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Art & Poetry : Self Portraits Help Us Learn About Ourselves ( The Hayt School Story)

Trina Cherney Alice George Linda Smentek Yvonne Smith Art & Poetry : Self Portraits Help Us Learn About Ourselves ( The Hayt School Story) http://collaboratory.nunet.net/ | collaboratory@northwestern.edu

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Art & Poetry : Self Portraits Help Us Learn About Ourselves ( The Hayt School Story)

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  1. Trina Cherney Alice George Linda Smentek Yvonne Smith Art & Poetry: Self PortraitsHelp Us Learn About Ourselves(The Hayt School Story) • http://collaboratory.nunet.net/ | collaboratory@northwestern.edu Northwestern University

  2. Hayt:Our school mission is to create a learning environment for all children.  Our program provides a safe and literate atmosphere that will capitalize on our technology-rich curriculum.  • Standards-based curriculum • Importance of fine arts integration • Deep-seated technology commitment to real world experiences Northwestern University

  3. http://artresourcesinteaching.org/ Art Resources in Teaching (not for profit Chicago organization) • Chicago’s oldest & largest educational organization dedicated to providing vibrant visual arts residence programs to school children in the Chicago area Northwestern University

  4. Collaboratory Introduces A.R.T. to Hayt • Hayt had lost funding for Art teacher during 2003-2004 school year • Meeting at Hayt in Spring, 2004 –Principal, Collaboratory, 5th Grade Teacher, Tech Coordinator, A.R.T. staff Northwestern University

  5. Teamwork Helps Develop the Project Northwestern University

  6. Collaboratory Project Template Helps Us Organize Northwestern University

  7. Process Involves Activities and Resources Northwestern University

  8. Journaling Our Work in the NEXUS NEXUS Stores Directions, Samples, Student Work, Pictures Northwestern University

  9. Meeting Artist, Mr. Delgado • May 12 • Introduces concept of self-portrait • Writing cards about themselves • Drawing without looking at the paper Northwestern University

  10. Starting the Process: Art Northwestern University

  11. Creating Self Portraits: Art Guillermo encourages students as they begin their personal drawings. Alice creates her own portrait. Northwestern University

  12. Self Portraits: Art Mixes with Writing • Guillermo guides students as they finish their drawings. The same day, Alice leads students in their first brain-storming session based on their portraits. Northwestern University

  13. The First Draft Due 5/25/04 Personal Collaboratory accounts allow students to monitor their own progress! Northwestern University

  14. Alice Helps Students Edit… At Hayt and Online Northwestern University

  15. Comments in the NEXUS Only Managers & the Document’s Author May Add Or View Comments Northwestern University

  16. Discussions in the NEXUS Only Community Participants May Use Document Discussions Northwestern University

  17. Students Post Final Drafts:Art Work & Poems Northwestern University

  18. Adding the Final Touch: Sound • For those who could not be present at the poetry reading… Northwestern University

  19. Supporting a Variety of Media Northwestern University

  20. Student Exhibition: Pride in Sharing Northwestern University

  21. Northwestern University

  22. Arts Integration • There is a growing body of evidence that supports the power and value of the arts in education. But we should also look at the contributions of the arts to school reform. The arts-integrated school could advance the effort to raise the standards, expectations, and levels of performance of our students. Indeed, education in and through the arts may be one of the best ways to make progress toward the national education goals and other, more sophisticated goals of reformers. R. CRAIG SAUTTER teaches at the School for New Learning at DePaul University Northwestern University

  23. Project Benefits • Hayt staff & students form partnership with Fine Arts professionals • Information, ideas, and resources can be pooled • The Arts are great motivators in the instruction of students • Students received one-on-one educational help beyond the school day • Students were able to reflect upon themselves through art and poetry Northwestern University

  24. Thank you! Trina Cherney Alice George Linda Smentek Yvonne Smith • http://collaboratory.nunet.net/ | collaboratory@northwestern.edu Northwestern University

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