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Zaynnah Tours & Travel Wishes you Hajj Mabroor inshAllah PowerPoint Presentation
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Zaynnah Tours & Travel Wishes you Hajj Mabroor inshAllah

Zaynnah Tours & Travel Wishes you Hajj Mabroor inshAllah

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Zaynnah Tours & Travel Wishes you Hajj Mabroor inshAllah

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  1. Zaynnah Tours & Travel Wishes you Hajj Mabroor inshAllah (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  2. Preconditions of Hajj That a person be: • Muslim. • Proper age with sound mind, not insane. • Able to provide boarding & lodging of journey. • Able to leave sufficiently for family & children who stay behind during his absence. • If female, be accompanied by her husband / mahram during journey. • A woman is over her period of waiting after divorce. (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  3. Why Hajj is Important? It is an obligatory duty once in lifetime who can afford. Allah says: • “And Hajj to the House (Kaba) is a duty that mankind owes to Allah, those who can afford expenses…..” (Al-Imran:97) • “…. Whoever decides to make Hajj, there should be no obscenity or wickedness or angryargument on the Hajj.” (Al-Baqara:197). Rasul r said: • “Sound Hajj has no reward except paradise.” (Bukhari) (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  4. Hajj Tips • Deal through Moallem: Money exchange, Passport, Air-Ticket, Extra Money, Extra Luggage • Good & Small Group • Have a plan if Lost • Food, Medication, Eye Glass/Contact lenses • Sunlight, Sand & Storm • Sleeping Bag / Toilet paper / Napkin • Handicapped • Do not buy too many things • Be considerate towards others • Items to bring, Items not to bring • Weather of Makka is 10-15 degrees higherthan Madina (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  5. Checklist at your Home • Make correct intention of Hajj to please Allah only. • Clear your debt or arrange debt. • Write your will. • Arrange halal funds for your journey. • Leave enough funds for your family. • Arrange someone to take care of your family when needed. • Any woman should accompany her Mahram. • Learn basics of Hajj. (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  6. Checklist before Departure • Is passport ready & valid for at least 6 months? • Air ticket ready with all sectors confirmed? • Have you taken required vaccination shots if needed? • Do you have Hajj / Umra visa? • Do you know your Moallem name, telephone #, address? • Do you have your Ihram clothes? • Do you have enough money to pay all expenses? • Do you know what type of Hajj you will perform? • Do you understand basic steps of Hajj / Umra? • Carry Ihram clothes, personal items with your carry-on bag. • Book your luggage with sleeping bag, personal clothes, box. • Are you ready to say Talbiya? (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  7. Qibla Direction (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  8. Hajj Requirements…1 Three Fard:(must complete during Hajj days. Any omission will make it compulsory to perform Hajj following year). • Wear Ihram. • Be present on the Arafat. • Perform final Tawaf of Hajj. Wajibs of Hajj:(require sacrifice as penalty one goat / sheep per omission to validate Hajj). • Stay night at Muzdalefa. • Sai / walk 7 times between Safa & Marwa with Ihram. • Pelt pebbles (Ramee) at Jamrat in Mina. • Shave (Halq) head hair (for male). • For Qiran Hajj: sacrifice (Nahr) a sheep / goat within limits of Haram. • First Tawaf (Tawafuz Ziara) for residents of Mecca. • Farewell Tawaf. (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  9. Three Types of Hajj (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  10. Umra Requirements Two Fard • Wear Ihram. • Complete Tawaf at least 4 times. Three Wajibs • Complete tawaf 7 times. • Sai / walk between Safa & Marwa. • Shave head hair or trim all sides equally (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  11. Ihram…1 Preparation before Ihram Clip nails, shave underarm and public hair, trim mustache, and take shower & wash body. When to wear Ihram? Travel by Land / sea: Wear Ihram before passing over Miqat Travel by air: Wear Ihram before boarding plane or