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Hawaiian wedding cakes PowerPoint Presentation
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Hawaiian wedding cakes

Hawaiian wedding cakes

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Hawaiian wedding cakes

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  2. Hawaiian Wedding Cakes and Recipes

  3. Hawaiian weddings cake represents tradition and symbolizes respect for the family and culture. This is supposed to be that it ensures luck, prosperity and happiness for the bridal couple.

  4. When one thinks of Hawaii, one always has pictures of beautiful beaches in front of his or her eyes. Hawaiian weddings are traditional and feature a lot of flower arrangements. The wedding is a reflection of Hawaiian culture, family values, etc. These days Hawaii is a prominent destination for weddings.

  5. A wedding cake has a prominent center place in the Hawaiian weddings. A wedding cake has a rich old tradition in Hawaii. These cakes symbolize the love, care and beauty of a couple's relationship. In olden times, each guest used to get one cup cake and all the cakes were stacked on a table. The couple had to kiss each other over the stack of cakes. Today the small cakes are gone and have been replaced with a big wedding cake. This tradition is said to bring good luck to the couple. There was also a tradition of dropping the cake on bride's head. It was for prosperity and fertility of the couple.

  6. The cake is served to all the guests who come to share the couple's happiness. Once, the coupleis legally declared as a husband and wife then they cut the beautiful cake which is specially made according to the likes of the couple. Hawaiian cakes are multi tier cakes made in various flavors. These cakes are made out of tropical fruits which are easily available in these regions. Pineapple, guava, coconut, lemons, oranges are the fruits used with chocolate and vanilla flavors in the cakes. A lot of couples opt for these cakes as they are unique in preparation, decoration and taste. The cakes use a lot of different flavors in form of butter scotch, cheese. This makes the cake great to taste and people remember it for a long time.