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East Ways To Improve Air Conditioner Efficiency PowerPoint Presentation
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East Ways To Improve Air Conditioner Efficiency

East Ways To Improve Air Conditioner Efficiency

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East Ways To Improve Air Conditioner Efficiency

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  1. East Ways To Improve Air Conditioner Efficiency JH Air Conditioning

  2. It is no secret that air conditioning and heating costs can easily make up over half your total energy costs and with the price of energy, increasing all the time, many people are looking for ways of reducing the electric bills in both the hot summer and cool of winter. Try turning up the thermostat in the summer and then down a bit in the winter. Some ways you can improve your air conditioner efficiency are:

  3. Clean Your Outside Condenser Unit • Clean all around your condenser unit and remove any debris such as leaves and cobwebs. Make sure it is in a well ventilated place as it needs to have as much air as possible.

  4. Inside • Keep all the indoor vents well vacuumed and unblocked and ensure all furniture, drapes and covers do not block them so you get a good steady air flow. • If you have wall mounted single unit air conditioners, they need a thorough vacuuming both inside and outside and the dust filters cleaned every few months.

  5. Adjust Your Thermostat • Even adjusting your thermostat by a few degrees can make a big difference to the amount of energy it uses. A person will hardly notice 5 degrees difference. In the winter lower the temperature of the heating cycle and in the summer raise it up a bit. If you have a smart phone control adjust the air conditioner when you leave and readjust it 5 minutes before you return home so you save lots of energy.

  6. Keep heat away from your Thermostat • Heat producing appliances near your thermostat will cause it to think your home is warmer than it is, so it will work longer and run longer than it should.

  7. Stop the sun inside • The effective use of blinds and curtains to keep the direct sun rays out of your house will help to keep it cool.

  8. Clean the condenser drain • All condensers collect water as they work, this is collected in a drain with a narrow pipe to the outside. This pipe needs to be flushed from time to time, try pouring half a cup of diluted bleach down the drain pipe, then flush it out with 4 liters of fresh water so it will not become blocked.

  9. Exposed Ductwork • If any of your duct work is exposed which can happen in the ceiling cavity area, it is best to wrap it in an insulating material and check the insulation up there for any cold air leaks.

  10. Dryers and Ovens • Try not to use a clothes dryer or your oven in the kitchen during the hot times of the day or year as this just adds to the work of your air conditioner it tries to deal with the extra heat.

  11. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money maintaining your air con in the best condition, keeping your costs down, but using some of these common sense ideas will help to have lower cost running your air conditioning on the Gold Coast during the hot season.

  12. JH Air Conditioning Thank You