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  1. “Safety Attitudes” Permian Basin STEPs Network F. Gonzales, Occupational Safety & RISK Management Group Presentation Overview

  2. Attitude importance

  3. Hard facts • Experts tell us that 90% of all accidents are related in cause to a person’s attitude… • This means that 9 out of every 10 accidents are related to ATTITUDE… • A “bad attitude” may result in on of two things: • A person will commit an unsafe act, or in other words, do something that injures themselves or someone else… OR • That person will fail to do something that they should have or could have done to prevent an accident…

  4. The team approach

  5. Team approach results • You create an environment for safety to grow… • The employee with a good attitude toward safety will say: • “The things that I do really make a difference in preventing accidents. Safety is my responsibility, and I am an important part of the team.” • When a situation arises, he/she will do the things necessary to help prevent an accident from occurring. • The employee will positively influence others with their good attitude toward safety, and value their own and other’s safety. • The downside is that those with bad attitudes will justify their complacency by saying something like, “Hey, that’s not my job. They don’t pay me to do that kind of stuff, or fix that, or help someone else...” or worse “it’s their fault…”

  6. Challenge analysis

  7. The bottom line • It’s not always about you, sometimes it’s about the other person working next to you… • A safety attitude will help in maintaining awareness • Create the atmosphere, attitude, and action for SAFETY to grow within your company… • Include safety in the work process • A safety-oriented team has standardized procedures and careful training combined with the assurance of accountability… • This, in addition to a great safety record will reflect the fact that all members of the team are working together effectively…