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A prospecting strategy for using Facebook to: Increase the overall number of customers shopping through your Portal. PowerPoint Presentation
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A prospecting strategy for using Facebook to: Increase the overall number of customers shopping through your Portal.

A prospecting strategy for using Facebook to: Increase the overall number of customers shopping through your Portal.

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A prospecting strategy for using Facebook to: Increase the overall number of customers shopping through your Portal.

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  1. THE SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY A prospecting strategy for using Facebook to: Increase the overall number of customers shopping through your Portal. Expose the business opportunity to just about everyone. Increase the awareness of the power of your SHOP.COM Portal. Generate exponential growth in your IBV. Help sort and pre-qualify potential prospects and aid in selective recruiting decisions.

  2. THE SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY TheSocial Media Strategy is a very simple concept that should be incorporated into the everyday practices of building your Market America UnFranchise® Business and should become one of your daily tasks. Here’s how it works: Almost every UnFranchise Owner is familiar with social media sites like Facebook. When you are logged in to your Facebook account, you will notice on the right-hand side of the screen there is a window that shows which friends are online, and that is indicated by a green dot. This is where this process begins.

  3. THE SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY These are your friends and acquaintances, so we will assume that, for the most part, they’re willing to help their friends if they need a favor — especially if it doesn’t take much time or doesn’t cost them anything. Further, if that favor can save them a ton of money, even better. This is an added bonus for them as they agree to help you. Before contacting anyone, you need to be ready and set up, so I suggest you: Log on to and start a screen share in advance. Copy that number into your clipboard. Open your SHOP.COM site, sign out of your Cashbackaccount, and have it ready to enter their email. (After you do all this, go back to Facebook.)

  4. THE SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY • Select “basic” • All you need to enter is into the address bar. • Once the program installs and runs, you will see a number and control panel display at the top of your screen. Click the play button and the installation completes. • Click the play button • to share your screen.

  5. THE SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY Your Desktop • Thejoin.mecontrol panel appears at the top of your desktop. • Click the number and it will give you the option to copy to your clipboard. • Paste this link into your Facebook chat window, and when your friend clicks it, they will see your screen. • Click the mouse to share control.

  6. THE SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY Sign out of your SHOP.COM Cashback by clicking “Not Richard?”

  7. THE SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY Leave this page like this and ready to go for now and we will come back to it when it’s time.

  8. THE SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY Now you look for friends on Facebook chat. They are probably killing time and being social, so you’re usually not interrupting them if they have time to hang out on Facebook. Here is where you ask for that favor I spoke about earlier. And this is how to do it…

  9. THE SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY Open a chat box and simply ask, “What’s up?” When they reply, engage in a little light conversation, and then you lead to the favor. I simply say, “Hey friend, I started a new business and I really could use your help. Would you mind registering as my customer online? It’s free and will only take a second; I can walk you through it, you don’t ever have to buy anything, and you don’t need a credit card or anything like that. I just really need to get 10 customers registered to get my business started and you would really be helping me out. As long as we are both online, would you mind taking a minute and helping me out?” Usually the response is favorable — “no problem,” “sure,” etc.

  10. THE SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY Here is where your number comes into play and the power of this concept begins. I suggest you get them on the phone at this time by asking if they can take calls because it will make it way faster. You continue and say, “I am going to paste a link in this chat box. Just click it and I will show you what to fill out; it will take less than a minute.” You paste, they click, and there they are on your screen (that is ready and waiting, right?).

  11. THE SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY • We are about ready to open your Facebook page. • We will be looking for this… Look for the green dots to see who is online.

  12. THE SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY Open your Facebook and see who is online as indicated by a green dot. Online Friend Green Dot Online friend Green dot

  13. THE SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY Start your conversation as described in the Social Media Strategy script. Hey look… Don is online. Let’s talk to him. CLICK HERE Chat box opens to start the conversation. You will paste your join.menumber right in here when you’re ready to share your screen.

  14. THE SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY Now, you simply give them control (so they can type) or ask them for the information (and you type). I usually give them control because they need to choose a password. You complete the registration, and since you are in control, you can make sure your referring email is entered properly so the 1/2% Cashback is credited to your account. Now you are done and a SHOP.COM customer is born. It’s that easy! Now let me show you how it’s done!

  15. THE SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY You or your friend will enter their email in the email address bar. Then click “sign in” to go to the new customer registration page. Keep “No” checked; that is correct. Enter email Sign in

  16. Complete the registration. • Remember to enter your referral email (your Market America Cashback email address). • Agree and create your friend’s new account! Complete the registration. IMPORTANT: Enter YOUR Cashback email address here. Click “create an account.” Agree

  17. NOW ON TO PART TWO I have them on the phone and they are looking at my site. WOW, so many people struggle to get customers in this position, and with this simple concept, they all just end up there. Pretty convenient! What do you think happens next? A tour of the site! This way, not only do you have a new customer, but you have a new customer who knows how to use the SHOP.COM site.

  18. THE SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY To make the Portal tour quick and painless, and so you know everything will work, I use the MyListI created that already has items in it that have all the features that I want to show my new customers. I want to show the Price Alert feature, eGifts, and Gift Registry.

  19. THE SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY I also show them how to add items to MyList, usually a Market America product. Then I take them to the “Stores” tab where I show a few stores that have solid Hot Deals that are not available on the merchant’s site! I show deals only available through SHOP.COM and then we discuss a few stores with high Cashbackand high IBV. When they ask about IBV, and they will, that opens the door to a conversation about the business and you can decide how deep to get involved at that time. If for some reason they do not ask, add a few leading questions or comments.

  20. THE SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY Based on your conversation or level of interest, you may not want to get into the business or you might want to show them the Plan, so have the PowerPoint ready! Don’t forget to book a follow-up.

  21. THE SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY Now you have a customer that is registered, knows how to use the site, understands how it works(including the referral program so they can get 1/2% Cashback), and knows something about the business. Now you have qualified and informed LEADS! From there, you decide who ranked high enough in interest, understanding and capability to add to the funnel. You end up with a ton of customers and pre-qualified prospects. Plus, you had a nice chat with a friend, and I’m sure you used the FORM method throughout your conversation as you covertly interviewed them. Some people you just leave as customers, and that’s fine.

  22. THE SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY Also, keep in mind that some people may be on their phones on Facebook so you will want to set this up at a later time, or use the Invite Friends tool so they can do it later. But if you do this, it is critical that you follow up as soon as you can. Whether they registered or not, you can show them how to use the site and continue with the process. So get ready, click the green dot, start a conversation, ask for a favor, personally register them as your customer, show the SHOP.COM website and its features, hint around the business, take it as far as you are comfortable, and book a follow-up!!!