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By: Matthew Broom.

By: Matthew Broom.

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By: Matthew Broom.

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  1. How were Toussaint l’ouverture,Simon Bolivar,and Miguel Hidalgo involved in the Latin America independence. By: Matthew Broom.

  2. Toussaint L Ouverture Napoleon was one of the greatest generals who ever lived. But at the end of the 18th century a self-educated slave with no military training drove Napoleon out of Haiti and led his country to independence. The remarkable leader of this slave revolt was Toussaint Breda and she also called him the “black napoleon”. Slave revolts from this time normally ended in executions and failure .

  3. Simon Bolivar On April 19, 1810, the people of Caracas declared independence  from Spain: they were still nominally loyal to King Ferdinand but would rule Venezuela by themselves until a time as Spain was back on its feet and Ferdinand restored. Young Simon Bolívar was an important voice during this time advocating for full independence. Along with a small delegation Bolivar was dispatched to England to seek the support of the British government: there he met Miranda and invited him back to Venezuela to participate in the government of the young republic.

  4. Miguel Hidalgo Hidalgo often hosted gatherings at his home where he would talk about whether it was the duty of the people to obey or overthrow an unjust tyrant. Hidalgo believed the Spanish crown was such a tyrant royal collection of debt had ruined the finances of the Hidalgo family, and he saw injustice daily in his work with the poor. There was a conspiracy for independence in Querétaro at this time the conspiracy felt that they needed someone with moral authority a relationship with the lower classes and good connections. Hidalgo was recruited and joined without reservation.