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Steve McCracken Peter McCracken, MLS Serials Solutions, Inc.

The most comprehensive e-journal access solutions!. Chris Pierard Director of Sales, Serials Solutions. Steve McCracken Peter McCracken, MLS Serials Solutions, Inc. Serials Solutions.

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Steve McCracken Peter McCracken, MLS Serials Solutions, Inc.

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  1. The most comprehensive e-journal access solutions! Chris Pierard Director of Sales, Serials Solutions Steve McCracken Peter McCracken, MLS Serials Solutions, Inc.

  2. Serials Solutions Comprehensive solutions for accessing & managing a library’s entire collection of full-text, electronic serials Includes content available in aggregated databases, publishers and subscriptions agents

  3. E-Journal A.M.S. Enable efficient access and management of your e-journal collection Patron-centric • E-Journal Portal • A-to-Z title list in multiple formats • Journal Linker • Title Searching • Subject Browsing • Ulrichsweb.com bi-directional linking Librarian-centric • Overlap Analysis • Library Data Customization • Usage Statistics

  4. Customized E-journal Portal Hosted by Serials Solutions Library-specific branding & links Title searching Title browsing Subject browsing Direct database access

  5. Title searching Search by: • Easy for patrons to use • No maintenance for librarians

  6. A-to-Z Title Lists • Available hosted on our servers (through the E-Journal Portal) • Also delivered as stand-alone HTML files, print and/or data reports • Includes: • Journal titles • Coverage dates • Provider and database • URLs that typically link directly to the journal A Serials Solutions title list provides you and your patrons a single, comprehensive and accurate list of all the electronic serials available at your library.

  7. Subject Browsing Find and access e-journals by subject • Patrons “browse” in categories and sub-categories • Integrated in E-Journal Portal & HTML reports • Copy the search form and paste it anywhere! • Hosted by Serials Solutions

  8. Journal Linker: a journal level link resolver • Link from an abstract, index or citation to the full-text of the journal, anywhere in your collection. • Links from within the referring database -- the primary benefit of OpenURL resolvers • Most affordable link resolver • Different from Article Linker

  9. Usage Stats • See, in one easy-to-use place, what is being accessed by patrons • Evaluate based upon institutional level access path • Benchmarking to evaluate effectiveness of e-serial databases based upon usage across peer group libraries

  10. E-Journal Management – Overlap Analysis Too much duplication? A powerful new acquisition tool • Identify the amount of overlap in each database in your collection • Evaluate possible changes to your collection • Get the most out of your resources budget • Increase unique title counts • Reduce duplication

  11. Note how few unique titles are in this database – is it worth its cost? Overlap Analysis Detailed information about each database in your collection.Also shows how databases compare to each other.

  12. Library Workflow Quick Set–up Simple Ongoing Maintenance • Specify your e-journal collection • Easy to do with RFQ and Online Client Center • 2. Customize your E-Journal Portal • Choose custom resources and library specific branding. Product Support specialist will assist you through the entire process. • Indicate when you make changes to your collection • Easy to do with Client Center and assistance of Product Support Representatives.

  13. Data Management Managing the sheer magnitude of data is of critical importance • Critical for delivering accurate answers: • Accurate links in A-to-Z title list • Reliable results from OpenURL link resolver • Accurate data in OPAC • Accurate data for management tools • Three types of data: • Holdings data (Knowledgebase) • Library specific data (Customization) • Bibliographic data (Cataloging) Ask Yourself:Would you buy a phone book full of wrong numbers?

  14. Holdings Data • Serials Solutions delivers the most comprehensive knowledgebase available • Track virtually every full-text English language database. (plus some Latin based, non-English language content) • All content provider meta-data updated at least once a month • Direct relationships with aggregators and publishers

  15. Library Data Customization Client Center allows you the most flexibility in customizing your data • Examples include: • Customize URL’s for specific journals or databases • Add customized proxy server URLs • Customize holding dates for specific journals or databases • Customize database names • View holdings information before adding a database to your profile Changes are easy to implement in Client Center.

