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Pulitzer Prize Winners Workshop Video Production PowerPoint Presentation
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Pulitzer Prize Winners Workshop Video Production

Pulitzer Prize Winners Workshop Video Production

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Pulitzer Prize Winners Workshop Video Production

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  1. 香港浸會大學知識轉移處 Knowledge Transfer Office Hong Kong Baptist University Pulitzer Prize Winners WorkshopVideo Production

  2. Pulitzer Prize Winners Workshop Project Summary The Department of Journalism establishes a knowledge transfer project to support Pulitzer Prize Winners Workshop. The Pulitzer Prize Winners are regarded as the highest accolade that can be bestowed on an American journalist. The Pulitzer Prize Winners Workshop aims to broaden the vision of journalists in the Greater China and to enhance journalism education. Each year, the Workshop will invite four to six Pulitzer Prize winners to the campus for a two-week series of intellectual activities that include lectures and seminars, meetings with students, faculty, media professionals and the public. The aim of this project is to make the video records of the past three-year workshop into a collection of DVDs and multi-media products, so as to preserve the journalistic professional knowledge. The DVDs will be distributed to secondary schools, media organizations, and public libraries. In the meantime, these materials can be useful as teaching materials for both secondary school Liberal Studies, as well as for the taught subjects in the Department of Journalism. The application of KTP Fund aims at subsidizing the continuation of the effort of knowledge recording, archiving and dissemination. Project Leader Prof. HUANG Yu, Department of Journalism Pulitzer Prize Winners & Guest Speakers

  3. Pulitzer Prize Winners Workshop Expected Benefits Industry 300 DVDs will be distributed to different media organizations including both electronic and printed media such as TVB, the South China Morning Post as well as the Hong Kong Economic Journal which is the key sponsor of the Workshop. Academics 300 DVDs will be kept by the department for teaching and promotion purpose. Public 400 DVDs will be distributed to the local secondary schools and public libraries. Feedback from the school and the number of borrowed records by the library users will be good indicator for the success of the Project. For more details about the program, please click here.