from caterpillar to butterfly n.
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  1. From Caterpillar to Butterfly Introduction: Do you remember the ugly duckling that turned into the beautiful swan or the frog that turned into the prince? Presenter: Allison Weeks EDU 505 Audience: 3rd-4th grade

  2. Your Task Task 1: Research a variety of different sources to find information on the life cycle of a butterfly. and define Metamorphosis and list the four stages. Task 2: Study and label the life cycle of a Butterfly. Task 3: Answer questions online about butterflies. If you answer correctly a piece of the picture will be revealed. Task 4: Write a short story about the life cycle of a Butterfly from the point of view of another insect.

  3. Process 1.) Visit the following websites: Then define Metamorphosis and the four stages. 2.) Study the life cycle diagram and then label the blank diagram. 3.)Visit the following website and answer the questions: obuttonquiz/Bflyquiz1.shtml 4.) Write a short story about the life cycle of a Butterfly from the point of view of another insect. Ex: Pretend you are a lady bug and you are friends with a caterpillar. Tell me what it is like to see your friend go through all of those changes and end up as something else.

  4. Directions • Read the definitions below, then label the butterfly life cycle diagram. • adult - the winged adult which will mate and reproduce. Adults do not eat, they only sip liquids through a straw-like proboscis.larva - (also called the caterpillar) this stage hatches from the egg. The larva spends its time eating, growing and molting (shedding its outgrown exoskeleton).pupa - the stage in a butterfly's life when it is encased in a chrysalis and undergoes metamorphosis into the adult, winged form.egg - the tiny orb laid by a female butterfly. Eggs are usually laid on the underside of leaves - they hatch into larvae.

  5. Resources • • •

  6. Additional Resources • The Butterfly by Sabrina Crewe Butterflies by Lynn M. Stone Caterpillars by Lynn M. Stone Where Butterflies Grow by Joanne Ryder Butterfly and Caterpillar by Barrie Watts Monarch Butterflies (Mysterious Travelers) by Bianca Lavies

  7. Conclusion • Now that you have done your research and finished all of the activities, you are now able to teach your class and families about the life cycle of Butterflies.

  8. Evaluation • There will be a 3 point rubric that will be used in order to evaluate your performance on each task. • There will also be a self-evaluation that you will be required to rate how you feel you performed on each of the given tasks throughout this WebQuest. • Checklist for Rubic: • 1.)Accurate 2.)Neat 3.)Organized 4.)Completed 5.)On time 6.)Creativity

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