passing over Miqat. Jeddah is NOT Miqat. If you decide to visit Madina first, you can start Ihram on way to Makka from Madina. (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  12. Locations of Miqats . (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  13. Hajj Requirements…2 Sunnats of Hajj:(carry great reward. Any omission of Sunnah does not need penalty). • Gusl before Ihram. • Use fragrance before Ihram. • Use two sheets for Ihram. • Perform 2 rakats before Ihram. • Say Talbiya, say loudly, and say 3 times together. (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  14. Home Kaba Miqat Ihram Mina Arafat Muzdalefa Madina Hajj / Umra Events (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  15. Ihram…2 How to put Ihram & make Niat? When you finish a regular prayer, make intention for Umra or Hajj (with type of Hajj). Put Ihram • Put 2 white seamless Ihram clothes preferably after a salat • Take off normal dress including underwear (for men only). • Put on sandals. • Women put on any regular dress. Leave the face & hands uncovered. • Recite Talbiya continuously. Ihram Restrictions After you put on Ihram, you must avoid the following things: • Haircut, shaving, clip nails, use perfumes or colognes, • kill or hunt animals, sex, marriage proposal. (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  16. Madina 300 miles Q Makka Jeddah 50 miles 3 miles Mina 4 miles Muzdalefa 5 miles Arafat Location of Hajj Event Places (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  17. Road to Mecca (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  18. (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  19. Kaba Entrance • Take shower or make wudu before entering Masjid Al-Haram. • With Ihram, go to Mecca directly. • Enter with du’a through As-Salam gate if possible (see figure). • Women with menstruation can not enter Masjid Al-Haram or make tawaf until her period stops. • Dua to Enter Kaba (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  20. Idtiba (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  21. (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  22. First Tawaf…1 • Make Idtiba (during the first 3 circles) for men. • Start from Tawaf line at the corner of Hazre Aswad counter clockwise by making Istilam (kissing) or touching if possible or pointing to it & make takbir (AllahuAkbar) each time you come to this corner. • Circle Kaba 7 times. Turn 7 rounds (ramal- walking hastily during first 3 rounds). • You can make tawaf on any 3 floors, the ground, first floor or the roof. • Recite du’a, zikr while making tawaf. (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  23. First Tawaf…2 • Du’a at Hajjre Aswad: allahu akbar lailaha illallahu. (Allah is great, there is no deity besides Allah). (Taymiya). • Do not push any pilgrim regardless of any reason. • Be merciful & helpful. • Do not go through the Hatem. • When you finish 7 rounds, pray 2 rakats behind Maqame Ibrahim if possible. • Pray anywhere in the masjid facing Qibla if it is not possible behind Maqame Ibrahim. • Drink Zamzam water as much as you can standing & facing Kaba. • Recite Du’a After Drinking ZamZam water • Go to Multazam (if you can), cling & make du’a. (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  24. First Sai…1 • Go to Safa, praise Allah, raise both hands facing Qibla, start Sai. • Descend from Safa and walk between Safa & Marwa. • Only man should speed up between 2 green marked posts. • Ascend the hill of Marwa & make du’a. • When you reach Marwa, you finished one round. • Return from Marwa to Safa in the same way. • Repeat 7 rounds & you finish your 7th round at Marwa. • Menstruating women should not make Sai until clean. • The distance between Safa & Marwa is ¼ mile. Total distance for the 7 rounds is 1¾ miles. • After 7th round, shave or trim all of your hair of head. It is sunnat of Rasul r to shave. • Women are required to cut ~½ inch from their hair. (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  25. Sai process (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  26. First Sai…2 • After Sai & trim hair, if you are performing Tamattu Hajj, you can end your Umra by taking off Ihram clothes & put on normal dress. • At this point, all restrictions of Ihram are not applicable until 8th of Zil Hajj. • If