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The 8 must have tools for a garage PowerPoint Presentation
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The 8 must have tools for a garage

The 8 must have tools for a garage

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The 8 must have tools for a garage

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  1. The 8 Must have Tools for a Garage Whether you are a car enthusiast, a novice home mechanic, or a popular car mechanic in the town, you cannot do without certain tools. All these tools are not acquired in a day, rather they go on expanding with time. Some tools are passed on between generations, whereas some others are acquired to fulfill certain project requirements. Whatever be the reason, these tools make the garage a productive place.

  2. 1. Workbenches • A workbenchis an essential tool for any garage. It is basically a flat surface or a table where all manual works are done. • If you wish to invest in one, there are hundreds of reliable, yet easy-to-build designs available online. • Many websites also provide you customization options to suit your workspace.

  3. 2. Visesand Work Holding • Once you set up the workbench, you will require a vise, which is capable of holding your workpiece in place. • There are many online websites, which sell these vises at attractively low prices. • However, lots of cheaper vises are poorly manufactured, which leads to their premature collapse. • You can find durable, old vises at Craiglist, or you can seek them during the garage sales, too.

  4. 3. Tool Chests • These tools are designed to hold all your work tools like hammers, work wrenches, extension cords, screwdrivers, etc. • Just imagine, how frustrating it would be if you spend an hour searching your work wrench for a 20-minute project? • You can find various types of tool chests in the market or on the websites, and they include bottom rollaway chests, middle chests, top and side chests.

  5. 4. Safety Gear • It doesn’t matter, whether you are changing a tire or working on a large automotive renovation project, wearing a safety gear is extremely essential. • You should keep multiple pairs of mechanics gloves, leather gloves, disposable nitrile gloves, impact-resistant safety goggles, a disposable respirator, earmuffs, and earplugs. • Additionally, you need to keep a first-aid kit handy.

  6. 5. WD-40 • In a garage, you will require various types of lubricants. • WD-40 is one of the most popular multi-use lubricants used in the garages due to its water displacement and oil penetrating property. • WD-40 is an abbreviation of water displacement, 40th formula.

  7. 6. Duct Tapes • As known, it is basically pressure-sensitive tape, which often comes with a polyethylene coating. • You can find them in different colors, adhesives, and backings. • The black variants are known as gaffer tapes, which is why sometimes, the duct tapes are commonly referred by this name.

  8. 7. Socket Wrench Sets • These are considered as the backbone of any garage. • The socket is equipped with a socket at the end, which is used for turning a fastener. • You will require a set, which comprises 1/4″ drive, 1/2″ drive sockets and ratchets, and 3/8″ drive

  9. 8. Spanner Sets • You will be utilizing a complete combination of spanners in the range of 8mm to 19mm in your garage. • Additionally, you can also include popular sizes such as 17mm, 13mm, and 10 mm. • A set of ratchet spanners may be expensive, still, you can rely on them while working in hard-to-reach areas. • Reference:

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