various neck and shoulder pain conditions n.
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Various Neck and Shoulder Pain Conditions PowerPoint Presentation
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Various Neck and Shoulder Pain Conditions

Various Neck and Shoulder Pain Conditions

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Various Neck and Shoulder Pain Conditions

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  1. Various Neck and Shoulder Pain Conditions

  2. Almost 90% of the population suffers from neck or shoulder pain due to the burdens and stresses of the modern conditions of life. The stresses and burdens of the present days are in a great way responsible for these physical conditions. If proper attention is not taken, serious physical conditions may result in future.

  3. RSI or Repetitive Strain Injury is a common term used to depict the pain in the tendons, nerves and muscles due to their continuous movement or overuse. It is also known as upper limb disorder due to work or upper limb pain.

  4. Physical movement of any kind in a wrong posture is a very common cause responsible for neck and shoulder pain. Whenever we involve in any kind of physical movement with a wrong posture, it causes greater strain to the shoulder and the neck muscles. They move more than they should.

  5. Sports massage therapy is specially meant for the athletes. The doctors often suggest it for other patients as well as these therapies are quite useful. They are capable of targeting and focusing on the stressed and overused areas of the body. They can provide great relief to the junctions between the muscles and the tendons, which are often the worst sufferers. • Trapped nerve in neck or stiff neck is another major cause for pain. Medically known as cervical radiculopathy, this condition occurs when a nerve in the neck gets compressed. The pain extends till the shoulders and causes a weakness or numbness in the muscles.

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