2011 compliance webinar john r justice jrj n.
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2011 Compliance Webinar John R. Justice (JRJ) PowerPoint Presentation
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2011 Compliance Webinar John R. Justice (JRJ)

2011 Compliance Webinar John R. Justice (JRJ)

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2011 Compliance Webinar John R. Justice (JRJ)

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  1. 2011 Compliance WebinarJohn R. Justice (JRJ) October 12, 2011 MO Department of Public Safety

  2. DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETYCRIMINAL JUSTICE/LAW ENFORCEMENT UNIT Eric Shepherd, Program Manager (573) 751-5997 Heather Haslag, Program Specialist (573) 751-1318 Sarah Verhoff, Program Representative** (573) 526-1928 Joan Dudenhoeffer, Clerical Support (part-time) (573) 522-1800 • Main Phone: (573) 751-4905 • Fax Number1: (573) 522-1908 • Fax Number2: (573) 751-5399 • JRJ CFDA #: 16.816 • MO Department of Public Safety • Attn: CJ/LE • PO Box 749 • 301 W. High Street, Room 870 • Jefferson City, MO 65102

  3. OUTLINE FOR TODAY • General Grant Information • Reporting Requirements • Payment Information • WebGrants • Questions?


  5. OVERVIEW • Authorized by 42 U.S.C 3797cc-21 • Administered by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), Office of Justice Programs (OJP), Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) • Criminal justice system faces a challenge of retaining qualified prosecutors and public defenders • Student loan debt is consistently cited as the overwhelming reason why attorneys decline or leave positions as prosecutors and public defenders – the vast majority of law students borrow to finance their legal education but both prosecutor and public defender salaries have failed to keep pace with the escalating cost of education • Created to encourage qualified attorneys to choose careers as prosecutors and public defenders and to continue in that service • Provides loan repayment assistance

  6. FUNDING • Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) calculates a minimum base allocation for each state in the amount of $100,000 • Base allocation is enhanced by an amount proportional to each state’s share of the national population • FY 2010 = $169,423 • FY 2011 = $145,981 • Must be allocated equally between prosecutors and public defenders.

  7. CONTRACT PERIOD • October 1, 2011 to September 30, 2012 (12-months) • Funding for subsequent contract periods will be subject to 1) federal re-appropriations of such monies, 2) eligibility, and 3) availability of funds • Nothing shall obligate DPS to renew a benefit or to renew such benefit in the same (or greater) amount previously received • Must re-apply for funding each contract period

  8. SERVICE AGREEMENT – 3 YEAR COMMITMENT • All recipients will be required to sign an agreement stating their intention to remain employed as a prosecutor or public defender for a period of not less than three years (36 months) unless involuntarily separated from employment • Service period begins with the date of award (October 1, 2011) • Recipients of renewed funding must sign a new Service Agreement to receive benefits under each new fiscal year in order to recertify their continued agreement to the original terms but the newly signed Service Agreement does not commit the individual to a new 3-year term of service. • The new Service Agreement only binds the continuing recipient to the 3-year term of service from the date of the first signed Service Agreement


  10. STATUS REPORT #1: Proof of Employment/Verification - Monthly • Recipients will be required to verify continued employment and qualifying loan status • Must submit by the 5th of each month via WebGrants: • Proof of Employment Form • Statement Due • Name on the account • Account number • Loan status • Last payment/recent activity • Account balance • Payment Remittance Address

  11. STATUS REPORT #2:Personal Feedback - Annually • Recipients will be asked to evaluate the overall program and provide feedback to DPS • Must submit by October 15, 2012 via WebGrants: • How did you hear about the program? • Did the program re-energize your commitment to your employment as a prosecutor or public defender? • Has the monies received from the JRJ Program been beneficial?


  13. PAYMENT ADDRESSEE • Funds may only be paid to the institution holding the qualifying loan • May not be paid to the recipient • Recipient may hold more than one qualifying student loan but funds will only be issued to one institution, as identified in the application

  14. INTENT OF PAYMENT • Funds are to be a supplement to, not a substitute for, personal student loan obligations • Recipients remain responsible for making regular student loan payments • Recipients must continue to make personal payments toward their qualifying loan to remain eligible • When check is mailed to the lending institution, the accompanying letter will indicate that the payment should be applied to principal no-date

  15. PAYMENT SCHEDULE • Funds will be dispersed on a quarterly basis in four equal installments • Can access payment history at • Click “Vendor Payment” • Search by your Social Security Number

  16. WEBGRANTS DEMO The following slides are screen shots and instructions specific to WebGrants and your JRJ grant…

  17. REGISTERED USERS My Profile: • Maintain profile and contact information • Notify DPS only if you have a change to your email address so that we can update our distribution list (does not automatically update) – send a “Correspondence” to Sarah Verhoff WebGrants Alerts: • Add to safe sender list • Spam or junk mail filters may prevent you from receiving important alerts if not a safe sender

  18. FINDING YOUR GRANT…. The following statuses can be found under “My Applications”: • Submitted – application has been submitted to the grantor • Under Review – application has been assigned by the grantor to a reviewer • Approved – application has been approved, pending revisions if necessary • Correcting – application is being edited by the grantee • Awarded – award of contract documents being signed by grantee and grantor The following statuses can be found under “My Grants”: • Underway – application officially becomes a grant • Suspended – grant has been “frozen” due to delinquent reporting and/or inappropriate activities The following statuses can be found under “My Applications – Closed Applications”: • Closed – grant has been closed either because the individual defaulted on their contract or because the grant has ended • Archived – project period has lapsed and the funding opportunity has been archived

