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Radford University Sean Meyer Michael Turner Lauren Flax PowerPoint Presentation
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Radford University Sean Meyer Michael Turner Lauren Flax

Radford University Sean Meyer Michael Turner Lauren Flax

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Radford University Sean Meyer Michael Turner Lauren Flax

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  1. Radford UniversitySean MeyerMichael Turner Lauren Flax Campaign Strategies And Execution

  2. Heavy Users Our Heavy Users are our Target

  3. Walk into a McDonalds and you will see individual people in line • Walk into Subway and you will see GROUPS of people; eating at Subway is an experience • We hit families, church groups, friends and families. • Subway is the intelligent choice.

  4. We Must Interact • Subway needs to be an experience, people choose it for that reason • Interact with the consumer, they are a part of the company • When they see a message, it is for them • It is personal

  5. Game Plan • INTERACTIVE/SOCIAL MEDIA IS OUR BEST FRIEND • Develop an iPhone app • Hold multiple contests and sweepstakes • A personable campaign, of multiple spots that are personable • Brand your workers as sandwich artists • Elect the new face of Subway

  6. Rebrand Subway with a new Spokesperson

  7. Does Subway Care About Health? Because This Guy DOES

  8. Jamie Oliver • 34 years old • UK native • Health Enthusiast • TED’s 2010 prize winner • Host of “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution • -ratings have been dropping, and it appears this isn’t his niche for a sitcom • Is considered a celebrity and is widely accepted by the Millennial generation • Been in the television business for over 10 years • With way more information that can be found at • “Are there anymore reasons we need to establish why Mr. Oliver would be perfect as the spokesperson for Subway?”

  9. Imagine… & “On a Nationwide Tour, Educating America on How to Eat Healthy!”

  10. This Tour Would Create Material for TV Spots and a Mini Web Series • With cross referencing to each media platform, we would capitalize on traffic and attention • $1.2 million dollar contract for Jamie • $800,000 for production and food/educational material distribution • Subway will not only be massively seen, but it will be seen as a favorable company that cares about this country we live in

  11. Jerry or no Jerry • It is never wise to ax a spokesperson, you just fade him out more for someone to rise. • With taking on Ryan Phelps and other celebrities, you showed it was ok to change faces. • Though now, we have someone to affect every generation. Teens for a Spokesperson They Like Parents for Their Kid’s Health Kids for Health

  12. Social Media is Essential • Acquire the main Subway handle, and transition over from the FreshBuzz one • Then follow the messages and work with your network • No one knows @SubwayFreshBuzz

  13. Subway’s official Twitter account. Over 19k followers. @SubwayFreshBuzz “Is it well known this is their Twitter?” • someone purchased it and would be willing to sell it. • But would it be smart to buy the Subway Twitter handle???...

  14. You Bet Your Ass It Is. Missed Messages, Missed Questions, Missed Communications

  15. 4/28/2010 Marc Meyer says exactly what I have been preaching • He is only one of Ad Age’s top 100 bloggers • It is crucial we purchase this twitter handle, and halt the amount of missed communications from customers

  16. iPhone Application

  17. There are over 1,500 Subways in Wal-Mart • We create an app that allows you to order your sandwich while shopping • You receive a text when it is ready • This is the Busy Mom’s Best Friends • The App is free, and cost on average of $10,000 to make

  18. Core Campaign

  19. Explanation • It is a new saying that is picking up and has not been coined in any campaign • Animals Eating • Teenaged Humor • Cookie Monster Origin Very popular, and is only getting bigger. This will be the focal point our broadcast spots revolve around

  20. Television30:Spot

  21. TV Spot

  22. This Style of Comedy is Broad • It will be played on a variety of shows that hit the target we are looking for Total = $210,000

  23. Television Spot Costs Contd. • Reach approximately 185 spots for the allocated $8,000,000 • The “Om’ Nom’ Nom’” spot will be fastened to mostly comedic shows, and will be targeted towards young men • This spot changes in the Winter to one that correlates with the latter Sweepstakes strategy

