activities Act out the first 5 paragraphs of the text. Then answer the following questions: ●There are many ways for sending letters, documents, and many other things. What kind of ways would you like to use? ●What would you do if you had some important documents to send?

  18. Background Information: Something about air-courier

  19. Ⅱ. While Reading Activities (Ⅰ) Read the text through, try to answer the following questions, and then do reading comprehension exercises on page 151. 1. Who are air-couriers? 2. What are they supposed to do? 3. Are there any air-couriers in China? 4. Will air-couriers be popular in china? Why or why not?

  20. (Ⅱ) Language Points 1. low: adj. near or at the end of a supply or measure • My car is low on gas. • We are low on funds. 2. except for: apart from; with the exception of • Everyone was late, except for Jack. • I don’t know any French, except for a few words. 3. carry-on bag: bag that can be easily carried along 4. courier: n. [C] a person or company that is employed to carry messages or other papers • A new courier office was opened yesterday. • She sent the pictures to the news agency by courier.

  21. 5. in/by contrast: when a contrast is made 对比之下 • In contrast, our use of oil has increased greatly. • In contrast to her, he received warm greetings from the company. 6. negative: adj. 1) without any useful of helpful qualities • He left the city, which showed his negative attitude toward it. 2) Saying or meaning “no” • He gave a negative answer to my request. 7. flexible: adj. 1) that can change or be changed to be suitable for new needs • The government carries out a flexible foreign policy. 2) That can bend or be bent easily • We can use flexible cable in this project.

  22. 9. regard: n. 1) [U] (in phrases like in this regard, with regard to) connection or relation • What do you have to say with regard to this point? • The company is quite satisfactory in this regard. 2) (pl.) good wishes • If you should see Mr. Allen, give him my regards. vi. 1) consider in the stated way • Life is regarded as a play; everyone has a role in it. 2) show respect for • You should regard your parents’ wishes.

  23. Be a Courier—Cheap flights, minimal effort • Remember those James Bond or Mission Impossible plots in which someone smuggles the microfilm and gets a bullet in the head for his trouble? Not a pretty image, but one that might shape our view of couriers. • If you're a true budget traveler, you must rid yourself of this stereotype. Becoming a courier can save you hundreds of dollars when flying overseas--and it's all completely legal.

  24. Courier Pros • It's usually cheaper to deliver a small shipment via air carrier than it is to pay an air cargo bill. But by international law, any baggage on a commercial flight must be checked with a passenger. Most airline baggage drifts through customs with little or no delay. With air cargo, it can take days. Are you beginning to see why a large portion of small overseas shipments move with couriers? • Courier companies simply provide willing travelers to accompany items overseas. Nothing is hidden from authorities, and there is nothing secretive about the arrangements. The courier is "paid" with a greatly discounted airline ticket. • Your responsibilities as a courier are limited: show up at the airport on time, and meet a representative at the destination airport. Once through customs/immigration, your obligation is finished.

  25. Courier Cons • Rookie couriers should brush up on powerful packing, because they will have to "travel light." In many cases, you'll use up your luggage allotment transporting the shipment. One carry-on bag might be your limit. More bothersome are the schedules, which are left to the will of the company you'll represent. You must have a flexible timetable for travel, although sometimes assignments can be arranged well in advance. • Don't be too picky about your destination, either. For example, if you really want to go to Brussels, you might land in Paris and take a short train trip into Belgium. The money saved on airfare pays for a lot of train tickets.

  26. Other drawbacks: if you're traveling with a partner, it's highly unlikely you'll be able to share the flight unless the partner pays full fare. It could be tough to find two courier assignments to the same destination on the same day. Another problem: most assignments are one-way. Arrangements to get back home could be tricky. If you're a drinker, alcohol on the plane is a no-no for couriers.

  27. How do I become a courier? • You must be at least 18 years old and a valid passport is required. Domestic courier flights do not exist. One final thought: many couriers never actually see the items they deliver. It's natural to ask if there is any risk of being an unsuspecting drug smuggler. Reputable companies will provide you with documentation of contents for customs.

  28. Text B Mystery customers Are Everywhere

  29. Language points 1. mystery: n. 1) [U] a strange secret nature or quality • a mystery guest 神秘嘉宾 • This book tells us stories full of mystery. 2) [C] something which cannot be explained or understood • Who has taken the book still remains a mystery. 2. dumpster: n. [C] a large metal container used for waste • The old woman threw trash into the dumpster. 3. trash: n. 1) [U] (rubbish, BrE) things or material of no use that will be or have been thrown away • They carted away some large piles of trash.

