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2014 Midterm Elections November 4, 2014

2014 Midterm Elections November 4, 2014. The following presentation has been created by WHRHS’s AP US Government and Politics students and contains the following: Candidate Information National Parent/Student Mock Election Information How to register to vote in the United States.

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2014 Midterm Elections November 4, 2014

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  1. 2014 Midterm ElectionsNovember 4, 2014 The following presentation has been created by WHRHS’s AP US Government and Politics students and contains the following: Candidate Information National Parent/Student Mock Election Information How to register to vote in the United States.

  2. U.S. Senate Candidates in NJ

  3. Cory Booker (D) • Born in Washington D.C. on April 27, 1969. He grew up in Harrington Park, New Jersey which is 20 miles from Newark. • In 2006, Booker defeated Ronald Rice and became the mayor of Newark. • During his term, Booker drastically decreased gun violence. • On October 31, 2013, he replaced the deceased Frank Lautenberg and won a position in the Senate • In December 2013, Cory Booker co-sponsored Bob Menendez’s Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act of 2013, which toughened sanctions against Iran

  4. Jeff Bell (R) Age 70 Worked in Government over 40 years Vietnam Army Veteran Graduate of Columbia University Major Issues Covered under his Platform Restoring Middle Class Prosperity Real Universal Healthcare Education Opposing Internet Gambling Promoting Legal Immigration Statehood for Puerto Rico “One Debate Is NOT Enough”

  5. Joseph Baratelli (Libertarian) • IT Specialist before going into politics • No First Strike policy which is against the initiation of force to achieve a political or social goal. Force should only be used for self-defense. • Wants to have a strong national defense without deploying a large amount of soldiers into foreign countries. • Free competition amongst education groups will improve the quality of education. • Pro 2nd amendment rights such as right to bear arms and no gun control. “Gun control will only make us less secure.” • Anti government regulation of speech. • Government shouldn’t play an active role in marriage. • Reform corrupt social security system.

  6. Jeff Boss (Independent)

  7. Eugene M. Lavergne (D-R Party) • 49 year old native of West Long Branch • Democratic Republican Party • Wants to pass “Article of the First” • Would have one congressman per 50,000 Americans • 6,000 people in congress • Average person could get elected into congress with spending millions on campaigning • A constitutional right of the 12th amendment • Fighting for ballot fairness • Wants to stop state from destroying special ballot machine hard drives right after the special election • Standing up for candidates by fighting to give all major candidates equal time during debates • Accused of stealing $152,000 from a client’s trust fund • Disbarred from the Supreme Court last November • He justifies: “The charges are frivolous …. the result of an ugly divorce and friends of my ex wife” • Previous to arrest a prominent lawyer with very good ratings and successes http://www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/2013/08/six_independents_running_for_us_senate_in_nj.html http://democratic-republicanparty.org/vote-for-eugene-martin-lavergne-for-nj-senator-vote-the-middle/

  8. Antonio N. Sabas (Independent) • Bio: • Served in the Navy for two years and a combat medic in the US Army for six years • Mentor for the NJ Army National Guard Youth Challenge • Education: FDU (Masters), Capella University (Ph.D), Hawaii Pacific University (Bachelors) • Owner of Six Sigma Evolution • Platform: • Economy: Believes education, social stability, incentives for taking risk and global economic integration will help stimulate the job market. Supports taxes that will help the community. • Education: Lower college tuition rates, ensure that debt remains affordable. • Environment: Ban fracking until it is proven environmentally safe. • Gun Control: Enforce gun control laws, stronger background checks, create a bill of zero tolerance for possessing illegal firearms. • Health Care: All citizens should have access to healthcare regardless of income, age, health, or employment status • Youth Empowerment Programs: Redesign work structures to encourage employee ownership and workplace democracy. Basic economic security for all citizens.

