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Illinois State University Athletic Department

Illinois State University Athletic Department. Supervised by Dr. James E. Cox, Jr. Presented By: Christen Baumhardt Joel Hartman Sarah Boysen Ryan Patera Adam Garel-Frantzen Scott Verdery Michael Gresher John Wilson . Historical Background.

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Illinois State University Athletic Department

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  1. Illinois State University Athletic Department Supervised by Dr. James E. Cox, Jr. Presented By: Christen Baumhardt Joel Hartman Sarah Boysen Ryan Patera Adam Garel-Frantzen Scott Verdery Michael Gresher John Wilson

  2. Historical Background • Offices based in Redbird Arena • Redbird Arena in its 16th year • Dr. Linda Herman • Interim Athletic Director • Dr. Sheahon Zenger • Hired as Athletic Director in April; starts June 1 • Marketing Staff • Leanna Bordner, Brad Ledford, and Cory Acree

  3. Historical Background • Facilities • Redbird Arena • Richard and Fran Owen Strength and Conditioning Center • Hancock Stadium • Kaufman Football Building • Horton Fieldhouse • Redbird Field • Adelaide Street Fields

  4. Historical Background • Sports • 8 men’s and 10 women’s • Client’s concern • Student attendance • Informing students about upcoming events

  5. Research Methodology • Surveyed ISU students • Random number table • 10 off-campus residences • 6 on-campus residences • Surveys administered door-to-door at selected sites

  6. Research Methodology • Data collection • Media • Why students attend games? • Why students do not attend games? • Televising ISU games • All-Sport Tickets • Limitations

  7. Profiling Sample

  8. Profiling Sample cont…

  9. Profiling Sample cont…

  10. Objective 1 • To determine the most effective way to market athletic events to ISU students • Hypothesis: • We feel that expanding the athletic database of student e-mail and increasing advertisement in the Vidette would be the most effective way to advertise.

  11. Findings

  12. Findings

  13. Findings

  14. Findings

  15. Recommendations • Increase advertising in the Daily Vidette • To encourage word of mouth communication • Put fliers in professors mailboxes • Ask them to talk about it in class • Implement referral program • Reward for individual or organization who refers people to a game

  16. Objective 2 • To determine the main reasons students do not come to games • Hypothesis: • We believe many students are not aware of the games and lack knowledge of the teams’ records. We also think a lack of school spirit exists among the student body.

  17. Findings

  18. Findings

  19. Findings • Activities students would rather do than going to a ISU men’s basketball game • 58.8% go out to the bars • 43% go to a movie • 35.1% watch TV • 22.8% study • 8.3% go to the game • 9.2% other

  20. Recommendations • Take steps identified in objective 1 to better inform the student body of upcoming events • Work to create an atmosphere of school spirit at games • Idea: • Student group similar to Orange Krush or Cameron Crazies

  21. Objective 3 • To determine why students attend games • Hypothesis: • We believe students go to games because the students enjoy watching sports and the games are fun and exciting.

  22. Findings

  23. Findings

  24. Findings

  25. Findings • Relationship showing students on-campus attend more games than off-campus students • Most interested in men’s basketball and football • Attended men’s basketball and football the most

  26. Recommendations • Give discounts to students in large groups • They prefer going with friends • Advertise more to older students • Help change negative perception • Show how going to games provides fun and exiting atmosphere • TV spots, crowd reactions

  27. Objective 4 • To determine if televising games would enhance student’s perception and awareness of ISU athletics. • Hypothesis: • We believe that increasing the number of televised games will increase student’s overall view of ISU athletics.

  28. Findings

  29. Findings • 40% of sample is unaware ISU games are on TV • Of that 40%... • 58.6% would have watched some games if aware • 31% of sample watches 3 or more college games per week

  30. Findings

  31. Recommendations • Televise more games • Increase awareness and attendance • Contact local bars • Ask them to put all televised ISU games on their TV’s • Reach students who go to bars • Increase their likelihood of attending home games

  32. Objective 5 • To determine students’ awareness of ticket prices and All-Sport Tickets • Hypothesis: • We believe students are aware of the All-Sport Tickets. However, we think that students are unaware of the pricing of All-Sport Tickets or single game tickets

  33. Findings • Students who claim to know the price of a single game ticket • 27% • Of the sample… • 60% thought the price was over $4 • Only 29% were correct at $3

  34. Findings

  35. Findings • ISU students who claim to know what an All-Sport ticket is • 70% • Perception of price • From the entire sample • 46% thought All-Sport tickets were over $40 • Only 19% were correct at $35

  36. Findings

  37. Findings

  38. Findings

  39. Recommendations • Advertise ticket and All-Sport ticket prices • Reach out to off-campus students • Provide discount for repeat All-Sport ticket buyers • Provide incentives to All-Sport ticket holders

  40. Conclusion • A Special Thank You to the Athletic Department • Leanna Bordner • Brad Ledford • Cory Acree • Also thank you to Dr. Cox for your support. • Any Questions??

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