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Unit 9

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Unit 9

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  1. Unit 9

  2. Unit 9 Have you ever been to a museum?

  3. Section B 2 3a-Self check

  4. Revision

  5. What do you know about Singapore? language position population Singapore food weather zoo

  6. position: Where is Singapore? position: in Southeast Asia

  7. Population More than three quarters of the population are Chinese. Language Chinese and English. Food A lot of food from China, such as rice, noodles and dumplings. Indian food, western food and Japanese food.

  8. Zoo Singapore has a special zoo called the “Night Safari”. A lot of animal only wake up at night, so this is the best time to watch them. Weather The temperature is almost the same all year round.

  9. Make a list of facts about your hometown or a place you have been to. Think about these topics. 3a Size and location: ________________ Population: _____________________ Weather: _______________________ History: ________________________ Places to visit: ___________________ Things to eat: ___________________

  10. Write an article to advertise your hometown or a place you have been to. 3b 句型: Have you ever tried/seen/been…? If you…, you will/can… You should… One great thing about …is…

  11. Self check 1 Think about the things below and write an answer for each one. 1. One thing that you have collected before: _________________________________ 2. One invention that you have found to be very useful: _________________________________

  12. 3. One unbelievable or unusual thing that you’ve seen or heard recently: _________________________________ 4. One way that you’ve used to encourage a friend in the past: _________________________________ 5. One peaceful and quiet place that you’ve been to recently: ________________________________

  13. 2 Complete the conversation. A: Hey, John. ______ are you doing this weekend? B: Not much, Mark. I don’t really have any plans yet. A: ______ you ever been to the space museum? B: ______, I have. I ______ there last month. What Have Yes went

  14. A: Oh, how ______ it? B: It was great. I ______ been there many times. A: I see. I _____ never _______ there. B: Well, let’s go this weekend then. I don’t ______ going again. I think there’s something new there. I _____ not see it last time. A: Perfect! was have have been mind did

  15. Speaking Role-play the conversation.

  16. 3 Complete the chart.

  17. Homework Writing 写作要求:写一篇80字的文章描述你的 家乡或者你去过的地方。 句型: Have you ever tried/seen/been…? If you…, you will/can… You should… One great thing about …is…

  18. 以描述海南岛为例: Have you ever been to Hainan Island? It is the second largest island in China. It’s a beautiful place. If you go there, you should walk along the beaches. The weather in Hainan is very hot, so people like doing many water sports, such as scuba diving (潜水), fishing, swimming, surfing and boating. One great thing about Hainan is that you can try many kinds of sweet fruit. If you go to Hainan, I’m sure you will enjoy yourself.