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Macromedia Dreamweaver and Flash Extensions PowerPoint Presentation
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Macromedia Dreamweaver and Flash Extensions

Macromedia Dreamweaver and Flash Extensions

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Macromedia Dreamweaver and Flash Extensions

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  1. Macromedia Dreamweaver and Flash Extensions By Jerry B. Day

  2. Introduction • Jerry Day • Knowledge Solutions Engineer(classroom and online training project manager) • Agilent Technologies • Loveland, Colorado

  3. Professional Background • Co-chairperson of the Society for Technical Communication’s Online Special Interest Group • First used Dreamweaver in 1997 • Attended Macromedia User Group conferences in 95, 96, and 97

  4. Professional Background • US Air Force photojournalist and combat photographer for 22 years • Instructor, course developer, and course manager in the US Air Force photography school at Lowry Air Base in Denver for 8 years • Manager of all US Air Force photographic activities in Europe from 1976 to 1980 (best job I ever had) • Technical writer and trainer for the Air Force and several civilian companies

  5. Professional Background • Project manager, developer, and writer for training and publications on HP ScanJet scanners, HP Photosmart scanners, HP CD and DVD writers, HP Unix workstations (second best job I ever had) • Knowledge Solutions Engineer(classroom and online training project manager) for Agilent 5DX X-ray inspection system

  6. Professional Background • Speaker at STC, Corel, and Adobe conferences in Portland, Denver, Atlanta, Orlando, San Jose, San Francisco, London, England and Ottawa, Canada • Presentations on Adobe Postscript, Photoshop, Acrobat, scanning, digital photography, web graphics, book publishing, etc. • Beta tester for Adobe (Photoshop, Streamline, Illustrator, Acrobat) • Was the first beta site for the Windows version of Adobe PageMaker (1986)

  7. Professional History • Adobe Photoshop Certified Expert • Have written four commercial books including one for Random House and one for Prentice Hall

  8. Introduction • Dreamweaver has become the premiere web authoring tool for professional developers. • The latest version, 4.0, was introduced in November 2000. • Dreamweaver has an open architecture • The UI is written in XML and you can modify it if you know XML.

  9. Introduction • Extensions extend the power and usability of Dreamweaver and Flash. • Some of the extensions I will talk about require Macromedia Fireworks 4.0. • Most of the presentation will be on Dreamweaver, but most of it applies to Flash as well.

  10. What is an extension? How do I get them? How much do they cost? What is the Extension Manager? What is Macromedia Exchange? What types of extensions are available? How do they work? Do Dreamweaver 3 extensions work in Dreamweaver 4? Flash Extensions Agenda

  11. Resources Web sites Demo of extensions Agenda

  12. What is an Extension? • Extensions are software applications, normally written as JavaScripts. • Extensions are the equivalent of Photoshop plug-ins or Macromedia Director xtras. • Extensions are plug-ins to Dreamweaver and Flash. • Extensions add new features to Dreamweaver and Flash.

  13. What is an Extension? • There are three types of Dreamweaver extensions: • Objects • Behaviors • Commands • This is important as you will need to know where the extension can be found in Dreamweaver.

  14. What is a Dreamweaver Extension? • Behaviors are Javascripts. • Objects are HTML code that represents an image or HTML tag. • Commands are used to modify pages and streamline production…an example of a command is “Sort Table.” • Extensions let you easily add behaviors, objects, and commands to Dreamweaver.

  15. Extension Categories • Accessibility • Application Server • Browser Compatibility • Dynamic HTML • E-commerce • Fireworks • Learning (Coursebuilder for Dreamweaver and Learning Site)

  16. Extension Categories • Navigation • Productivity • Rich Media • Scripting • Security • Style and Format • Tables • Text • HTML Online Help

  17. How (and where) do I get them? • Extensions can be downloaded, installed, and organized with the Macromedia Extension Manager. • They can be obtained directly from Macromedia’s extension web site (Macromedia Exchange). • They can also be obtained from third party developers (a list will be included in the resources).

