dog digity dog n.
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Dog digity dog PowerPoint Presentation
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Dog digity dog

Dog digity dog

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Dog digity dog

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  1. Dog digity dog

  2. Man’s Best Friend For hundreds of years dogs have been by the side of man. They have gone from being kept for hunting assets and protection to being a member of the family in today's society.

  3. Why Dogs? Dogs have been by our sides through the years because they are very social animals and become part of our family. They are loyal to their masters or families and will follow wherever they go.

  4. Coming From The Wild Dogs are some of the most intelligent animals on the plant and cant be domesticated fairly easily. They can be taught how to do various tasks and in some cases be come actors.

  5. Show Biz! With dogs having the ability to learn, they are key candidates to be movies. One of the most famous of dog actors is Lassie. Lassie is know all across America and most of Europe as a figure of Man’s Best Friend.

  6. Lassie Lassie was a fictional dog that has been around since 1938 in books, TV, on the radio, and movies. Lassie originated in Europe and then came the United States in the 1940’s. Lassie was actually a female dog played by a male dog because the females lose their coats every year and cant be in films.

  7. Lassie- cont. As time went on, the dog that played Lassie got older and had to be replaced by an other collie. An interesting fact with this is that every dog that has played Lassie since the beginning has been a descendant of the first and is currently on the 9th generation of the “Lassies”.

  8. Quiz Time In what year was Lassie introduced to the world? 1929 1938 1941 1945

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