  30. 2) [U] something worthless that does not deserve serious attention; nonsense • The girl wrote some trash while the teacher was lecturing. 4. act as: be, perform as • He’ll act as my interpreter. • A trained dog can act as a guide to a blind person. 5. constant: adj. 1) continually happening or repeated • He is under constant attack in the newspaper. 2) Fixed or unchanging • His hard work is a constant inspiration to us all. • Nothing is constant. 没有永恒不变的东西

  31. 6. fun and games: playful tricks • This is not an occasion for fun and games. • The twin brothers were having fun and games as soon as their mother went out. 7. in the field: campaigning or working, especially away from one’s laboratory, headquarters, etc. 现场;上阵;参加比赛 • She will be in the field for long jump. • Experience in the field is a requirement for this job. 8. take/make mental notes: fix something in the mind to remember it • I took mental notes of what he said. 9. stand for: 1) be a sign for short form of; represent; mean • Yellow roses stand for friendship.

  32. 2) (usually in questions and negatives) allow to continue; accept without complaining • I wont stand for any more of her bad manners. 10. speed: n. 1) [U] quickness of movement or action • More haste, less speed. 欲速则不达 • He took a course on speed-reading last term. 2) [C;U] a rate of movement calculated by dividing the distance traveled by the time taken • The old man was reading at a very slow speed. • v. 1) (speeded or sped) go, pass, or take quickly • The holidays sped by and soon it was time to go back to school. • 2) (up) (cause to) move, go, or happen faster • It is necessary to speed up and finish the work earlier.

  33. 11. stick to: act according to or keep to something; not stop • He always sticks to his word. 说话算数 12. take on: start to employ • The company is beginning to take on new workers. • He was taken on as a taxi driver. 13. fit in with: (cause to) match or agree; harmonize • His idea fit in with our teachers’. • He is new her. It will take time for him to fit in with his fellow colleagues.

  34. Vocabulary Practice

  35. Ex. Ⅰ Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the word given. 1. They don’t want to lose time (wait) ____ for their baggage to be taken off the airplane. 2. A bicycle is often more (convenience) ____ than a car in towns. 3. It happened almost (exact) ____ a year ago. 4. The company has thousands of (employ) _____. 5. The (real) _____ is that there is not enough money to pay for this device. 6. A team of British officials were sent as (observe) _____ to the meeting. 7. It (normal) ______ takes 20 minutes to get there. 8. I’d like to talk to you about a (person) _____ matter. 9. He remained (faith) _____ to his friends and family all through his life. 10. He did not allow his son to take over the (manage) _____ of his business.

  36. Ex. 2 Choose the best item to complete each of the following sentences. 1. He arrived at Beijing airport one hour before his _____ to shanghai. A. airline B. plane C. package D. flight 2. This is their new _____ of solving the problem. A. sign B. aspect C. method D. custom 3. They work every day ______Saturday and Sunday. A. apart B. except C. beside D. besides 4. The story is written from his ______ experience. A. effective B. possible C. official D. personal 5. Our working hours are _____; we can go to work in the morning or in the afternoon. A. effective B. negative C. personal D. flexible

  37. 6. Now I can walk to work _____ of going by car. A. except B. instead C. but D. besides 7. The _____ of tickets sold for courier travel is growing by about 10 percent every year. A. number B. amount C. bit D. symbol 8. When you study their new system, ours seems very old by ______. A. contrast B. standard C. scale D. accuracy 9. The topic of the discussion is “It is everybody’s ____ to keep the city clean”. A. business B. matter C. affair D. thing 10. You _____ have cooked it. We could have eaten it raw. A. can’t B. may not C. needn’t D. mustn’t

  38. Ⅳ Practical Writing

  39. Writing Christmas & Birthday Cards Most of us enjoy getting or sending greeting cards from time to time. Birthdays, holidays, and other occasions mean even more to us when we are remembered by friends, relatives, and colleagues. Therefore, learning how to write greeting cards is of great importance to us.

  40. The cards have three parts: title (Dear…), body (Wishing you a Happy New year/ Birthday/ Teacher’s Day), complimentary close (Sincerely yours…). Here are some samples:

  41. Sample 1 Dear Lily, This is just to inform you that a Christmas present form me is on the way. Hope you’ll like it. Wish you and your family merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Mary

  42. Sample 2 Dear Betty, you are the most caring person I know. I wish you a great birthday and a great year ahead. Jane

  43. Sample 3 Dear Bob and Susan, It seems that Christmas is here once again and it’s time to bring in the New Year. We wish the merriest of Christmases to you and your loved ones, and in the year ahead we wish you happiness and prosperity. We promise to drink a toast to you again this Christmas. Your friend, Jessie

  44. Sample 4 Dear Frank, Age is just a state of mind, and in your case, your mind is as sharp as ever! I’ve always enjoyed hearing your interesting viewpoints, which only seem to get better each year. Best wishes for your birthday! Jack Exit

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