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  1. Flashcards Spring Final Exam Review

  2. What agency was established to set and enforce pollution standards? Environmental Protection Agency

  3. What were the Helsinki Accords? A series of agreements (Ford as president) that promised greater cooperation between the nations of Eastern and Western Europe

  4. What were the Camp David Accords? Peace Agreement negotiated by President Carter between Egypt and Israel.

  5. President Carter’s foreign policy marked a commitment to ______? Human rights

  6. After Nixon resigned, who became president? Gerald R. Ford

  7. Nixon began normalizing relations with what country? China

  8. OPEC cut off the supply of _____ to the US which caused a major shortage. Oil

  9. What was the policy adopted by Nixon that reduced the size and power of the federal government? New Federalism

  10. What event convinced the country that the war was not winnable? Tet Offensive

  11. What was the US main goal for intervention in Vietnam? Containing the spread of communism.

  12. Who served as commander of the US troops in Vietnam? William Westmoreland

  13. How could a young man be deferred from the draft? Enrolling in college

  14. Which of following did not occur in 1968? • The Tet Offensive • The US invasion of Cambodia • The assassination of Martin Lurther King, Jr. • The assassination of Robert F. Kennedy

  15. What event set off the first student strike in US history? The invasion of Cambodia

  16. After WWII the US aided what country in its efforts to keep control of Vietnam? France

  17. What enabled North Vietnam to send troops to South Vietnam? The Ho Chi Minh Trail

  18. What was the main purpose of the War Powers Act? To limit the power of the president.

  19. Which president ordered troops to Little Rock to support students trying to attend an all white high school? Dwight D. Eisenhower

  20. Who was the first African American to attend the University of Mississippi? James Meredith

  21. Which president appointed a committee to study the causes of urban violence? Lyndon B. Johnson

  22. Who was the NAACP attorney who presented the Brown case before the Supreme Court? Thurgood Marshall

  23. Which president demanded sweeping civil rights laws but died before he could see them enacted? John F. Kennedy

  24. What government agency offered economic and technical assistance to Latin American countries? The Alliance for Progress

  25. What was the intended goal of the Bay of Pigs invasion? To remove Castro from power.

  26. What was the important principle established in law cases Baker v. Carr and Reynolds v. Sims? One person, one vote.

  27. What was the basis of conservatives’ criticism of Johnson’s Great Society? The programs were creating an underclass of people dependent on welfare.

  28. What was the VISTA program? Volunteers in Service to America or VISTA was part of the EOA that provides programs to fight the “War on Poverty”

  29. What was the Head Start Program? Created programs for low-income preschool children

  30. What was the federal program established to provide health insurance coverage for people 65 and over? Medicare

  31. The Economic Opportunity Act did all of the following EXCEPT • Offered foreign aid to Latin American countries • Create a training program for youth • Give underprivileged preschoolers a head start • Encourage poor people to join in public-works programs.

  32. What was the successful volunteer program proposed by JFK offering assistance to developing nations? Peace Corps

  33. What legislative act ended quotas based on nationality? The Immigration Act of 1965

  34. How were most of the decisions of the Warren Court received by the American people? Liberals praised it and the conservatives despised it.

  35. JFK appointed his brother Robert to what office? Attorney General

  36. What is the marketing strategy where a product is designed to wear out and will thus need to be replaced? Planned obsolescence

  37. Who developed the vaccine for polio? Dr. Jonas Salk

  38. What is a conglomerate? A major corporation owns a number of smaller corporations in unrelated businesses.

  39. True or False:President Truman proposed a series of economic recovery programs known as the Fair Deal. True

  40. What was the key foreign policy strategy of the Truman Doctrine? Containment

  41. Which country emerged from WWII fully prepared to take an expanding role in world affairs? The United States

  42. What was the primary goal of the Marshall Plan? To encourage economic integration among the nations of Europe.

  43. What was the major impact of the Korean War? It increased American’s fear of the spread of Communism.

  44. What organization provided collective military security against a possible Soviet invasion? NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)

  45. What were the effects of McCarthyism on the people of America? Fear of communism made many Americans overly suspicious.

  46. What does it mean to accuse someone of McCarthyism? They are making unsupportive accusations.

  47. Why did the US issue the Eisenhower Doctrine? The US response to Soviet military activities in the Middle East.

  48. What was the main objective of the Truman Doctrine? To stop the spread of communism

  49. How did the Soviets respond to Western attempts to unify Germany? The Berlin Blockade

  50. What was HUAC? Organization best known for investigating communists within the film industry.