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My Bucket List

My Bucket List

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My Bucket List

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  1. My Bucket List What I would like to achieve before death.

  2. Become rich/Win the lottery I would love to scratch a ticket, and find out I won a few million. I would definitely give out some money to my family, and close friends. Even if it’s like 10 grand, I would still be happy!!

  3. Become a tattoo artist I think this is a different job to have. It lets you be creative and it’s like your own piece of artwork. I would love to do a tattoo on someone! The only downside is that if you screw up, it’ll be there forever!

  4. Get another piercing Another piercing would be awesome! I’d like to get my lips pierced, or even somewhere else, my nape perhaps? I find the piercings in your back very creative, I like em.

  5. Live in a different country for a while I’ve travelled to Cuba twice now. I love the palm trees, the ocean, the heat, the tanning. I love it!! I would like to try living here sometime in my life, or another tropical place.

  6. Donate money to poor people This is very important to me. I’d love to help out a poor country and support people. I wish I could do something about the recent tsunami in Japan, I would love to donate money to them! This ties in with my lottery one too, I’d donate some of my scratch ticket money!! 

  7. Meet someone famous I’d like to actually come face to face with a celebrity. The people I would want to meet the most are Johnny Depp, or Criss Angel. I think they are amazing people and have loads of talent!!

  8. Drive in my custom made car I would love to make my own sports car! I would put some spinners on it, have purple lights along the bottom, make it like a racecar kind of. I love cars!!

  9. Witness an eclipse I want to watch a solar eclipse happen. I have heard about them and they sound really cool to see.

  10. Go on a cruise I would love to go on a cruise on the ocean, I think it would be an awesome experience and would be a ton of fun. My grandparents always bring back pictures from them and they look so nice!

  11. Go on a rollercoaster