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Music World PowerPoint Presentation
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Music World

Music World

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Music World

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  1. Music World HERE WE GO!

  2. INTRODUCTION I am Clara Kang. My favorite musical genre is classic and pop. In my child hood, My mother was a piano teacher. She liked to play the piano everyday. So I grew up with music. I can play the piano and recorder. Now I learn to play the clarinet. Because I like to play instrument and I joined ANGELUS;Han-Yang amateur orchestra. I practice to play the clarinet hard. Before long I will play the clarinet excellent in ADGELUS concert.

  3. INTRODUCTION I am April. My favorite music style is hip hop. To listen hip hop music very excited me. And hip hop is very dynamic and critical. I am tired of love song. So I like hip hop music that has social criticism. I am influenced by epic high, very famous Korean hip hop group. Especially, tablo, a leader of epic high. he is very smart, critical, and unique. I don't play instrument. So from now on I will learn to play the guitar. I often listen to music over the FM radio, chin chin(good friend, chinhan chingu) It's funny radio broadcasting.

  4. FAVORITE… My favorite singer is Mariah Carey. Her style of music is R&B. It is an abbreviation for ‘rhythm and blues’. My favorite song is ‘When you believe’ in her album「Mariah Carey’s Greatest Hits」 . The song is a theme song from ‘The Prince of Egypt’. She has a powerful voice and outstanding singing ability. I am inferior to sing a song. So I envy her. That is why I like her. Do you want to know more about her?Then CLICK! • → English site • → English site • → Korean site

  5. FAVORITE… My favorite composer is Johann Sebastian Bach. His style of music is Baroque. It used to describe European architecture, art and music of the 17th and early 18th centuries that has a grand and highly decorated style. Favorite music is ‘Air on the G string’. Original title is ‘Orchestral Suite No.3 in D Major BWV 1068-Air’. His music influence brains activity to remember. So When I study I often listen to the music. Do you want to know more about him?Then CLICK! • → English site • → English site • → Korean site

  6. FAVORITE… My favorite singer is Eminem. His style of music is hip-hop. I am influenced by Tablo. Tablo said, “My favorite movie is ‘8mile’”. When I heard that, at once I went to the movie, '8mile‘. so I also like eminem from ‘8mile’. My favorite song is 'lose yourself‘. when I listen to that music, I am encouraged. I can do anything I set my mind. Do you want to know more about him?Then CLICK! • → English site • → English site • → Korean site

  7. Music Site On the whole, This site is black color. So I think that It is neat and elegant. Representative feature is that Songs were classified by genre. If you search artist, You can know everything about artist. That contains album, biography, photo, video, news and so on. And It provided some free music. It available to preview and purchase music. Do you want to go this site?Then CLICK! • → English site

  8. Music Site Compared with other pay site, this site looks simple. But Its best advantage is free downloading music. Its all songs are free of charge. But It contains less data than that of other site. If you want free music, This site help you. Do you want to go this site?Then CLICK! • → English site

  9. Music Site This site doesn’t look music download site. Because this site is P2P program that people all over the world use . P2P software programs let users share information with other users around the globe. So shared data is free. If you want to share and download music, You can use this site. Do you want to go this site? Then CLICK! • → English site

  10. Music from different cultures French music Chanson is one of the French music. The best feature of a chanson is a sweet melody. And most of chanson has a lyrics that is composed of story. I think that chanson is too oily but it is fascinated. When I listen to chanson with my eyes closed, I feel peace and calmness. It is my reason that I like chanson. Do you want to listen chanson?Then CLICK! • → English site

  11. Music from different cultures Latin American music Latin music is almost dance music. Remarkable feature of Latin music is diversity about rhythm. It contains rumba, samba, tango and so on. When I listened to Latin music, I was absorbed in music. Because Latin music is dynamic and passionate melody. And I wanted to dance like a charming Latin dancer. Do you want to know more Latin music?Then CLICK! • → English site

  12. Music from different cultures Swiss music Yodel was probably developed in the Swiss Alps as a method of communication between mountain peaks. And Feature is voice that change frequently between normal level and very high level. when I heard a yodel from the movie ‘The Sound Of Music’ I feel fresh . the Mt. Alps flashed through my mind for listening yodel. So I like yodel because of that feature. Do you want to know more yodel?Then CLICK! • → English site

  13. THE END