a true accoun t of a house clearing n.
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Enter other realms

Enter other realms

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Enter other realms

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  1. A true account of a house clearing Enter other realms By Kimberley Rauchelle Please Click to Continue

  2. Where It Began One summer balmy night in 1982 my friend and I went to a party in Burswood, Western Australia. As we entered the house, we noticed a weird energy. It felt almost scary, dark and dense. We wondered through curiously checking everything out. We got to a huge add-on room at the back, it was very dark. There were at least eight people injecting heroin into their veins. We immediately exited the house mind blown, sat in my MG, speechless. Now we go into the 1995 experience.

  3. The 1995 Experience At this time I lived in the hills of Perth and I was on a radio station talking about psychic development. About six weeks later, a lady rang me and asked me to go to her house for a reading. Three days later I went to her address and low and behold it was the same address I had visited with my friend in 1982… I was astounded. The house was the same, in very bad condition, outside it looked sad and looked like it was ready to be pulled down it was dark and bland weeds everywhere. I gathered up all my courage and knocked at the door. Amazingly the inside was well kept and tidy. I sat with the woman for a long while, she was miserable, her life was a wreck, she asked me to check out her house to see if the vibes were OK.

  4. I went through the two front bedrooms first, and I was amazed at the tidiness! There were two beds in each room, a crucifix on the walls but no wardrobes. The beds were made perfectly, as if I was in a hotel room. I noticed that I felt numb. I hadn’t had this feeling ever before so I couldn’t interpret the vibes. I just moved towards the back room where the heroin injectors were years ago at the party. As I opened the door I noticed two big red eyes the size of baseballs in the corner, the room was huge the thing filled the room. I stood in the doorway holding my hands out telepathically saying “who are you? Come out so I can see you.”

  5. As I moved backwards out of the doorway, the ‘thing’ followed me. It was absolutely massive. It opened it’s mouth and hissed at me, as if it was a wild cat. It’s mouth was green and all slimy, it was about six meters long and four meters wide, and all black. It seemed to adjust itself to come through the door. I was telling it in my mind (telepathy) to get out. I was not scared. It was as if it was a normal practice for me. I telepathically sent it down the hallway, and when it got to the front door a stream of light hit it on it’s head. I said in my mind, very sternly “you are gone. GO NOW !!!!!! The light is sending you.” It’s mouth grew huge green stinking slime came out of it and it screamed a high pitched scream, then it exploded. I vomited twice, and it had gone…

  6. The lady of the house asked me what had happened. She said she saw a dark shadow and heard a scream. I had a cup of tea with her and explained to her what transpired. I could not tell her what it was as I had never seen anything like it before. As I was driving home I could not help but wonder what this was all about I asked myself “how did this evolve” and “what had I just seen”? When I arrived home it was a hot day so I sat by the pool in a kind of shocked but mystified state, as the days went by I still thought of the situation, then two weeks later the women who was in the house rang me, she was mortified she yelled…. “Can you come back and put what ever you took out of my house back in”. I told her I did not know what it was and I certainly would not know how to put it back, she started to get angry and yelled… “Since you came my phone does not ring anymore and all the girls have left” It was then I realised why I did not recognise the vibration in the house was a Brothel.

  7. It did not take me long to work out that that house had a sinister dark force in it which in turn attracted … another dark force. About six months later I went past the house and it had changed it had gone from a very bedraggled rusty heap with weeds in the yard… to a revamped pretty house with beautiful flowers. I saw kids playing in the front while the Dad was washing the car, the house was easily seen from the highway. I stopped the car to have a good look, it was so different I had to really see if it was the same house and it was, I could not believe it was so different, obviously it now attracts positive vibes and a loving family. THEN…….

  8. A few months later I was on radio again talking about positive thinking, a lady rang me while I was on and asked me to come to her work and give the girls a talk on the subject… she said she owned a beauty therapy shop near the city, I rang her later and arranged to see her. For some reason that day, I went to her, I put around my neck a huge Rose quartz and Amethyst setting I had but never worn, I did not even think why I chose to wear this it is usually worn for protection but I bought it because of it’s beauty. I arrived at the “ beauty shop” and rang the bell, a very pretty girl opened the door and much to my surprise the same women I had seen at the “dark house” put her head around a doorway in the hall and looked at me shocked and yelled out “Don’t let her in the business, it will go bad”, Then I knew exactly what I was walking into…

  9. And what an interesting time I had, I can say it was amazing really. The conversations I had with the girls was very enlightening, I found all the ladies of all ages had been abused and were now abusing themselves. Two young girls left and said they would not return… the women who owned the place had a huge energy swing and the next day she rang and said the place had burned to the ground…… This woman and I talked for months and the last time I heard from her she was writing a book on spirituality. It was interesting that a few weeks before the day I went to the “shop” I had had a Psychic encounter with the girl who answered the door, “her uncle” and when I told her what had taken place with him, she left the job. It was her first day there and she said “I was a guardian angel” and the meeting with her uncle will be in my next eBook, that was another amazing encounter”.

  10. In my world I have a lot of different experiences, this one has shown me that where dark energy is…life is evil, ugly, lifeless and fearful. If the door is open to evil it will rein and can open to dark entities that will rule your life and maybe take it. Where light energy dances… life flourishes, it is full of colour and real happiness…it is bright, it shines and you are in it having a ball. Every word of this is true, I hope you have enjoyed reading it and have learned anything by it…I did. Kimberley Rauchelle. 089255 3333 0431227020 8 Bucknell Place. Swan View 6056