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University of Waterloo Dragon Boat Club Staff/Faculty Team Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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University of Waterloo Dragon Boat Club Staff/Faculty Team Meeting

University of Waterloo Dragon Boat Club Staff/Faculty Team Meeting

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University of Waterloo Dragon Boat Club Staff/Faculty Team Meeting

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  1. University of Waterloo Dragon Boat Club Staff/Faculty Team Meeting

  2. Introductions Execs Crew President: Davis Ly (Chem Eng) Fundraising and Events: Marieke Manshanden (Int’l Dev), Laura Cudmore (Kin), Danielle Luxton (Kin), Karen Lai (Plan.) Sponsorship and Grants: Corinne Hanlon (Env Sci), Stephanie Murphy (ERS) , Charles Desouza (Soft Eng), Phillip Bailie (Biomed) Finance: Edbert Oey (AFM) website: | email :

  3. About Dragon Boat • Originated from ancient China • 22 people in a boat racing in distances of 200m, 500m and 2000m • Taken up by many adults all over the world! website: | email :

  4. About UWDBC • Completely student managed and run club. • Have been successful in both local and international competitions. • Active year-round and attracts students from all faculties. • We are trying to expand the club into a full-fledged canoe club that is unique in the UW (and even KW) community. website: | email :

  5. Goals • Create a staff/faculty team that will race in at least 1 regatta during the summer. • Foster a fun and competitive environment for faculty and staff members from all over campus • Show that a healthy, active lifestyle can be a boat-load (hah!) of fun • Win some races! website: | email :

  6. Practice Schedule/Location • 1.5 hours, 1x week for at least 8 weeks. Most likely Saturday afternoons (not set in stone) • More if we have everyone in agreement • Laurel Creek Conservation Area (Bearinger and Westmount) • Accessible by foot, bike and car (and most other modes of transport) website: | email :

  7. Cost? • Equipment rental (paddles, boat, PFDs): $0 • Coaching: $0 (maybe a bit of pride since it might be one of your students) • Regatta fee: ~$40/person/regatta (varies with regatta and size of team) • Uniforms: ~$15/t-shirt - $0 (if we can convince the Campus store to donate some stuff!) website: | email :

  8. Possible Regattas • Fanshawe, June 15 • Toronto, June 22 -23 (one of the biggest regattas in NA) • Woodstock, August 10 website: | email :

  9. F.A.Q • Do I need experience to be part of this? • No, as long as you are willing to learn and can hold a paddle, you’re in! • Do I need my own paddle for practice and races? • No, we provide everything you need to practice and there will be equipment at regattas • Do I need to be able to swim? • No, you will be wearing PFDs at all times. • I heard that you need to be super fit and be able to complete an triathlon to join? • No! Dragon boat is a sport for all fitness levels and ages. You will definitely notice an improvement in physical fitness though! • Can my spouse and/or child(ren) also do this? • As long as we have spots and they are above the age of 16 then absolutely! We have seen mother/daughter/father/son paddle on the same boat numerous times! • Will you be the envy of all other faculty, staff and denizens of UW? • Definitely. website: | email :

  10. What now? • Spread the word! We cannot do this without support from staff, faculty and YOU • Go to our website and register for our staff/faculty mailing list, if you haven’t done so already • Follow us on Twitter (UWDBC), YouTube (uwdragonboat) and like us on Facebook (uwdbc)! • Think of awesome team names! (UW PhDragons? WATerloo Paddling Dragons?) website: | email :

  11. Questions? website: | email :