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The Job of Cabin Crew

Discover the activities of a crew, her roles and responsibility and the expectation of the passengers

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The Job of Cabin Crew

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  1. The Job of Cabin Crew Joha Rahman How 2 Become A Crew

  2. When you complete reading this presentation, you will understand the major activities a cabin crew, his roles and responsibilities. • As a passenger, you may be aware some of his duties, however there more to it.

  3. The Dreams of millions • Millions of young high school graduates worldwide are eyeing for the job as cabin crew. • Many of whom have never flown before and may be wondering what the job is about. • For the benefits of this group, I am putting the salient points highlighting the main activities involved.

  4. Known by different names • The job may be known by different names, depending on which region do you come from. In USA, the job is likely to be called a flight attendant. In Europe, the term cabin crew is more often used. • In Asia, the same person is known as an air hostess or stewardess.

  5. Job Classification – Customer Services. • However there is a significant different as the main responsibility of a cabin crew is to handle the safety of the passengers in the event of emergency. • In a normal flying conditions, they provide the services and attend to the needs of the passengers.

  6. Observable Normal Activities 1. As a passenger steps into the aircraft, a cabin crew welcomes him or her and show him the seats.2. As the pilot start the engine, the crews assist in the safety equipments briefings.

  7. The responsibility of the job relates to the intended job's outcome. In this case, there two basic intended outcome:1. The crew is responsible to ensure that the passengers are safe, both under the normal circumstances as well as under emergency situation.2. To get a satisfied customer who will not complaint about the airline and hopefully will fly the airline again.

  8. Activities after take-off • 3. The Crew will serve the drinks, then probably the dinner or lunch.4. They distribute the audio aid and collect it before landing.5. Assist the passenger with immigration and customs' papers.6. Make the in flight sales.

  9. Activities not normally known by passengers. • The crews need to arrive to the office 1.5 hours before flight, then they attended the flight briefing by the supervisor or purser where flight briefings were given.2. The crew received the passengers list, for the Club Class and First Class, the crews need to remember the names. Their special needs such as vegetarian food, special drinks etc to be reviewed and notes taken.

  10. Roles and Responsibilities • Flight attendants play an important role in the success of an airline. • This is especially true for airlines that intend to compete in the premier league based on service quality. • In most cases, the crew services are more likely can be considered as a "service dissatisfier factor" as unhappy passengers will generate a negative publicity. • It is rather rare for passengers to give a positive feedback while it is more often to receive negatives ones.

  11. The Author Blog site: airhostess.blogspot.com/ Resouce: How to become Cabin Crew The author had work with an international airline for more than 35 years, the last 10 years in Training and development.

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