  16. Data Acquisition and Management Processes: • Collect data Over 800 databases; 348,000 title/ISSN combinations; 1 million MARC records • Normalize related data points Connect title/ISSN combinations with specific MARC records • Manage, maintain, and standardize data Standardize date formats, etc. Systems Overview: • Direct relationships with publishers, aggregators, & 3rd party cataloging vendors • Multiple proprietary, in-house, management tool sets (java, XML) • Unique database with true work-level journal identifiers

  17. Article Linker: more features • Links directly to the article, when available • Highly customizable results page • Accepts OpenURLs from a variety of sources • 1-click to Article • Results hierarchy • Easy to install and maintain • Provides links directly to ALL of your content providers • Includes your local holdings • Integrates with our A-to-Z title list and full MARC records Resolves OpenURLs to deliver the easiest path to content, anywhere in your collection. Enables rapid search and find for known items, including individual articles

  18. Article Linker OpenURL link resolvers enables you to interlink your many disparate resources • One linking platform connects multiple resources • Less administration and maintenance for library • NISO standard creates greater stability • Fewer broken links

  19. Patron clicks on “Search for full text” or “Article Linker.” Patron Experience Using Article Linker • Patron is in an A&I database and finds an article that she wants to read, but the full-text is not available.

  20. Patron selects a link to an article in a database. Patron Experience – Results Page • Patron is taken to results page, where they can quickly and easily see all of their options for accessing the full text of their desired article.

  21. Patron Experience – Linking to Full-Text Article • Patron is taken to the article of their choice, in the database of their choice.

  22. Article Linker Results page • Text, branding, & extended resources are completely customizable.

  23. Sample Customization

  24. Choose the database, then decide the order. Setting a Hierarchy for Content Providers You can decide the order in which each database appears on the Article Linker results screen.

  25. 1-Click to Article Allows patrons to link from a Source…

  26. 1-Click to Article direct to the article within the highest ranked content provider, whenever available.

  27. 1-Click to Article Administrative interface makes it easy to turn on and off.

  28. Customization of Linking Choices Libraries have the ability to: Order content provider links De-dupe by provider 1-Click navigation Either with or without a helper window Article Linker Software • An intuitive, easy-to-use interface Library branded page Search results confirmed Full-text linking options • Article Linker never presents patrons with a “Dead End” • Additional options include: • ILL • Document delivery • Union catalog • Local catalog • Web search engines • Library customized Integrate with your other access services: • A-to-Z title list for non-linked resources and browsing by novice users • Consistent data in ILS via Full MARC Records service • Discovery searching via Central Search • One profile powers multiple services – delivers integration for librarians and patrons.

  29. Library Workflow Set–up Ongoing Maintenance • Specify your e-serial collection • Easy to do with RFQ and Online Client Center • 2. Customize your Article Linker results page • Choose library specific branding,custom resources and linking choices • 3. Activate OpenURL links in referring sources • Serials Solutions support staff will assist you with this. • Indicate changes you have made to your collection • Easy to do with Client Center

  30. Serials Solutions’ Workflow • Host server: no need for library to purchase and maintain server • Host software: no need for library to install software and maintain updates and enhancements over time • Maintain entire underlying knowledgebase • Keep constantly changing linking syntaxes up to date. • Monitor and integrate new sources and targets • Provide support and advice throughout the entire process • Continually enhance products, consistently adding features and functionality

  31. Full MARC Records Full MARC Records Service – Why?? • Almost impossible to maintain all e-serials in catalog • Search for serials in OPAC delivers unreliable answer +/- 80% of the time • Under-use of library’s full-text electronic resources • OPAC no longer displays entire collection

  32. The importance of electronic journals * per Carnegie Classification, 2000 ** greater of 1998 IPEDS or 2002 American Library Directory *** Serials Solutions data, September 2003