  19. GRANT COMPONENTS • Log into WebGrants, click My Grants, and select your JRJ grant. • General Information • Applicant Information • Employment Information • Loan Information • Correspondence • Quarter Payments • Status Reports • Award Documents-Final • Closeout • Opportunity • Application

  20. COMPONENT #1 - GENERAL INFORMATION Contains information relating to your contract • Grant Title (Project Title) • Grant Status • Grantee Organization (Contractor’s Name) • Grantee Contact (Contractor’s Name) • Program Officer (DPS Contact) • Program Area (JRJ) • Contract Number • Award Year (2011) • Project Dates (Contract Period)

  21. COMPONENT #2 – APPLICANT INFORMATION Copied from your application – this component should never need updating! • Application Type • Current Contract Number • Position (Prosecutor or Public Defender) • SSN • Education Information

  22. COMPONENT #3 – EMPLOYMENT INFORMATION Copied from your application –will show all of your current employment information. • This form is used to verify employment as stated on the monthly Proof of Employment forms. • IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTIFY DPS IF ANYTHING CHANGES ON THIS FORM AT THE TIME OF THE CHANGE! • Notify DPS of a change to this form by submitting a “Correspondence” – DPS will then update the form accordingly.

  23. COMPONENT #4 – LOAN INFORMATION Copied from your application –will show all of your current loan information. • This form is used to verify loan status and information as stated on the monthly Statement submitted with the Proof of Employmentform. • IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTIFY DPS IF ANYTHING CHANGES ON THIS FORM AT THE TIME OF THE CHANGE! • Notify DPS of a change to this form by submitting a “Correspondence” – DPS will then update the form accordingly. • When submitting the Correspondence, must attach a revised Vendor Input Form so that the State of Missouri can update its records for payment and tax purposes.

  24. COMPONENT #5 - CORRESPONDENCE • This is where you will notify DPS of any changes in employment or loan information. • When a Correspondence is sent, an alert (email) will be sent to the recipient. • To send a Correspondence, click the “Add” button.

  25. COMPONENT #5 – CORRESPONDENCECompleting the Correspondence Form… • Select the Recipient • Enter the email address of anyone you wish to CC • Enter a Subject • Enter your Message • Attach a file, where applicable – click the Browse button and search for the file you want to attach • After you have entered all of the necessary information, click the Send button.

  26. COMPONENT #5 – CORRESPONDENCEViewing previously sent correspondence… • A log of all Correspondence will be kept under the “Inter-System Grantee Correspondence” section • Once sent, a Correspondence cannot be deleted • Correspondence component is ideal for emails that should be recorded and/or tracked against the grant • Change in employment information • Change in loan information • Declining remaining award payments • Change in employment that will result in ineligibility

  27. COMPONENT #6 – QUARTER PAYMENTS • This component will display a read-only copy of the letter and check mailed to your lending institution each quarter.

  28. COMPONENT #7– STATUS REPORTSCreating status reports… • This component is where you will submit the monthly Proof of Employment forms and Statements • Due by the 5th of each month - the instructions list the due dates Click “Add” to create a status report

  29. COMPONENT #7– STATUS REPORTSCompleting the General Information form… • Select the Status Report Type • “Monthly” for the Proof of Employment Form • “Annual” for the Personal Feedback form • Enter the Report Period dates (the dates should correspond to the report type) • Click Save

  30. COMPONENT #7 – STATUS REPORTSReviewing the General Information form… • Once you click Save, you will be brought to a read-only screen to review the information you just entered. • If you need to make changes, click “Edit”. • If everything looks correct, click “Return to Components”.

  31. COMPONENT #7 – STATUS REPORTSAttach the Proof of Employment form & Statement… • Once you Return to the Components, you will see the form titled “Employment/Loan Verification Form” • This is where you will attach the Proof of Employment form and Statement • Click the blue hyperlink titled “Employment/Loan Verification Form”

  32. COMPONENT #7 – STATUS REPORTSUpload the scanned file… • Click “Browse” to locate the scanned file • Enter a description, such as “November ” or “JRJ POE November” • Click Save

  33. COMPONENT #7 – STATUS REPORTSReview uploaded file and mark complete… • After clicking save, you will be taken back to the previous screen where you will need to mark the component as complete, before you can submit it. • If you uploaded the wrong attachment, simply click the trash can in the Delete column and re-do the previous steps to upload the correct file.

  34. COMPONENT #7 – STATUS REPORTSSubmitting the status report… • You can view the Status Report by clicking “Preview” • Once all form components are marked complete, click “Submit” to send to DPS – once submitted a confirmation submit screen will appear to you and DPS will receive an email

  35. COMPONENT #7 – STATUS REPORTSNumbering of status reports… • When submitting status reports, they are each automatically assigned a number by WebGrants. Each number assigned represents the order in which a report is created . • IT IS IMPORTANT TO ONLY SUBMIT ONE STATUS REPORT A MONTH! Be sure to read the instructions!! • At the end of the grant, you will have submitted 13 status reports. The first 12 will be your monthly reports; the 13th report will be your annual evaluation . -01 Status Report is for the month of October -02 Status Report is for the month of November

  36. COMPONENT #8 – AWARD DOCUMENTS - FINAL • This is a read only component and will show you the final, approved award document.

  37. COMPONENT #9 - CLOSEOUT • This is component will be a read-only copy to show when your grant has been closed. • This component will be completed by DPS staff.

  38. COMPONENT #10 – OPPORTUNITY • This component will show the original funding opportunity posted online.

  39. COMPONENT #11 – APPLICATION • This component will show the original application you submitted.