you are not making Tamattu Hajj, you continue to wear Ihram & all Ihram restrictions apply. (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  27. Stay at Mina-1 • Pray 5 times from Zuhr on 8th Zil Hajj preferably at Masjid Khaif. It is said that 70 prophets graves are there. • As traveler, make 2 rakats for 4 rakat fard. Magrib is same. • Don’t combine prayers. • Read Quran, make zikr, make du’a for yourself, family, Muslims of the world. • Stay in Mina until the sunrise of 9th Zil Hajj. (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  28. Attend Arafat • After the 9th Zil Hajj sunrise, leave for Arafat. • Spend day in zikr, Quran recitation, Talbiya, repentance, du’a for all Muslims. • Stay inside Arafat boundaries. • Try to pray at Masjid Namira Zuhr & Asr. If it is crowded, you can pray at any place in Arafat. • It is recommended to be on Jabal-e-Rahmat if possible. It is not necessary if crowded. • After sunset, go to Muzdalefa without Magrib at Arafat. • If you leave Arafat before Magrib, your Hajj is void & you need to make a sacrifice to validate Hajj. (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  29. The Mount of Rahmah (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  30. Stay night at Muzdalefa • Stay whole night until sunrise next day at Muzdalefa. • Pray Magrib & Isha together at night and Fajr next day. • Collect pebbles at Muzdalefa for Jamarat. They should be the size of a bean (~½ inch). You need 70 altogether. • Pray at Al-Mashar Al-Haram (if possible) until sunrise. • Leave Muzdalefa for Mina with zikr, Talbiya. (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  31. Muzdalefa (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  32. Jamarat Area (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  33. Back to Mina-2 • At Mina on the 10th Zil Hajj, go to Jamarat Al-Aqababetween Fajr & Zuhr. • Throw 7 pebbles successively with Takbir each time. Make sure pebbles fall inside the jamarat fence. • Weak or sick person can delegate others to throw pebbles on their behalf. • You can throw pebbles from under the Bridge or above it. • Do not throw your sandal. • Be careful when you go close. Pilgrims are throwing from all directions, you may get hit from any directions. • You should leave as soon as you finish throwing. (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  34. Mina – Muzdalefa - Arafat (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  35. Slaughter at Mina • If you are doing Ifrad Hajj, you don’t sacrifice. • Slaughter animal (without defects) like a sheep, or lamb or 1/7th of a cow or camel sharing with others. • You can eat up to 1/3rd of your share, 1/3rd should be distributed as gift, 1/3rd to the poor. • You should finish slaughter between 10-13th Zil Hajj. It is preferred on the 10th. • You have the option to do the 3 rituals in any order: Slaughtering, cutting hair, Tawaf Ifada. • Get head shaved at Mina/Makka on the 10th • For women, trim about ~½ inch hair as before. (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  36. Tawaf Ifada Go to Kaba • Circle Kaba 7 times as you did during first Tawaf . • Pray 2 rakats behind Maqame Ibrahim. • Drink ZamZam water. Second Sai • If you are making Ifrad or Qiran Hajj & you already made Sai during First Tawaf, you don’t need Sai again. • If you are making Tamattu Hajj, you will need to perform Sai as you did during first Sai. • After Sai, remove Ihram dress. All restrictions are lifted. • Return to Mina. (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  37. Stay in Mina-3 Stay at Mina during 11-13th Zil Hajj. Pray 5 times salat. • Go to Al Jamarat Al-Sugar (the smallest). Successively throw 7 pebbles with takbir. Make du’a. • Go to Al Jamarat Al-Wusta (the Medium). Successively throw 7 pebbles with takbir. Make du’a. • Go to Al-Jamarat Al-Aqaba (the largest). Successively throw 7 pebbles with takbir. • Throw pebbles after Zohr salat. • Each of these 3 days, you need to throw 7 pebbles at each of these 3 jamarts daily. (7 x 3 x 3 = 63) On last day, DO NOT rush to go to Jamarats to throw after the Zohr salat when everybody goes. It is crowded & everyone wants to go to Makka after throwing. If you WAIT 2-3 hours, the crowd is gone & you can throw SAFELY especially with women & children. (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  