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My trip to London

My trip to London.

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My trip to London

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  1. My trip to London

  2. Last month I went to London for the weekend with my parents. On Saturday we went on a sightseeing tour .I really wanted to go shopping in Oxford Street, but Dad said that I can go shopping when I’m at home. Actually the tour was very interesting. We saw lots of famous places. Here are some of them.

  3. This is Nelson’s Column. It’s in the middle of Trafalgar Square. • At the top of the column, you can see the statue of Admiral Nelson. Admiral Nelson defeated Napoleon’s navy at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.There are some fountains and statues in the square, too-and lots of pigeons.

  4. Trafalgar Square

  5. On one side of the square you can see the National Gallery which contains famous paintings from all over the world.

  6. This is the Tower of London. It’s nearly a thousand years old. It stands on the bank of the Thames near Tower Bridge. In the past it was a castle, a palace and a prison. A lot of people lost their heads here. Today it is a museum and many tourists visit the Tower of London. You can see the Crown Jewels here. The famous wardens called the ’Beefeaters’, dressed in their characteristic red uniforms, are the main attraction.

  7. Beefeaters’

  8. Buckingham Palace is the London residence of Queen Elizabeth II. Smart soldiers guard the palace. Every morning you can watch the changing of the guard. Can you see the flag on top of the palace? When there is no flag, the Queen is not at home.

  9. The London Eye is a big wheel. It’s 135 metres high. It stands beside the River Thames, near the Houses of Parliament( the real name for this building is the Palace of Westminster).You can ride on the wheel in big plastic cabins. The wheel turns very slowly and from the top you can see all of London.

  10. the Houses of Parliament

  11. The view is magnificent especially of Big Ben and Westminster Bridge which are close to the Houses of Parliament.

  12. After the tour I wanted to go to the shops, but I couldn’t because we went to the theatre. We saw ’Saturday Night Fever’. It was the great show. It was at the London Palladium.

  13. In 1666, a fire started in Pudding Lane, in the heart of the city. The fire destroyed many buildings including the old cathedral of St Paul’s. Christopher Wren designed a new cathedral.St Paul’s Cathedral is very big and very beautiful.

  14. On Sunday we went on the boat on the River Thames to Greenwich. We went to the Millenium Dome and then we had lunch in Greenwich Park. On Sunday afternoon we came home. Before leaving we visited Downing Street-the Prime Minister lives at number 10.We never got to the shops. Ah well, maybe next time.

  15. THE END

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