welcome to 4 th grade n.
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Welcome to 4 th Grade! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to 4 th Grade!

Welcome to 4 th Grade!

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Welcome to 4 th Grade!

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  1. Welcome to 4th Grade!

    Kelly Jones and Carly Steele Please read and enjoy the note your child wrote to you about the first days of 4th grade. They would love to have a note back to read in the morning!
  2. Wow! 2 Teachers for the Price of 1 One teacher is a general education teacher. One teacher is a special education teacher. Working together to ensure that all educational needs are met within one classroom.
  3. A little bit about Mrs. Jones Gifted certified teacher. Masters in Ed. Tech & just earned my Ed.S. in Curriculum and Instruction. Specially trained at Teachers College in reading/writing workshop. I live right up the street…with my family and my daughters are East Side Graduates. I train teachers for Cobb County. Lab Site Classroom for ELA and for Math. Love reading, walking, and cooking.
  4. Mrs. Jones’ Family
  5. About Ms. Steele
  6. Supplies…..THANK YOU! Thank you for sending in the supplies with your child that are needed for our classroom. Your child needs a pencil case or pencil pouch. Wish list is on the class website for any additional items and some teacher wishes 
  7. Communication Email is the best way to get in touch with your child’s teacher. (email Mrs. Jones for general classroom issues – attendance, homework, etc.) Checking Planner Daily Weekly Folder Class website. Sign up for News Flashes. Mid nine week progress reports (if needed) Nine week report card
  8. Weekly Folders They include student work, Tiger Times, a behavior sheet, field trip forms, book orders, and any other items that need to be sent home. On the next day, the folder is returned empty except for the SIGNED behavior sheet. Your signature lets us know that you have seen all of the information sent home, including all graded work. Please be aware of the missed homework assignments.
  9. Conferences Conference week will be October 21 - 25 Please send me a note or an email to request a conference if needed. Conferences may be held in person or by phone. Conference appointment times and/or dates will be discussed upon request. Please plan conferences so that teachers can be prepared…no surprise visits please.
  10. Student Planners Planners should go home each day and be returned to school the next day. Students record their weekly spelling words and daily homework in their planners. The planner is another communication tool to keep parents up-to-date on what’s going on in class. We will be checking planners for the first week or so, after that the students should be doing this independently.
  11. Homework Homework will be given Monday-Thursday. It is valuable practice of skills learned daily in class. It also teaches responsibility and self-discipline. Homework is due the next day unless noted. Nightly homework includes 20 minutes of reading. Homework is posted on our class website but the PLANNER is best for “up to date” information. Homework is often differentiated –some students will have different homework
  12. More about Homework Most homework should not take more than one hour to complete.
  13. SNACKS Please send your child to school with a snack and pre-filled reusable water bottle each day. We eat lunch at 11:18 and some will need a little more fuel for the mind before that. The snack should be: Healthy and nutritious Non-messy Finger food Please – no chips, cookies, or foods with high quantities of food coloring
  14. Birthday Treats and Celebrations for 28 students You may send or bring in a birthday treat if you wish. The treat will be served during recess or lunch by the birthday child. Please make it simple and easy to serve. (Pre-cut or have individual servings for the entire class.) Please send in serving utensils, plates, forks, napkins…if needed. Birthday party invitations and thank you notes must be distributed outside of school unless the entire class is being invited or thanked.
  15. Cafeteria – 11:18 lunch time Come enjoy lunch with your child! First, sign in at the front office and get a visitor’s pass. Then, meet us inside the café for lunch. Lastly, say good-bye as the children are dismissed from the tables. There is a guest table available for you and your child. Our class will be split for lunch because the table only has 24 seats. 4 students will sit at the “overflow” table.
  16. Absences and Appointments Early release days, teacher workdays, fall and winter break are wonderful opportunities to schedule doctor appointments. When your child is absent, please send in an absence excuse upon his/her return. You may call the office the morning of the third day of your child’s absence, and we can get homework ready to be picked up in the office after 2:30. Make-up work is required only for excused absences. We will give students the work they missed upon their return if the absence is unexcused.
  17. Tardy Students Please have your child to school by 7:50. It would be even better if they could arrive earlier. It is very beneficial for your child to arrive on time. Students have morning procedures and activities to complete by 7:50 each day. This includes signing in, unpacking, and preparing for the day. If your child does arrive after 7:50, please park, walk your child into the school, and sign your child in at the front desk. Your child will bring a tardy slip to our classroom.
  18. Transportation Changes All transportation changes should be sent in writing. Bus changes (going home with a friend) MUST be done on the transportation change form. This is a Cobb County policy. The form can be downloaded form the East Side webpage.
  19. Scholastic Book Orders Book orders are a wonderful way to motivate your child to read as well as contribute to the class. IMPORTANT: Books can be ordered online and paid for with a credit card. I can also make an order with checks made payable to Scholastic Books. The book order link can be accessed through the class webpage. Book order forms are sent home in weekly folders.
  20. Proposed Field Trips and Estimated Costs Wahsega 4-H Camp (approx. $70 in the spring) Cobb Youth Museum ($10) Cobb County Safety Village (free) High Touch High Tech (in house) ($30 – three trips) Performing Arts – for social studies (free) Chattahochee Nature Center Visit ($5)
  21. Volunteering in 4th Grade! Lots of ways to be involved in your 4th graders class. Science Lab – parents help Mrs. Ranger with labs and working with students. Adventures in Art – FUN!!! Training is provided. Share your talents! We’d love to have you come in and share what you can with the kids. Read to the class. Help with science labs in the class. Tuesday (or other day) helper – make copies, laminate, cut out things Field trips and Field Day.
  22. 3,2,1….are you ready for some grades? Synergy for online grades …coming soon! This year numerical percentages will be used to calculate your student’s letter grades. A = 100%-90% B = 89%-80% C = 79%-74% D = 73%-70% F = 69%-65%
  23. Social Studies Content Economics Map/Globe Skills Native Cultures Early Explorers Colonization American Revolution The New Nation 3 Branches Constitution Bill of Rights Westward Expansion Reform Movements
  24. Science Water Weather Force and Motion Light Sound Stars and Star Patterns Earth, Moon, Solar System Ecosystems Protective Adaptations
  25. Math Place Value from hundredths to millions Algebra Problem Solving Multiplication and Division Measuring Angles Analyzing 2-D Figures Singapore Math Number Talks Decimals measurement Data Geometry
  26. Reading Workshop Will be taught in a workshop format. Mini Lesson Independent Reading Time Journaling Teacher Conferences Small Strategy Groups Small Skills Groups Book Clubs Presentations Reading – books of choice Meaningful literary experiences for students. In order for students to become successful readers, they must read often and for extended periods of time. Independent reading time is the most critical time of our workshop. Students are given decision making power over what they will read. Our class library has multi-level books.
  27. We Love Reading!
  28. Writing, Grammar, and Spelling (combined ELA grade) Narrative Writing Informational Writing Essay Writing Opinion Writing Writer’s Workshop – Teaches a focus skill that is practiced by students. Writer’s Notebook - Journaling Grammar and Spelling Grammar – Usage and Mechanics Spelling – Words Their Way focuses on spelling patterns Grammar and Spelling are often taught through students’ writing. Memorizing words is not enough to become a great speller!
  29. Thank you! Thanks for all of your present and future support. Please sign-up for News Flashes on the class website if you have not already done so.