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# BeThere

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# BeThere

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# BeThere

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  1. #BeThere A journeytofullexperience Photo credit: Christian Battaglia via Unsplash (Creative Commons Zero license)

  2. Briefsummary Challenge Background Makethe project inspiring and attractivefortheyoungergenerationandfind a waytoconnect Telekom toit Youth could only dream about exploring and traveling across Europe, but with project InterRail – starts in 2018 – gives them an unmissable opportunity to exploit

  3. While ’millenials’ is thefirsttruedigitalnativegeneration, gen Z memberdoesnotknow a worldwithoutpermanent and immediateaccessto ’internet-in-the-pocket’1 insight A generationthatdoesn’tseeboundaries and openforothercultures: ’theyembracediversityandembracedifferences’ Theyhave an outstandingconsumption of music – which is a form of self-expressionforthem –, experiences and communityrelatedsolutions2 T The generation „Z” overviewstudy, Eszter Pál, 2013 Your Footer Here Photo credit: Comfreak via Pixabay (Creative Commons Zero license)

  4. ‚Buying a ticket before sold out, planning the whole trip with my friends, waiting impatiently as due date comes closer and so on…’ Laura (19) Hundreds of thousandspeoplevisitingmusicfestivaleveryyear Sziget 440k Balaton Sound145k Volt 148k And besidesthat, therearedozens of festivalsacross Europe… perfectplaceforGenZ Music festival A music festival is not just about the concerts... It is a full experience It’s a melting pot of cultures. Provides not just diversity of people, but temporarly creates unique a community and unforgattableexperience to share insight

  5. A monthfull of opportunities. LetTelekom be your partner alongthisexperience Knowyouropportunity Getconnectedduringyourjourney and let Telekom guidethrough Europe bythreesteps 01 Youcould be there Be there Buildawareness Getinspired and be preparedfortheexperience Onthe spot experience 02 03 Strategy Photo credit: Christian Battaglia via Unsplash (Creative Commons Zero license)

  6. Idea 01 + Knowyouropportunity BuildupawarenessforInterRail project whilestrenghteningTelekom’sadvantagesinterms of wirelessconnection and coverageacross Europe (bothforparents and youngsters) Ongoingsearchcampaignduringthethree main stages UtilizingGenZ’shighaffinitytowardsmultitasking: Synchronization of TV adswith online systemsinrealtime (InterRail project appearsas a tag-ononongoing TV spotsduringcampaignperiod) Thisshould be a train (nottram) Brandedstationplatform and onscheduleinternationaltrains (free wi-fionstations)

  7. Idea 02 CooperationwithSpotify Youcould be there Inspiringyouthbymakingthemwantto be a part of theexperience #bethere Involvinginfluencers and artistspre-festival. Generatingcontentaroundtheme„Wearepreparing. Areyou?” onsocialmediaplatforms Playlistcreatedbytheinfluencers On-tourlivestreamssupportedby Telekom – verifying 4G connectionsfortravel-planners Brandedtracklists Festivaldestinationrecommendationbasedonlisteninghabits of user: Leadingonmicrosite (#bethere) tohelpuserschoosedestinationinordertoutilizeInterRailtickets Telekom providesunlimitedSpotifystreamingforbrandedtracklists

  8. Idea 03 Be there Onthe spot experience By free WI-FI hotspotuserscanfocusontheexperience and cankeepintouchwiththelovedones A rally-pointforthecommunity SponsoringfestivalstreamsonYouTube and Livenation Targeted display leadsonmicrosite On-stagestream and checkinbyinfluencers–poweredby Telekom 4G –toinspirefuturefestivalgoers!

  9. Timeline Knowyouropportunity 40m HUF Building awareness, for the project PPC campaign, synchronized TV + display adsOOH part June July August May Youcould be there InspiringourtargettogettheirInterRailticketSpotify, and influencercooperation, contextual, anduserbasedonretargeting 80m HUF Be there Telekom helpstogettheonthe spot experience, and alsogivestheopportunitytoshareit Providing free wi-fispots, livecheckin, and sponsoringfestivalstreams. Inspiringforfurthertravelling, and festivalexperience 100m HUF

  10. Measure of success Media KPIs Visitson #betherelandingpage Pre- and post-awarenessresearch Engagementrateonsocialmediaplatforms Sponsoredtracklistplays Live-streamingviewership TV coverage of tag-onspots Project KPIs Growth of utilizationofInterRailtickets Incrementalrevenuebyincreasedsell of roaming services WI-FI hot-spot traffic