  18. How much do they cost? • Most extensions are free! • Most were produced by developers for their own use and made them available for free to the Dreamweaver community. • A few extension developers charge a fee. • Macromedia does not sell extensions, but there are links to fee sites from Macromedia Exchange.

  19. Macromedia Extension Manager? • The Macromedia Extension Manager is a free add-on for Dreamweaver and Flash. • It is used to install and keep track of your extensions. • If you are using a version of Dreamweaver prior to 4.0, you must download and install the extension manager. • It is included with Dreamweaver 4.

  20. Macromedia Extension Manager • After it is installed, it is available from within Dreamweaver. • Extension Manager works only with Dreamweaver 3 and 4. • It is available for both Mac and Windows, but only in English. • Extension Manager also works with Macromedia Flash 5 and Dreamweaver UltaDev.

  21. Macromedia Extension Manager? • The latest version of is 1.2.

  22. Macromedia Extension Manager • The Extension Manager is accessed from the Dreamweaver Commands menu.

  23. Macromedia Extension Manager • EM is used to add and delete extensions. • A brief description of each extension is provided. • A link to Macromedia Exchange is included.

  24. What if I Need Help with Extension Manager? • Extension Manager has online help.

  25. What if I Need Help with Extension Manager? Extension Manager help

  26. What if I Need Help with the Extensions themselves? • Some of the extensions include HTML help files. • Some of them include Word or Acrobat PDF documentation. • Macromedia CourseBuilder includes a 315 page manual in PDF.

  27. The Coursebuilder extension also includes HTML help manual in addition to the Acrobat manual. What if I Need Help with the Extensions themselves?

  28. The Learning Site extension includes HTML help. What if I Need Help with the Extensions themselves?

  29. Tips for Downloading Extensions • Download and install one extension at a time. • Most Dreamweaver and Flash extensions are good. • However, some extensions are buggy and can cause Dreamweaver or Flash to crash or hang. • If you download and install a group of them at one time, you may not be able to learn which is causing the problem.

  30. Tips for Downloading Extensions • Create a directory on your hard drive named “extensions.” • Download extensions into and install from this directory. • If you ever have to reinstall Dreamweaver, you will not have to download the extensions again. • Copy the directory to a Zip disc or CDR for safe keeping.

  31. Tips for Downloading Extensions • Most extensions on the Macromedia Exchange have a user forum. • The developer of the extension often monitors the forum and answers questions. • Checkout the forum before downloading a an extension to see what other uses have to say about it.

  32. Macromedia Exchange This is the user discussion group for the Cleanup FrontPage HTML extension discussion group.

  33. What is Macromedia Exchange? Exchange is the part of the Macromedia web site where you can download extensions. There are Exchanges for Dreamweaver and Flash.

  34. Macromedia Exchange Macromedia requires that you become a member of to use Exchange.

  35. Macromedia Exchange Membership is free, but you do need to register and setup a login name (login name is your email address) and password. cool guy

  36. Macromedia Exchange Following Login, you can access the Exchange for Dreamweaver.

  37. Macromedia Exchange From the initial Exchange screen you can select extensions or download the Extension Manager.

  38. Macromedia Exchange You can view a list of extension categories or a list of them all.

  39. Macromedia Exchange

  40. What types of extensions are available? • Additional Flash buttons • Search engines • Reformat tables • Automatically create forms • Detect and direct visitors based on their browser

  41. How do they work? • Extensions add capabilities to Dreamweaver and Flash and become part of the program. • Most are written in JavaScript.

  42. How do they work? Some extensions are added to the Objects Panel. Some extensions are added to the Behaviors Panel.

  43. How do they work? Some extensions are accessed from the Commands menu. Some extensions are accessed from the Insert menu.

  44. Extension Examples • At last count, there were 354 extensions in Macromedia Exchange. • I can only show a few of them. • Following are a few of my favorites:

  45. Menu Builder extension creates a drop down navigation menu. Extension Examples

  46. Extension Examples Menu Builder can add a go button automatically.

  47. Extension Examples The Cleanup FrontPage HTML extension removes the bad HTML that the web editor from Redmond produces.

  48. Extension Examples • Symbols for Writers extension • Math Symbols extension Note the HTML code