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  1. HARRY TRUMAN By Agbor Ogork

  2. EXECUTIVE ORDER 9981 Before 1948, there had been desegregation in the military. Blacks and whites couldn’t fight in the same military. Because of this, President Truman issued the Executive order 9981.

  3. INTENDED CONSEQUENCES • Declare the President’s policy of equality of opportunity for all persons in the armed service without regard to race, color, religion, or natural origin. • Create the President’s seven-member Committee on Equality of Treatment in the armed service. • Direct all executive departments and agencies of the federal government to cooperate with the committee in its work.

  4. UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES • President Truman had many critics. • Democrats formed the Dixiecrat party and nominated South Carolina Governor Storm Thurmond for president. • Truman had hoped to unite the democratic party by promising civil rights to African Americans, but not by pushing so fast to alienate segregationists.

  5. ADVICE My advice to President Truman would have been that he should pass the Executive Order 9981 because it will help a lot of people. It will also help the government. He should ignore the critics and do what is right. But he shouldn’t push too hard to alienate segregationists because that would get him even more critics.

  6. THE ATOMIC BOMB In order to end the United States war with Japan in WW2, President Truman ordered for atomic bombs to be dropped in the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

  7. INTENDED CONSEQUENCES • The United States wanted Japan to surrender. • The United States wanted Japan to lose most of its army. • The United States wanted to pay back Japan for their attack on Pearl Harbor.

  8. UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES • Japan hesitated to surrender. • It ruined the United States’ image. • It affect the inhabitants of Hiroshima and Nagasaki for many years.

  9. ADVICE My advice to President Truman would have been that he shouldn’t drop the atomic bombs in Japan right away because they were very deadly and they will kill innocent people. He should have bombed Japanese aircraft an d ships, and if they didn’t surrender, then he would have thought about dropping the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

  10. MARSHALL PLAN President Truman signed the Marshall plan because it was a series of economic strategies and reforms that helped to strengthen western Europe after World War Two.

  11. INTENDED CONSEQUENCES • Meet immediate needs for food, medicine, and housing. • Increase industrial and agricultural production rapidly. • Combat inflation and establish financial stability. • Create a common market free of national trade barriers.

  12. UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES • It brought disagreement in European countries over how much money each of them should get. • Many Europeans thought that the Marshall Plan was to stimulate markets for US goods. • Communists parties lost interest everywhere.

  13. ADVICE My advice to President Truman about signing the Marshall Plan would have been that he should sign it but Marshall shouldn’t over push it because if he does, the Europeans would keep thinking that it is just for the United States’ interest. The Plan will help many European countries so it should be signed.

  14. TRUMAN DOCTRINE The Truman Doctrine proclaimed that the United States would not tolerate Russian expansion into any areas that were not already under Soviet control. President Truman issued it to stop the spread of communism.

  15. INTENDED CONSEQUENCES • Greece and Turkey were given financial aid and they did not succumb to communism. • America became committed to internationalism with the policy of containment.

  16. UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES • There was some criticism of the policy. Truman was accused of starting half a century of fear. • It increased the tension between the USA and the USSR.

  17. ADVICE My advice to President Truman would have been that he should help the European countries by giving them advice. By the Truman Doctrine, some European countries would have felt that the USA thinks that they can’t fight their own battles. Also, the USSR would be angry because the issue doesn’t concern the United States. So, I think the USA should have help’ but not go as far as issuing the Truman Doctrine.