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Envisioning Units of study PowerPoint Presentation
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Envisioning Units of study

Envisioning Units of study

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Envisioning Units of study

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  1. Unit Plan Presentation By: Heather Yordy Envisioning Units of study

  2. Travel Feature Article • Expectations: By the end of this unit, each student will be expected to produce their own feature article on a Spanish-speaking country or city of their choosing. Different feature articles will be explored and the final draft may be hand-crafted or done on the computer. The article should include: • at least 3 hotspots and 2 historical places and sited sources • both travel and culture are tied together and how travel increases cultural awareness • at least 2 of the following and both are related to article: information boxes, pictures, captions, graphs, maps, etc. • an intro, middle and closing; very well organized • sophisticated use of vocabulary; flawless spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar

  3. Schedule • Day 1: • Students will explore the different feature articles as provided in the mentor text section and fill-in the noticings chart provided. • Students will choose their country or city and start to draft the format of their article • Homework will be to find the hotspots/data that will be included in their article.

  4. Day 2 • Students will have the opportunity to draft their article • Students will meet in peer groups as well as conference with the teacher as their draft comes to fruition. • If the library is available, class time will be utilized in working on the final draft. • Day 3 • Final draft will be ready to turn in.

  5. Rubric

  6. Mentor Texts • The Lonely Planet – January 2010 • This is an excellent resource for Travel Feature Articles. They range from within the U.S. to foreign travel. There are also a wide variety of formats to utilize for immersion and close study. • The Best of Southern Living 2009 • This is not just an excellent source for Travel Feature Articles, but also on other topics. It also illustrates many different formats of feature articles. • Sunsetmagazine – February 2010 • AAA Magazine – March-April 2010 • Exprésate textbook – cultural notes

  7. Noticings

  8. What they noticed… • Eye-catching pictures • Attention-getting titles • Concise information • Highlights • Different fonts • Table-like format • Has facts as well as commentary • Very descriptive • Gives websites for further research • Usually a page long

  9. Teacher Sample

  10. StudentSamples

  11. Reflection • The unit of study went really well! The close study helped tremendously. I truly believe that the immersion and close study helped them to understand the differences between a brochure and a feature article. It also helped them to see the varying types of feature articles, yet notice the main components. Through the student’s samples, one can clearly see that the immersion helped the students gain understanding of the format. The students really enjoyed this project and said that the immersion and close study helped them understand more clearly what was expected of them.