  33. Full MARC Records Service • Best bibliographic data • Best holdings data • 100% coverage • Virtually unlimited customization • In use with all major OPACs • Only widely installed solution • Dramatically reduce workload Enables librarians to include electronic journals in their OPAC

  34. Detailed Record Options • CONSER Records • 900,000+ holdings in Serials Solution’s database • Best available Bibliographic source • Updated weekly • Non-CONSER Records • Fills in gaps in CONSER coverage • Records from third party sources, including Gale, Ulrichs and others. • Accurate overlay when a CONSER record becomes available

  35. Brief Records Options • Serials Solutions creates brief MARC records for titles when there is not a CONSER or other record available • Information includes: title, ISSN (if available), holdings dates, URL and provider name. • You can customize the 655 Field to read “Electronic Resource”. Brief MARC records deliver 100% journal coverage

  36. Almost unlimited customizations to records Nearly unlimited options, including: • Delete fields (010s, 042s, 510s, 530s, 533s, 852s, 853s, 863s; pseudo LC Call numbers; others) • Edit fixed fields (006s, 007s, 008s) • Add fields (440s, 655s, 710s, 949s; others) • Customize fields (506s, 516s, 530s; others) • Customize call numbers • Add 856s that link to Article Linker • Include proxy servers prefixes, library-specific URLs

  37. Reduce workload on library Reduce library workload • Serials Solutions delivers easiest and most efficient method for including all electronic serials in the library catalog • All holdings management and cataloging done by Serials solutions • New subscribers can be up and running in under two weeks (depends on library decision making time)

  38. Full MARC records: Library workflow Set–up Initial Load • Load new records for their entire collection • Specify thee-serial collection • Easy to do with RFQ and online Client Center • 2. Customize the MARC records • Choose default edits, or make your own customizations • 3. Choose a schedule • Most choose every month; some choose every other month Ongoing Maintenance • Load updated records

  39. Full MARC records: Serials Solutions’ workflow • Collect and maintain e-serial holdings data for their databases • Collect and maintain bibliographic data from Library of Congress and other sources • Normalize e-serial holdings data and associate with authority records • Create customized record template for library • Create initial set of records and ship to library • Identify changes that have occurred since previous shipment of records; edit/create new records to reflect changes; ship new records • Provide support and advice throughout entire process

  40. Most Widely Installed Solution . . . Serials Solutions MARC records are in use with: • Innovative Interfaces • Endeavor • SIRSI • DRA • Ex Libris • Dynix • VTLS • others

  41. The Serials Solutions, Solution A Feature-Rich Federated Search Solution • Allows patrons to search disparate digital resources from a single, easy to use interface • Dramatically reduces the time required to search multiple resources • Introduces your patrons to the richness of your collection

  42. Challenges to Librarians & Patrons The Challenges • Librarians and patrons are looking for a federated search solution that enables simultaneous searching of electronic resources. • Librarians expect a complete solution to be easily installed, customizable, and deliver robust features and connections. • Patrons are looking for answers. They want to perform a search once, not multiple times in a variety of disparate databases.

  43. User Interface • Simple and clean interface • Search some, or all databases • Library specific branding • Ability to create custom categories (coming soon) • Advanced Search options

  44. Search Results • Sort by date, title, author, or source • Export records for printing/saving • De-duplication of records (Title, Vol, issue, year, and ISSN)

  45. Exporting Results • Select individual or all records to export • Export to HTML or plain text • Send selected results to local printer • Save results to disk in HTML for later use • Ability to export bibliographic/citation management software (available Q2, ‘05)

  46. Stable, Reliable Connection . . . The reliability of a search result depends upon the ability to connect with the right information source. • Uses the most stable, robust connection available • Our Architecture supports: • Z39.50 databases • XML Gateways • HTTP connections • Proprietary databases Through the use of industry-leading WebFeatTM Translator technology, we will provide the best connections possible.

  47. Features of Central Search A Robust, Feature-Rich Solution * Ability to Export to Citation Management Software (Q2 05)

  48. Thank you for your time! Thank you!

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