38. Hajj for Children • It is all right for a child to perform Hajj. • S/he should perform it again after attaining adulthood. • Guardian can perform all activities for the child including restriction of all forbidden acts. • If child is mature, s/he can perform all activities with adult supervision, and adult have to perform his own. Women exceptions during Hajj / Umra • Wear normal dress with face should not be covered. • Women do not make idtiba or Ramal during Tawaf. • Do not run between green lights during Sai. • Can not enter haram during menses. • Should not recite Talbiya loudly like men. (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  39. Return Home • Thank Allah to complete Hajj. Collect things & return home • Rasul r said: “Whoever performs Hajj & does not indulge in obscenity (Rafath) or transgression (Fusuq) would return like a newborn.” (Bukhari). After Hajj • Make intention for more pious life. • Do not complain about hardship, and people of holy places. • Make sincere intention of Hajj for Allah only. • Sign of mabroor / accepted Hajj: when he / she returns, life changes for the better. (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  40. Madina Monawara (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  41. Riazul Jannah ‘Between my grave and my mimbar lies one of the gardens of paradise’ (Bukhari) (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  42. South East Corner of Masjid-e-Nabuwi (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  43. Salam… (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  44. Etiquette inside Masjid Nabawi…1 • Do not raise hands near his grave or facing it. • Do not touch or kiss the wall. Do not kiss the ground. • Do not touch or kiss the grill of Rasul’s r grave. • Do not kiss or make sejda. Do not make Tawaf of grave. • Do not bend down before the grave of Rasul r. • Do not stand near the grave for long time. • Correct manner is to stand some distance away in a quite and respectful manner. • While standing, say Salam in a moderate tone… • assalamu alaikum ya rasulullah warahmatullahe wabara katuhu. (Salam upon you, O Rasulullah r. May Allah’s Mercy and Blessings be upon you). (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  45. Etiquette inside Masjid Nabawi…2 • Rasul r said: If anyone says Salam in front of my grave, I can hear Salam. • After Salam, make Du’a to Allah & request for intercession of Rasul r. • After salam to Rasul r, move one step to the right and recite greetings to Abu Bakr. • Take one more step to the right and recite Salam to Omar. • Return back to the first position facing Rasul r, say salam, make du’a to Allah through the intercession of Rasul r for yourself, parents, family members, friends, whoever asked to make du’a, for all Muslims all over the world. • Stay inside Masjid with niat of nafl itekaf. (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  46. Stay @ Madina • Recite Durud as much as possible & whenever you can. • If it is salat time, join the Fard jamat. If time permits make Tahyatul Masjid if possible at the Mehrab of Rasulr. • Proceed carefully with great respect & eagerness in mind to the grave of Rasul r. • Stand in front of grave (under the green dome) with your back towards Qibla. • Do not stand very close to the grave. • Do not cast your gaze all over or raise your voice. (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  47. Visit Jannatul Baki • Visit Jannatul Baqi daily or at least Friday where graves of Osman t, Abbas t, Hasan t, Rasul’s son Ibrahim, wives of Rasul r, and many sahabas are present. • Visit mount Ohud martyrs, grave of Hamza t, beloved uncle of Rasul r. • Visit Masjid Quba. Rasul r said: Performing salat in the Masjid Quba is equal to performing Umra. (Tirmidhi). (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  48. Ijabah Major Masjids of Madina (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas

  49. Before 8th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th Quick Reference (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas X Y

  50. Zaynnah Tours & Travel Wishes you Hajj Mabroor InshAllah 3349 Ridgelake Drive, Suite 102 Metairie, LA 70006 504-838-7070-office, 504-520-8953-Fax (c) Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas