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Fire Service Prince’s Trust Association PowerPoint Presentation
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Fire Service Prince’s Trust Association

Fire Service Prince’s Trust Association

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Fire Service Prince’s Trust Association

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  1. Fire Service Prince’s Trust Association Hosted by The Prince’s Trust Prince’s Trust House, Eldon Street, London. Thursday 27th June 2013

  2. Health & Safety update

  3. Team quarterly accident & incident report • Sorry – not yet available • I will email you when it is available on the DP page

  4. The HS Team is proposing changes to the monitoring and review processes related to safety management systems reviews applicable to the Team programme. • A “Self declaration for Team” pilot  will be run starting in July 2013.  Self declaration for the purposes of the pilot is defined as“ the process where Partners confirm  that their local safety management system continues to operate as demonstrated in former Trust SMS reviews and in line with their local HS arrangements”.  The process uses a  self declaration form requiring partners to agree or not agree with declaration statements.   

  5. The proposed change in the Trust’s HS monitoring  regime aims to recognised that The Trust has a large body of evidence confirming that many Partners have robust H&S systems and deliver well managed, planned and supported programmes.  With regard to this a physical review for Partners demonstrating a high level of competent H&S management is not now felt to be warranted each year.   Ongoing HS reviewing is important to The Trust and the proposed process would utilise SMS reviews on a biennial basis with partners self declaring in between. Proposed criteria would need to be met before a partner would be considered for self declaration, including 2 full years of delivery and a minimum number of Teams. 

  6. Pilot outline • 20-30 established partners will move to self declaration as part of the pilot. • Partners selected to participate must be due for their annual SMSR and meet the proposed criteria outlined in the draft procedure • The pilot will last for 12 months and until all participating Partners have had their biennial SMSR (approx 16 months) • If the pilot is successful self declaration will be rolled out from Jan 2015.

  7. Young people policies – H&S • All young people policies are currently being reviewed.  With regard to HS, the HS Team will be updating the Smoking, Personal Safety and Lone working, Safeguarding, and weapons policies.

  8. George Martin Fire & Rescue Service National Liaison Officer :update..........................

  9. Congratulations!!!!!! • Cheshire FRS • 20 years as a Team Delivery Partner

  10. Develop a mentoring scheme aimed at FRS personnel to guide young people to give provision of personal support, assistance, guidance, encouragement and inspiration during and following Prince’s Trust programmes, particularly at a time of transition and over a sustained period of time. • Cheshire FRS second cohort of mentors • Lancashire recruitment • Youth Contract mentors • Electronic literature.................................

  11. FRS National Liaison post • Fire Research & Training Trust & PT • Currently funded until 31st March 2014 • April 2014 onwards.............................?

  12. Due Diligence Assurance Gateway -The Register of Training Organisations • The Due Diligence Assurance Gateway for the Register closes 1 March 2013 at 1700 • New direct contract holders and subcontractors with a total contract value of £100,000 or above need to apply to enter the Register. We will publish our Subcontracting Register before the Due Diligence Assurance Gateway opens and those subcontractors that are identified as being in scope must apply.

  13. No action is required from organisations already listed on the Register unless you have received a letter advising you accordingly. • As always, the Due Diligence Assurance Gateway is open to new organisations that want to enter the Register and wish to compete for funding from us in the future. • Further information on the Register process, including updated financial health guidance can be found on our website.

  14. Celebrate Success 2014 • Closing date Friday 12th July

  15. Team & xl bulletins • New & best practice stories wanted

  16. Palace to Palace Bike Ride Fire & Rescue Service Team £1000+ raised!

  17. George’s little boy is............... • .......going to Ethiopia with GM FRS • Retrak charity - works with street children • Primary level Maths & English books • Tennis balls? • Pencils, pens, rulers, erasers • Teaching aid poster – fruit?? Visual learning • Small prizes for the debating class • Football shirts

  18. Dates of next meeting Thursday 10thOctober Leicestershire FRS HQ Geoff Monk Way Birstall Leicester LE4 3BU Agenda themes? Ken Drewell – Mental Health

  19. Service updates………

  20. Questions?

  21. Team • Matthew Freeman National Senior Head of Programmes, Education, Training and Development The Prince's Trust