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People First!

People First!

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People First!

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  1. People First! New Employee Orientation

  2. People First Service Center The People First Service Center is available to answer your questions and assist you with the People First system Monday through Friday, from 8:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. EST. Have your People First employee ID number ready. Phone 1-866-663-4735 TTY 1-866-221-0269

  3. Go to Type your ID in the user ID field. Type your password in the password field. Click LOGON. Logon to People First To logon to the People First system, you must have your 6-digit People First employee user ID number and your 7-digit password, which is pf followed by your birth date(mmddyy); for example, pf031262.

  4. If You Can’t Logon If you can’t logon, check the status of your pop-up blocker; it must be turned off for you to logon: in your browser window, go to Tools > Pop-up Blocker > Turn Off Pop-up Blocker.

  5. Password Security • The first time you logon you will be prompted to change your password. • Remember that the People First system houses your personal information, as well as your benefit information. Choose your password carefully and do not share it with anyone. • Your password will expire every 90 days, and you will be required to change it again. • Your password must be exactly 8 characters long and start with a letter. Passwords are not case sensitive • You cannot use any of your previous 5 passwords. • Additionally, for security purposes, the password must contain a number and may use some special characters. • @ $ % & / ( ) + ? ‘ ` * ~ # ! - _ . , ; : [ ] \ < > | can be used • You will then have to set up three security questions – these are not case sensitive

  6. Forgot Your Password? The three security questions you answered will help you reset your password. Click on Forgot your password? Enter your People First user ID, the last five digits of your social security number, and your six-digit birthday (MMDDYY). Click Verify to continue. Step 2 will ask you one of the three security questions you established. You must answer exactly as you did when you first set it up. Click Verify to continue. Finally, enter your new password twice, Save and Logon or Contact the People First Service Center at 1-866-663-4735 to have your password reset.

  7. You’re Locked Out If you forget your ID or password and attempt to logon incorrectly three times, the system will lock you out for security purposes. At that point, Click Forgot your password and follow the previous directions. You will need to call your HR office or the Service Center if you forgot your ID

  8. Calling the Service Center • You can also call the Service Center to reset your password, ID, security questions or help you enroll in benefits. • When you call, the system will ask you to enter your user ID, last five digits of your social security number, and your six-digit birthday (MMDDYY) • Select prompt #6 and you will be transferred to a password reset specialist. • It is faster to reset your password online

  9. I Forgot My Security Questions • If you forget your security questions, call the Service Center and ask a password reset specialist to clear out your questions and answers. • A temporary password will be assigned to you. • The next time you log in you will be required to set up new questions and answers and change your password.

  10. Tips for Navigating the System • Using the back arrow or other Internet icons will kick you out of the system because they are outside of the security constraints. Use the MENU button or the CANCEL button within People First to exit the current screen. • Red warning messages are the system's way of prompting you to verify that the information you entered is correct.  Red error messages require you to correct your data entry before you can continue. • Hovering your mouse cursor over a field will often give you additional information or tell you what the field is for.

  11. Your People First Homepage Once you have logged on, choose the Health & Insurance tab and you will see your personal People First homepage. Let’s look at features of this page. Go to the Process Benefit Elections Home Page to enroll.

  12. Benefits Elections Home Page Process Benefit Elections Home Page: As a New hire you will only see the “New Hire” event as an option. Click process event.

  13. View and Update Dependent Information • The dependent screen is the next screen you will come to • You will first need to add your eligible dependents when making benefit elections • Click create to add a dependent • Click view to see a dependent already listed • When enrolling in benefits you must check the dependents you wish to enroll on each benefit transaction. Dependent Overview Page: ***Listing dependents does not give them benefits***

  14. Adding Dependents This is the Dependent detail page, be sure to list all information on each dependent. Enter your dependent’s address only if it differs from your own.

