must have kitchen tools and appliances n.
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Must Have Kitchen Tools PowerPoint Presentation
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Must Have Kitchen Tools

Must Have Kitchen Tools

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Must Have Kitchen Tools

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  2. KITCHEN • The Kitchen is the heart of the home. For every women Kitchen is her favourite place to experiment and invent different cuisines. • The biggest struggle in women’s life is to balance her domestic life and personal life. She is expected to make both ends meet like a pro while being extra smart at the same time. • Not just kitchen but a women’s shoulder carries the load of many other important responsibilities which tends her to make smart choices in all walks even in case of home and kitchen appliances. • Every woman has a dream of having smart kitchen appliances that will make her work easier and faster.

  3. SMART KITCHEN APPLIANCES • Few must have smart kitchen tools and appliances are : • Choppers and Slicer • Shredder • Food Processor • Juicer Mixer • Electric Cooker • Coffee Maker

  4. CHOPPER, SLICER AND SHREDDER • The secret behind a tasty recipe is the preparation efforts taken for it. • Off all the preparation efforts taken chopping & slicing are most difficult and time consuming. Smart kitchen tool like a chopper & slicers can make this task easy and fast. No worries about cutting hands or irregular cutting. • With these shredder is also very useful for shredding items like cheese used for garnishing. • Brands like bajaj, Prestige etc. offer smart choppers, slicers and shredders at best price.

  5. FOOD PROCESSOR • Having too many appliances for single purposes in the kitchen makes it crowded. Instead, women’s prefer to have all in one functionality kitchen appliances. • Food processor is one such kitchen appliance which can perform many functions like chopping, slicing, grinding, kneading, mixing etc. • It acts likes a time and space saver. • The all in one functionality makes it demanding and beneficial for all the housewives. • Ezmall offers food processors from top brands like wonderchef, bajaj etc.

  6. JUICER • Starting the day with fresh and healthy juice is the best practice. • With the traditional mixer grinder it is difficult and time consuming to get fresh juice. • Mixer juicer is the smart kitchen appliance that will help you to get fresh fruit juice whenever you need. • Just slice the fruit and add it to the juicer. • Juicers are equipped with smart tools which helps to get fresh organic juice easily. • Brands like Jaipan, Maharaj Whiteline etc. provides good quality juicers at affordable rates.

  7. ELECTRIC COOKER • Smart women’s prefer smart kitchen appliances for smart and easy cooking. • With the advancement of technology many smart kitchen appliances have been invented to make cooking easy and fast. • The traditional method of cooking on gas may cause problems like overcooking, over heating and at times may even cause food to get burnt which ruins the taste completely. • Smart kitchen appliance like Electric Cooker is the best solution which cooks foods perfectly at perfect temperatures. • Baltra offers smart electric cookers in the market.

  8. COFFEE MAKER • A cup of coffee is best company to have when reading book, talking with friends, late night working or studying etc. • With the evolving technology many smart kitchen appliances are available in the market. • One such smart kitchen appliance is Electric Coffee maker that makes coffee instantly. We just need put the required ingredients in it and then the tasty coffee is ready to accompany us. • Check Ezmall for electric coffee maker from Baltra.