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The Country- LEBANON .

The Country- LEBANON. Maddie Catlin. Comparison. Lebanon U.S. comparison. Lebanon is about .7 times the size of Conneticut. Flag of Lebanon.

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The Country- LEBANON .

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  1. The Country- LEBANON. Maddie Catlin

  2. Comparison Lebanon U.S. comparison Lebanon is about .7 times the size of Conneticut

  3. Flag of Lebanon “Two red-colored bands symbolizing martyrdom, surround horizontally a white-colored band, symbol of the Lebanese snow-capped mountain peaks; in the center of the flag, the cedar tree that characterized Lebanon since its birth, serving to build temples and ships, thus inspiring immortality and tolerance. Some people tend to use the color brown when drawing the trunk of the Cedar. This is a common mistake, the Cedar tree should be drawn in green.” –Article five of the Lebenese constitution The flag was designed to not be allied to any one of Lebanon's religious groups The green cedar symbolizes immortality and steadiness.

  4. Natural Resources Limestone Water-surplus Salt Iron Ore Arable Land

  5. Lebanon There is an equal amount of Shia Muslims as is there for Sunni Muslims They are both.. 40-55%

  6. Life Expectancy Lebanon- Average- 75.01 Men- 73.48 Women- 76.62 USA- Average- 78.37 Men- 75.92 Women- 80.93

  7. Literacy rate The literacy rate for the US is higher, with statistics of Average-99% Men- 99% Women-99% The Lebanon literacy rate is… Average-87.4% Men-93.1% Women-82.2%

  8. GDP – Per Person Average • An average person that lives in Lebanon makes an average of $14,400 per year • In the US, an average person makes an average of, $47,200

  9. TRAVEL CONCERNS! • US citizens traveling to certain spots of Lebanon, if caught in an emergency situation, cannot be helped by the Embassy • If you don’t have your passport, you could be taken into questioning • DUI could land you directly in jail • Women and children are subjected to force labor and sex trafficking • Cannibis cultivation

  10. Special Circumstances • Any citizen arriving at a Lebanese point of entry with an Israeli stamp in their passport may be detained, arrested, or denied entry. Travelers have also been detained if they have a family name that may be considered of Israeli or Jewish origin. • Travelers who have previously entered Lebanon illegally as refugees will not be allowed into the country. • U.S. citizens living in or traveling to Lebanon have sometimes been not allowed to leave the country because a criminal, civil, or family court has imposed a travel hold.

  11. Baalbeck Baalbeck is the largest and best-preserved corpus of Roman architecture left. It’s the largest complex of Roman temples ever built. It’s columns are the tallest ever erected and it’s stones are the largest ever used.

  12. Jezzine Jezzine is the most famous touristic resort of South Lebanon because of its beautiful landscape, and its 40m high waterfalls.

  13. Bsharreh Bsharreh, a village, which is 1400 meters high, is at a prime position at the head of the Qadisha valley, just below the famous Cedars of Lebanon. Bsharre is the birthplace of the famous poet, Gibran Khalil Gibran.

  14. Impressions • Lebanon is known for their cedar trees. • Syrian girls are reportedly brought to Lebanon for prostitution • Natural hazards include dust storms and sand storms • The total population is 4,196,453 – Only 2,542,000 of them are Muslim. • There is the same amount of Shia and Sunni Muslims

  15. THE END!

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