  15. Continue from Dependent screen Once all dependents have been added Click continue to the next screen

  16. Summary screen Choose the Health tab to start enrolling in your benefits

  17. Health Enrollment This page is a sample. You will see many Health Insurance options available to you. Check the plan and coverage level you wish to enroll in. Be sure to check each of the dependents you wish to enroll for each plan. You must do this for every plan selected.   Health Enrollment Page:

  18. Basic Life Enrollment The Basic Term Life insurance gives you the cost of 1 ½ times your base annual salary. Check the button if you wish to enroll. Print and mail your Beneficiary Designation form located under additional information in the right corner.

  19. Optional Life Enrollment Choose your coverage level or next plan to continue. Optional Life Enrollment Page:

  20. Flexible Spending Account Enrollment Flexible Spending Account Enrollment Page: The amount entered will be the annual amount. **Health savings account is used only for those employees enrolled in the High Deductible PPO/HMO health plans. An application for an HSA account must be completed within 90 days

  21. Dental Enrollment Coverage levels for each Dental benefit are shown. Check the option you wish to enroll in. Next plan will take you to the next screen.

  22. Accident & Disability To enroll you must download an enrollment form and contact your Colonial Agent for your rate. Check the Colonial brochure or call HR for a representatives number.

  23. Cancer Enrollment Cancer coverage requires medical underwriting. After enrolling go to the Additional Information area on this page to download the enrollment forms required or go to the Benefits Materials page and download the brochure.

  24. Hospitalization Enrollment Download the brochure for the application needed to send into the company. Deductions will not be started until the company receives enrollment form, additional application and the company has informed PeopleFirst of approval.

  25. Early Effective Date Page If you are enrolling in or changing your health and/or basic life, you may request to have an earlier effective date. Check the box on the eligible insurances that you wish an early effective date. Early Effective Date Page:

  26. Early Effective Dates • Coverage will not be active until all premiums have been received by the People First Service Center. • Please notify Human Resources if you have requested an early effective date so premiums can be properly deducted. • Payment via personal check may be necessary. If a personal check is necessary, it should be made payable to FGCU and delivered to Human Resources (HH239). Enroll through People First then Contact Benefits after enrollment. • Until your enrollment, premiums, and other required information is processed by the third party administrator People First, your coverage eligibility will not be reported to the insurance carrier(s).

  27. Summary Page Once your elections are made, please review your enrollment under the summary page to make sure you selected the correct coverage level for you and your family. Be sure to click ENROLL and print your confirmation page. New employees, have 60 days from your date of hire to make an insurance election or changes.  If you do not make an election within this time frame, then your next available opportunity will be during the annual open enrollment period. 

  28. Additional Options from the Home page

  29. View Benefits Page Remember, the State Group Insurance Program is a pre-tax plan, and you cannot arbitrarily make changes during the plan year; therefore, please make sure all of your elections are correct. Changes can only be made within 60 days of hire, open enrollment , or within 31 days of a QSC. You can check your Benefits on the View Benefits Page. If your coverage start date is in the future, change the plan summary date ahead to view all benefit elections

  30. Premium History Page View the premiums sent in for each insurance enrollment.

  31. Required Document Page The Required Document page will show you what documents are needed by People First, what have been received and approved. Required Documentation Overview Page: Required Documentation Details Page:

  32. Documentation Deadline • Pursuant to Rule 60P-2.002, you must supply documentation within 60 days of enrollment, such as a marriage license and birth certificates, to the People First Service Center as proof of your dependents’ eligibility for coverage. • For employees enrolling in Blue Cross/Blue Shield you must provide your Certificate of Credible Coverage to People First to show coverage for the 12 months prior to your election date for the waiver of the pre-existing condition clause.

  33. Address Information The address information link gives you an overview of your current address. If the address is not accurate, you should change it with FGCU’s HR office. This is the only way to update People First and the insurance vendors. Address Detail Page:

  34. Benefits Materials Benefit Materials Page: If you would like benefits materials, select the Benefits Materials page. Download forms and brochures.

  35. Finally Remember to call the People First Service Center (1-866-663-4735) if you have any questions related to People First tasks or benefits. Welcome to your new position with Florida Gulf Coast University and Thank you for using People First!