  24. Radio15:Bookend Spot

  25. NARRATOR): VOICE: : The perfect Subway sandwich is made when the  cheese begins to  melt across the bread, welcoming the fresh vegetables and savory meats... SOUND: A very subtle sound of the melting of cheese on the newly baked bread OM' NOM' NOM' THIEF): (Voice beings to interrupt the narrator as it pans from the right speaker over to the center) : Om' Nom' NOM!!!!!! NOM!!!!! NOMMM NOM!!! NOM!!! SOUND: rustling of the subway sandwich wrapper and the table gets kicked over NARRATOR): VOICE: :Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh SOUND: auxiliary plug is pulled out (END)

  26. Radio Spot Costs • 2 Networks daily • 10 Major geographical locations • 120 daily spots nationwide -Weekly Total: $105,840

  27. Radio Spot Costs Contd. • Has ability to run for the duration of about 7 months • With the core of the campaign redirecting attention back to the “Om’ Nom’ Nom’” campaign • Record multiple spots, to keep the broadcast fresh and original

  28. Interactive Web Spot:

  29. Run a 300x300 pop up ad, that interacts with the visitor’s cursor • A steaming, Subway sandwich will quickly disappear once the cursor rolls over it and will reappear once it leaves • It will be a CPC with a daily overhead, because it will have a large interacting audience • Left corner allows you to close it, while top right toggles the sound • A bulk of sites do not allow these ads, but when used delivers a notable impression on its audience

  30. Interactive Web Spot Costs Contd. • Because of its affordability, this will carry the longest duration throughout the year • Allow the visitor to toggle the volume button, it will be an obvious button • We want the phrase “Om’ Nom’ Nom’” to be in every customer’s mind by Winter

  31. Social Media&In Store Promotions

  32. Social Media Tag • By using the tag #SubwayOmNomNom you are entered into a list which is able to be archived • This Would be the entry into the contest • This contest would generate buzz, and make people know that they want this award • This prize is…..

  33. The Official Om’ Nom’ Nom’ SHIRT! • For 50 days starting in the early Fall, 1000 shirts will be given away via the Twitter entry *50,000 shirts = *133,000 $$$ -RELYmedia Productions • Every customer that wears this shirt, gets a $4 FootLong!!! For the rest of 2010

  34. * This is the example of what the #SubwayOmNomNom Twitter list would look like • The Tweets will be archived daily, and 1,000 will be randomly drawn to select the winner. • These twitter accounts Receive a Direct Message (DM) asking for the address they would like the shirt shipped to • Within 3-5 business days you will receive your shirt completely free of charge. **The amount of twit pics of this Subway shirt will be exploding over the internet, and it will be a must-have-fad

  35. Sweepstakes • Show whom the “Om’ Nom’ Nom’” bandit is, and that he apologizes for taking everyone’s sandwiches • He feels bad and wants to give $1,000,000 back to as many people as possible • Frequent prizes will be given out between the range of $1 and $1000 dollars *Small Prizes For a Large Amount of Customers

  36. Produce custom foot-long wrappers with individual barcodes across the paper • A computer decides at different times in the day, what cash prizes are given out at what specific time • The customer who buys a foot-long first after this point in time, will win that prize • The country will be segmented in 10 different areas, to make sure each location has the same chance to win the prize

  37. Each color represents an equal segment, for which each quad would have an individual winner for each prize that follows the certain time that is decided

  38. Takes place in December, to counteract the revenue slump Subway deals with in the Winter • Every day each of the 10 segments will distribute $4,000 for the time length of 25 days • Over this period $1,000,000 will be given away • Each Subway establishment with a winner, will send the decided check after receiving the recipient’s address

  39. Takes place in December, to counteract the revenue slump Subway deals with in the Winter • Every day each of the 10 segments will distribute $4,000 for the time length of 25 days • Over this period $1,000,000 will be given away • Each Subway establishment with a winner, will send the decided check after receiving the recipient’s address