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Test Review Jeopardy PowerPoint Presentation
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Test Review Jeopardy

Test Review Jeopardy

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Test Review Jeopardy

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  1. Test Review Jeopardy Adapted by T. Trimpe

  2. Contestants Don’t Forget...

  3. Although they give answers in the form of questions on the TV show, you do not need to do this. You do need to write your answers on your game board! Keep track of your score …Add points for correct answers!

  4. Gravity Free Fall Newton’s Laws Momentum & Inertia Forces, Friction & More 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500

  5. Gravity for $100 Planets orbit the Sun, while the Moon and other satellites orbit the Earth. Such orbital motion is the result of _______ and each satellite’s forward inertia.

  6. Gravity Back toGame

  7. Gravity for $200 Four weather satellites are orbiting the Earth at a height of 825 kilometers. Some characteristics of the satellites are collected in the table below. The Earth’s gravity exerts the greatest force on which satellite?

  8. IV Back toGame

  9. Gravity for $300 Two objects of constant mass, object W and object X , are in outer space. In which of the situations below would the gravitational force between the objects be greatest?

  10. x Back toGame

  11. Gravity for $400 Four objects are orbiting a star along the same path. The objects are the same distance from the star and have the masses shown below. The gravitational force of attraction is weakest between the star and object ____.

  12. Y Back toGame

  13. Gravity for $500 The force of gravity between two objects is affected by which of the following: Masses of the objects Volumes of the objects Densities of the objects Distance between the objects

  14. Masses of the objects and the distance between the objects. Back toGame

  15. Free Fall for $100 Air Resistance causes the speed of a falling object to ______________.

  16. Decrease Back toGame

  17. Free Fall for $200 Only in a vacuum or in space can an object be in _____________.

  18. Free Fall Back toGame

  19. Free Fall for $300 A feather is in free fall when the force of gravity: Is greater than the force of air resistance Is less than the force of air resistance Is equal to the force of air resistance Is the only force acting on it

  20. d. Is the only force acting on it Back toGame

  21. Free Fall for $400 Why do astronauts in space appear weightless?

  22. They are in free fall. Back toGame

  23. Free Fall for $500 A pitched baseball gets its vertical motion from: The force of gravity The force of the hand throwing it. Air resistance Projectile Motion

  24. a. The force of gravity. Back toGame

  25. Newton’s Laws for $100 Newton’s first law states that an object in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. If you roll a ball across the floor, you put the ball in motion, but after time, the ball stops. Does this violate Newton’s first law? Why or why not?

  26. No, because the ball is acted upon by the unbalanced force of friction Back toGame

  27. Newton’s Laws for $200 Newton’s first law of motion states that an object will keep a constant speed and direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. To test this statement, Martin rolled a ball on a long, level street. The ball did not bump into any object, but it eventually came to a stop. How is this possible?

  28. The unbalanced force that caused the ball to stop was friction. Back toGame

  29. Newton’s Laws for $300 Gina is driving her car down the street. She has a teddy bear sitting on the back seat. A dog runs in front of Gina’s car, so she quickly applies the brakes. The force of the brakes causes the car to stop, but the teddy bear continues to move forward until it hits the car’s dashboard. The teddy bear did not stop at the same time as the car because…

  30. Objects in motion tend to stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. Back toGame

  31. Newton’s Laws for $400 In a football game, a defensive lineman exerts a force upon an offensive lineman, causing the offensive lineman to be accelerated backward at 2m/s2. If the offensive lineman’s mass were doubled, how much force would the defensive lineman have to apply to accelerate the offensive lineman 2m/s2 backward? The same amount Half as much Four times as much Twice as much

  32. d. Twice as much Back toGame

  33. Newton’s Laws for $500 Jodie sets two objects on a flat surface. Object A has a mass of 50g, while object B has a mass of 250g. Jodie pushes both objects with the same force and watches them speed up. Which object will speed up more? Object B speeds up more. They speed up the same amount. Neither object speeds up. Object A speeds up more.

  34. d. Object A speeds up more. Back toGame

  35. Momentum & Inertia for $100 Last minute Louis frantically tried to finish his homework while his mom drove him to school. He placed his book on his lap and was reaching for a pencil when his mom suddenly slammed on the brakes. Although Louis stayed buckled in his seat, his book flew forward and crashed into the front windshield. Which of the following was most responsible for the book flying forward: Friction b. Displacement c. Inertia d. Gravity

  36. c. Inertia Back toGame

  37. Momentum & Inertia for $200 Reggie accidentally left his books on top of his car before he left for class. The books stayed on top of his car while he was driving north on Oak Avenue. Then, when he made a sharp turn eastward onto Harris Lane, his books fell off the top of his car and onto the street. Which of the following best explains why Reggie’s books fell? When Reggie’s car turned eastward, his books continued moving northward, causing them to slide off the top of his car. The force of gravity caused Reggie’s books to slide across the top of his car and fall. Heat energy from the sun caused Reggie’s books to slide off the top of his car and fall. The people that live on Harris Lane hate reading, which caused the books to fall off.

  38. A. When Reggie’s car turned eastward, his books continued moving northward, causing them to slide off the top of his car. Back toGame

  39. Momentum & Inertia for $300 What must you know to find the momentum of an object? Mass and acceleration Acceleration and force Mass and velocity Velocity and time

  40. c. Mass and velocity Back toGame

  41. Momentum & Inertia for $400 What happens when a moving bumper car hits a bumper car at rest? The car at rest gains momentum. The ground under the cars gains momentum. The moving car gains momentum. Momentum is not transferred.

  42. a. The car at rest gains momentum Back toGame

  43. Momentum & Inertia for $500 When a train increases its velocity, its momentum: Decreases Remains unchanged Increases Is transferred to its surroundings.

  44. c. Increases Back toGame

  45. Forces, Friction & More for $100 Sheila was coasting on her bicycle across a flat surface and eventually came to a stop. This happened because ________ between the ground and the bicycle tires operated in the _______ direction Shelia was traveling.

  46. Friction; opposite Back toGame

  47. Forces, Friction & More for $200 The graph below shows how the position of an object changes over time. Assuming that the motion of the object remains the same, at what position will the object be when it has traveled for a total of 6s?

  48. 0 m Back toGame

  49. Forces, Friction & More for $300 A ball is dropped from a tower. From whose reference point is the ball approaching the observer? A person in an airplane flying above the tower. A person standing on the ground beneath the tower A person on the ground driving rapidly away from the tower. A person standing on top of the tower.

  50. b. A person standing on the ground beneath the tower. Back toGame