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Algae . The gooey green goodness. Biofuels. Other natural fuels and why they receive less hype? Ethanol Soybean Peanut Switch grass Methane. Some Spec’s on other biofuels out there. Current and prospective yielding of Bio energy supplying resources. Why Algae?.

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  1. Algae The gooey green goodness

  2. Biofuels Other natural fuels and why they receive less hype? Ethanol Soybean Peanut Switch grass Methane

  3. Some Spec’s on other biofuels out there

  4. Current and prospective yielding of Bio energy supplying resources

  5. Why Algae? Incredible space-efficiency (far more fuel can be produced per unit area) No soil requirements No fresh water requirements Certain algal technologies have even been designed to absorb CO2 from smokestacks!

  6. Simple naturally reoccurring solution

  7. Simple in theory, yet complex in practice

  8. Methods of producing Expeller/Press Hexane Solvent Method Supercritical Fluid Extraction Ultrasonic-assisted extraction

  9. Expeller/Press • a tried and tested method of extraction. By letting the algae dry out and then pressed to extract the oil

  10. Hexane Solvent Method • this makes use of a chemical hexane that can be mixed with the algae. Then using the expeller is pressed to extract the oils from the algae then it can undergo another extraction because of the hexane. Hexane are then separated through distillation. Much yield could be produce in this method. What’s more hexane is inexpensive.

  11. Supercritical Fluid Extraction • this is the most viable way of extracting 100% oil from the algae the only downside of this process is the need for a special machinery and equipment for extraction. It liquefies the carbon dioxide under pressure and heated until that both elements are in its liquid state and gas. These liquids acts as a solvent to extract the oils from the algae’s.

  12. Ultrasonic-assisted extraction • as the name implies it makes use of ultrasonic devices to extract oils from algae’s. In this process ultrasonic waves are being sent around the algae’s sending shock signals on to the organism as a reaction to the wave they release oil substances onto the solvent that can now be easily extracted.

  13. Effect On earth – It could greatly reduce the amount of pollution in our seas and sky Some strands can be created to digest carbon emissions Open source algae such as that found in ponds, oceans naturally consume nitrogen in order to produce lipids

  14. Dead Zone Reduction

  15. Carbon Emission Reduction

  16. Where When How and What if?

  17. Who and what will it supply? Airplanes- Automobiles- Ships- Homes and business- People and Live stock?!?

  18. funding U.S. Department of Energy pledged to invest up to $24 million in three research groups looking at ways to commercialize algae-based biofuels [source: U.S. Department of Energy]. OMG!

  19. Other sources of income

  20. Other possible energy sources Solar: below $1 per watt Nanotube-Enhanced Capacitors Methane Gas

  21. Expected outcome? Fate of Algae Close race between going completely electrical Supposed new petroleum pockets found that could supply the U.S. for an extended amount of time.

  22. “super algae” Mutation

  23. Where else could money go? Approximately 1.5million homeless children in America: 770,000 enrolled in public schools Age Distribution of Homeless Children, HUD HMIS Annual Data

  24. Just a thought

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