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Blekko Delivers Spam free Results PowerPoint Presentation
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Blekko Delivers Spam free Results

Blekko Delivers Spam free Results

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Blekko Delivers Spam free Results

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  1. Blekko Delivers Spam free Results BLEKKO

  2. Search engine are the sites on the net which are used to source information from other websites on the World Wide Web. blekko is a consumer facing, new age search engine that delivers quality results from the most trusted of sites. This is made possible by a judicious mix of complex algorithms and human expertise. • People instantly turn towards internet search engines if they wish to find information about anything on the internet. Major search engines deliver hundreds of thousands of results within a fraction of a second. • This made life immensely easy for people. In absence of a search engine, anybody looking for any information would have had to perform the impossible task of remembering a particular website’s URL. • This could be feasible had there been only a handful of websites. The World Wide Web has billion of websites and memorizing their names would be a task befitting a supercomputer and not an ordinary human being.

  3. There are basically three types of search engines: First is called a robot or spider that makes use of complex algorithms to search through the databases of HTML documents. • The second is powered by human submissions, i.e. they rely on submissions made by human beings to create a catalogue. The third type is called a hybrid search engine which is a combination of both algorithm based programs and human expertise. • Blekkois a hybrid search engine that makes excellent use of human experience and expertise and combines it with complex algorithms to deliver outstanding results. • Involvement of users’ experience and knowledge ensures that the results returned score high on quality and relevancy. A user is spared the agony of visiting dozens of irrelevant pages to find the relevant information. • We shall now deal in detail with all the three major types of search engines and find out how they work behind the scenes to make our lives easier and less complicated.

  4. It is important to know about Meta tags before we delve deeper into the functioning of crawler search engines. • Meta tags are special Hypertext Mark Up Language (HTML) tags that provide specific information about a web page. Unlike HTML tags they do not affect the functioning of the site. • Their job is to provide relevant information about the web page, its creator and traffic, relevant keywords, content of the site, and the interval at which it is updated. This information is of paramount importance to search engines. They make use of all the above mentioned information to build their indices. Robots or Crawler Based Internet Search Engines

  5. Crawlers based search engines use automated software to visit a website and source relevant information from the site. They read the actual content of the site and observe the links to the site in question. • More importantly, they read the Meta tags of the website to know more about its relevance and the importance of the information it dispenses. • A crawler or spider armed with all the necessary information returns to the central depository where the all-important task of indexing is carried out. • The spider at frequent interval returns to the site to take note of information that may have been appended, modified, or deleted. The frequency of these visits is determined by the search engine administrators.

  6. Human powered search engines build catalogues and indexes upon the input provided by humans. In other words, robots (algorithm programs) have no role in building the index. • One of the important tools used by crawlers to develop indexes is to look for relevant keywords on the website. A user taking help of a search engine for any question or query is actually searching through the index that the crawler has created. • Since keywords play an important part in indexing of websites, unscrupulous webmasters make use of unethical practices like keyword stuffing and spamdexing to increase their website’s visibility.

  7. Spamdexing, also known as web spam, black hat SEO, or search engine poisoning, refers to the deliberate and intentional manipulation of search engine indexes. • Search engine that make use of crawlers depend upon complex algorithms to determine the relevancy of a web site. Unethical websites owners use dubious methods and processes to make their websites achieve a higher ranking in results returned by the search engines. • This technique, often referred to as Black hat SEO technique, leads to wastage of time and other precious resources of a search engine user. They have to wade through pages and pages of low quality sites to get the actual information. • Search engines severely punish spammers and webmasters indulging in search engine spam. Unfortunately, the risk is too low and the rewards too high to permanently deter tricksters from perpetrating such frauds. What is Spamdexing?

  8. The World Wide Web is a treasure trove of information. It is said that information is power and today’s search engines have made people powerful by giving them access to quality information. • A person can find anything about any products or services by just few clicks of their mouse from the comfort of their home. • Spams and other unscrupulous techniques used by charlatan webmasters, however, exposes people to a lot of scams and frauds. • Blekkois a new age search engine that focusses on quality rather than quantity. It returns spam free results from the most trusted of sites.