integral security option towards unpredictable patterns n.
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Captcha as Graphical Passwords—A New Security Primitive Base PowerPoint Presentation
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Captcha as Graphical Passwords—A New Security Primitive Base

Captcha as Graphical Passwords—A New Security Primitive Base

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Captcha as Graphical Passwords—A New Security Primitive Base

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  1. Integral Security Option towards Unpredictable Patterns IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INFORMATION FORENSICS AND SECURITY, VOL. 9, NO. 6, JUNE 2014 “ Captchaas Graphical Passwords—A New Security Primitive Based on Hard AI Problems

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  3. Abstract • Many security primitives are based on hard mathematical problems. Using hard AI problems for security is emerging as an exciting new paradigm, but has been under explored . • In this paper, we present a new security primitive based on hard AI problems, namely, a novel family of graphical password systems built on top of Captcha technology, which we call Captcha as graphical passwords (CaRP). CaRP is both a Captcha and a graphical password scheme. • CaRP addresses a number of security problems altogether, such as online guessing attacks, relay attacks, and, if combined with dual-view technologies, shoulder-surfing attacks. Notably, a CaRP password can be found only probabilistically by automatic online guessing attacks even if the password is in the search set.

  4. Existing System • In the existing system, a captcha and picture based authentication is designed to authenticate into the system. • The concept of visual cryptography has been integrated with the captcha for individual user and got splitted equally in order to store in the server. • The Server provide authentication to the requestor thereby verifying the captcha by merging the splitted shares to ensures the authorized human interpretations. • The authentication by means of picture also been the part of the existing methodology that has a feature of picture spot clicking password. • The drawback of the existing system is that only a specific number of pictures can been utlized to set as a password and there is no successive cued clicks. Hence the vulnerability of cracking the password is high that leads to insecurity

  5. Proposed System • The concept of captcha to interpret the authorized human is incorporated that prevail the human inference with the server by cryptographic concepts. • Image hotspot technique accompanying with the notion of captcha designs the system in enhanced way with security measure. • A successive image hotspots has been designed by means of graphical representation or clued points on the image taken. • On the thriving traversal of the 5 successive hotspot images ,the user get authenticated to the server.

  6. System Requirements • Hardware Requirements: Platform : DOTNET (VS2010) , ASP.NET Dot net framework 4.0 Database : SQL Server 2008 R2 • Software Requirements: Processor : Core 2 duo Speed : 2.2GHZ RAM : 2GB Hard Disk : 160GB

  7. Architecture Diagram

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