  9. Hank Schroeder (Economic Growth) • Experience: ran for Governor of New Jersey in 2013 as a member of the Independent Party and lost to Chris Christie (R) • Platforms/Issues: economic growth, creating jobs, ending unemployment, lower taxes, investments from the wealthy for the lower class, eliminate restrictions on small businesses • Slogan: “Economic Growth”

  10. U.S. House of RepresentativesNJ-District 7

  11. Leonard Lance (R) Biography: • Lance is 62 years old and grew up in Hunterdon County, NJ. • He now lives in Clinton, NJ, with his family. • He attended Lehigh, Vanderbilt, and Princeton. Political History: • From ‘91-’02, he served on the NJ General Assembly. • While there, he served on the Budget Committee. • From ‘02-’08, he served on the NJ State Senate. • He was elected NJ Representative for district 7 in ‘08. • He serves on the Energy and Commerce Committee. • He is the incumbent and was re-elected in ‘10 and ‘12. Issues: • He wants to “crack down” on immigration and secure U.S. borders. • He is against Planned Parenthood and federally-funded abortions. • He was called a “Guardian of Small Business” for his tax cuts for small businesses. • He wants to “create jobs” for NJ residents. • He is against the Affordable Care Act, and wants a more “fiscally responsible” health care plan. • He is a supporter of the renewable energy field and jobs the sector can create in NJ. • He is against the Estate Tax, and has asked for it to be repealed. • He has called for federal tax lowering and reform.

  12. Janice Kovach (D) • Council Member for Town of Clinton • Mayor of Clinton since 2012 • Appointed by the Governor of New Jersey to serve as Director of the New Jersey Division for Women • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Thomas Edison State College • Prides herself in working on an All-Republican town council • Wants to work to perfect the Affordable Care Act

  13. James Gawron (Libertarian) • Computer programmer at Prudential and web designer at Bed Bath and Beyond • From Flanders, New Jersey • Received a degree in electrical engineering from Rutgers University. • NO political experience • “It is my hope that I can bring a clear, concise, thought-out point of view, that I can help educate the people of the 7th district, and elsewhere, in the essentials of economics necessary to understand today's complex environment, and that I can help to show how personal freedom is the lynchpin of everything we hold dear.”

  14. 2014 National Student/Parent Mock Election • How to Participate in the 2014 National Student/Parent Mock Election: • The NSPME provides its student participants a simulated voting experience featuring real-life candidates! • Actual voting participation takes as little as 1 to 2 minutes per student. • Voting begins Oct. 23, enrollments are welcome right up until the close of voting Oct. 30. • All ballots include applicable Congressional, U.S. Senate and governor’s races, and four Issues Opinion questions. • An extended “Opinions About Government and Issues” section will be available to further stimulate learning and can be used by instructors at any time throughout the school year to build on the NSPME voting experience. • All WHRHS students will have the opportunity to vote in their History classes during the week of Oct. 27-30. • All parents/community members are welcome to participate as well! VOTE HERE!

  15. How To Vote in Future Elections To vote in NJ, you must meet the following requirements: • A US citizen • at least 18 years old • a resident of the county for 30 days minimum You cannot vote if: • You are serving a sentence or on parole or probation How to register for future elections: Morris County Residents: http://www.state.nj.us/state/elections/form_pdf/voter-regis-forms/morris-voter-reg-form-062212.pdf Somerset County Residents: http://www.state.nj.us/state/elections/form_pdf/voter-regis-forms/somerset-voter-reg-form-062212.pdf

  16. Web Resources • http://www.realclearpolitics.com/elections/ • http://corybooker.com/ • http://bell2014.com/ • http://joeforsenate.com/ • http://www.bossforsenate.com/ • http://democratic-republicanparty.org/ • https://antonionsabas4ussenate.nationbuilder.com/ • http://www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/2014/06/independent_candidates_for_us_senate_are_experienced_underdogs.html • http://lanceforcongress.com/ • http://janicekovach.com/ • http://www.jimgawron.com/

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