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Satya Mobile: +91-8095001166 PowerPoint Presentation
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Satya Mobile: +91-8095001166

Satya Mobile: +91-8095001166

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Satya Mobile: +91-8095001166

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  1. Cognos 10 Satya Mobile: +91-8095001166

  2. Cognos 10 Architecture Cognos 10 has a multitier architecture. For description purposes, it can be separated into three tiers: Web server, applications, and data. The tiers are based on business function, and are typically separated by network firewalls. Cognos 10 user interfaces sit above the tiers. +91-8095001166

  3. Tier 1 Web Tier 1 Web Web Server Gateway Tier 2 Application DispatcherPresentation Administration Notification Reporting Scheduling Logging Tier 2 Application Tier 3 Data Tier 3 Data Content Management Security Tiered Architecture +91-8095001166

  4. Cognos 10 Architecture Cognos 10 has a multitiered architecture. For description purposes, it can be separated into three tiers: Web server, applications, and data. The tiers are based on business function, and are typically separated by network firewalls. Cognos 10 user interfaces sit above the tiers. +91-8095001166

  5. Cognos 10 Architecture +91-8095001166

  6. +91-8095001166

  7. Web Server Intranet Extranet Gateway WebServer Gateway Tier 2 Tier 1: Web +91-8095001166

  8. Web Server: Cognos 10 Gateways The Cognos 10 Web server tier contains one or more Cognos 10 gateways. Web communication in Cognos 10 is typically through gateways, which reside on one or more Web servers. A gateway is an extension of a Web server program that transfers information from the Web server to another server. When a Cognos 10 gateway receives a request, it • encrypts passwords to ensure security • extracts information needed to submit the request to a Cognos 10 server • attaches environment variables for the Web server • adds a default namespace to the request to ensure that the server authenticates the user in the correct namespace • passes requests to a Cognos 10 dispatcher for processing +91-8095001166

  9. Tier 2: Application +91-8095001166

  10. Applications: Cognos 10 Servers • The Cognos 10 applications tier contains one or more Cognos 10 servers. A Cognos 10 server runs requests, such as reports, analyses, and queries, that are forwarded by a gateway. • Cognos 10 Servers includes • Dispatcher • Content Manager • Dispatcher • The dispatcher starts all Cognos 10 services configured and enabled on a computer, and routes requests. • Content Manager • Content Manager is the Cognos 10 service that manages the storage of customer application data, including security, configuration data, models, metrics, report specifications, and report output. Content Manager is needed to publish models, retrieve or store report specifications, manage scheduling information, and manage the Cognos namespace. +91-8095001166

  11. Applications: Cognos 10 Servers • Cognos 10 services • Agent service Migration service • Annotation service Monitor service • Batch report service Metric Studio service • Content Manager cache service Planning data service • Content Manager service Planning job service • Data movement service Planning web service • Delivery service PowerPlay service • Event management service Presentation service • Graphics service Query service • Human task service Report data service • Index data service Report service • Index search service System service • Index update service • Job service • Log service • Metadata service • Planning administration console service +91-8095001166

  12. Tier 2: Dispatcher • Java Servlet running on Tomcat (OOTB) • Load balancing and request delivery • Main entry point for inbound requests from web server gateway • Load balancing • Redirect requests to other dispatchers • Request delivery • Determines which service performs the request +91-8095001166

  13. Tier 2: Dispatcher - Request +91-8095001166

  14. Tier 2: Dispatcher - Load Balance +91-8095001166

  15. Tier 2: Administration Scheduling and Notification +91-8095001166

  16. Tier 2: Report +91-8095001166

  17. Tier 2: Logging +91-8095001166

  18. Tier 3: Data • Content store • Data sources • Metric store +91-8095001166

  19. Tier 3: Security +91-8095001166

  20. Cognos Interfaces • Web-based interfaces • Windows-based interfaces +91-8095001166

  21. Cognos Interfaces Web-based interfaces +91-8095001166

  22. Cognos Interfaces Web-based interfaces IBM Cognos Connection IBM Cognos Connection is a Web portal provided with IBM Cognos BI, providing a single access point to the corporate data available for its products. It provides a single point of entry for querying, analyzing, and organizing data, and for creating reports, scorecards, and events. Users can run all their Web-based IBM Cognos BI applications through IBM Cognos Connection. IBM Cognos Administration IBM Cognos Administration is a central management interface that contains the administrative tasks for IBM Cognos BI. It provides easy access to the overall management of the IBM Cognos environment and is accessible through IBM Cognos Connection. Query Studio Using Query Studio, users with little or no training can quickly design, create and save reports to meet reporting needs not covered by the standard, professional reports created in Report Studio. +91-8095001166

  23. Cognos Interfaces Web-based interfaces Report Studio Using Report Studio, report authors create, edit, and distribute a wide range of professional reports. They can also define corporate-standard report templates for use in Query Studio, and edit and modify reports created in Query Studio or Analysis Studio. Analysis Studio In Analysis Studio, users can explore, analyze, and compare dimensional data. Analysis Studio provides access to dimensional, OLAP (online analytical processing), and dimensionally modeled relational data sources. Event Studio In Event Studio, you set up agents to monitor your data and perform tasks when business events or exceptional conditions occur in your data that must be dealt with. When an event occurs, people are alerted to take action. +91-8095001166

  24. Cognos Interfaces Windows-based interfaces +91-8095001166

  25. Cognos Interfaces Windows-based interfaces Framework Manager Framework Manager is the IBM Cognos BI modeling tool for creating and managing business related metadata for use in IBM Cognos BI analysis and reporting. Metadata is published for use by reporting tools as a package, providing a single, integrated business view of any number of heterogeneous data sources. Transformer IBM Cognos Transformer is the IBM Cognos BI modeling tool used to create PowerCubes for use in IBM Cognos BI. Secured IBM Cognos BI PowerCubes are not compatible with IBM Cognos Series 7. +91-8095001166

  26. Contact Details +91-8095001166

  27. Thanks +91-8095001166