a review of the advantages and possibilities offered by an e cat space heater n.
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E-Cat Space Heater PowerPoint Presentation
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E-Cat Space Heater

E-Cat Space Heater

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E-Cat Space Heater

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  1. A review of the advantages and possibilities offered by an E-Cat “space heater.” E-Cat Space Heater

  2. Qualities of an E-Cat Space Heater • A portable device that can be easily transported from room to room – to warm different “spaces.” • A device that does not require constant access to a flow of water, because many rooms in a home do not have plumbing fixtures. • A low power output of around 1-2 kW, max. • A low power consumption during start up in the hundreds of watts, instead of kilowatts.

  3. Benefits to Customer • No installation required, other than to plug the unit into a wall. • A modular system, in that an individual could buy units one by one (over a period of time) for his or her home. This aspect would benefit the economically challenged. • Zero need to connect to existing plumbing or heating system – if one exists. • Even lower cost than a 10kW unit. $100, max.

  4. Benefits to Manufacturer • Potentially simpler device to build. • Cheaper device to build. • Capability of producing more units in less time. • Capability of shipping more units in less time. • Larger number of units produced and lower price would increase sales. • Entering an established market. Space heaters are already very popular, and sold widely.

  5. Images of Existing Space Heaters

  6. Strengths and Advantages • No fuel consumed or toxic emissions, unlike some propane powered space heaters. • Minimal electrical consumption during startup. • Almost zero electrical consumption after startup. • No open flame which would pose a fire hazard. • Super cheap re-fueling – For around ten dollars you could buy enough replacement cartridges to last a few years.

  7. Great for Remote Locations • Since the input power consumption would be so low, it could be more easily supplied by solar panels or batteries in remote regions, wilderness camps, mountain cabins, etc. After a period of startup, the drain on the battery would be very small. Only the RFG and control electrons (or maybe a small fan) would need to be powered.

  8. Potential for Associated Products The E-Cat space heater could perhaps have simple add on attachments that could allow for an individual to use the heat to warm water, bring water to a boil, or cook food.

  9. Electrical Production In the future when solid state heat to electricity conversion technologies are ready, someone could simply place a thermo-electric or thermo-photo voltaic device on top of the hot plate to generate electricity.

  10. Marketing Advantages • More units to put on the market. • Broader customer base due to super low price, no need for plumbing hook ups, etc.. • A wider variety of retail chains could sell the home E-Cat. Portable space heaters are sold almost everywhere. • Three solutions in one – heat for climate control, heat for cooking, and a way for the poor to produce warm water for washing.

  11. Defeat All Cynics Forever! • Simple product to test. • Just plug the device into a common power meter that can be purchased at any hardware store. • Look at power draw during self-sustain mode. • The consumption of electrical power will be obviously far less than what could explain the heat production of one to two kilowatts. • Every product sold will be easily capable of exposing the lies of “snakes” and competitors.

  12. Challenges to Overcome • The ability to operate an E-Cat without a constant supply of cool water. • If a cooling liquid is used, the ability to “loop” the fluid, and cool it with the atmospheric air in the home instead of water. • If no primary fluid is used at all, the ability to prevent the home E-Cat from over heating and destroying the reaction sites on the nickel powder.

  13. Questions? Comments? • If you have any questions or comments please email me at or contact me via Skype. • PS: If you use this idea, please accept my pre-order for an E-Cat space heater!