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Yacht charter Croatia company PowerPoint Presentation
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Yacht charter Croatia company

Yacht charter Croatia company

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Yacht charter Croatia company

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  1. Yacht Charter Croatia Company

  2. Yachting is considered to be a relaxing and interesting hobby, where one can use it during the weekend for sailing getaways or maybe go for competitive sailing. Yachts are basically fast comparable to working ships and a truly comfortable means of sea transport for the powerful and wealthy.

  3. Owning a yacht can be very exciting and pleasurable since it allows the freedom to go into a sea excursion or just do island-hopping with family or friends, in a leisurely fashion. Cruising in a yacht can evoke a sense of adventure and thrill, by going on a trip on the other side of the world or anywhere that anyone can dream off.

  4. Not everyone got the capacity to own or afford a yacht since it’s very costly, but there are other options to still enjoy sailing and exploring delightful or uninhabited islands. Yacht chartering is definitely much more affordable and Neo Yachting is offering yacht charter in Croatia.

  5. Yachts of about 30 meters or more have added additional luxuries like hot water, refrigerators, pressurized water systems and navigational aid such as radars or auto-pilot to make yachting a pleasurable and competitive hobby, and had enhanced the safety for the sailors and crews.

  6. One summer destination that can be a great place for a holiday is a cruise along the Adriatic Sea and be able to admire the gorgeous landscape of Croatia. This country is just across Italy and accessible either through Venice or Dubrovnik. The country is inhabited by hospitable people, with a lovely climate and breathtaking scenery. Croatia boast of intriguing ancient and recent history, where you can experience authentic old Europe with their lovely hilltop villages packed with charm and atmosphere and cobblestone streets.

  7. Most of the fabulous foods are Italian, like risotto, pizza and pasta, no all day breakfast and fish & chips. There are still skilled artisans making laces, olive oil, prsuti, cheese, wine, etc. Croatia had strong Italian influence along the Adriatic coast from the Roman Empire and the Venetian Republic; the west has the dominance of the Austro-Hungarian Empire while the east has Ottoman influences.

  8. Croatia can be enjoyed with its long unspoiled coastline of beautiful beaches, resorts, and islands, and then go visit castles, historic towns and mountainous countryside ideal for hiking. Its natural beauty and low- cost tourist activities and accommodations will definitely be a fun destination for everyone, even from those on a strict budget for travelers wanting to enjoy and live more luxuriously.

  9. Neo Yachting offers yachts that can accommodate a family of eight to as much as thirty-two guests. Charter or buy a yacht now to explore Croatia, relax on pristine beaches, enjoy gourmet meals and swim in unspoiled waters of an easy-to-cruise archipelago from north to south.

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