eircom i stream adsl n.
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eircom i-stream ADSL PowerPoint Presentation
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eircom i-stream ADSL

eircom i-stream ADSL

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eircom i-stream ADSL

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  1. eircom i-stream ADSL Karl Jeacle IP Network Services

  2. Contents • slide disclaimer!  • i-stream product overview • ADSL components • Ethernet vs USB • Modems vs Routers • End-to-end: DSLAM + ATM + BAS • PPPoE • contention rates / bandwidth / etc

  3. i-stream products • i-stream SOLO • Single user, 512K, 3GB • i-stream MULTI • Four users, 1Mb/s, 6GB • i-stream ENHANCED • Unlimited users, 1Mb/s, no limit

  4. Prequalification To qualify for ADSL, much more than distance has to considered, meaning every customer will go through a pre-qualification process. The pre-qualification process involves: • Customer telephone lines are tested on a regular basis based on criteria including • The distance of the customer’s premises from the telephone exchange. The bandwidth available degrades with the distance travelled. • The ‘condition’ of the telephone line. • The result of these tests are combined to provide an indication of the lines’ capability to carry ADSL services. This indicator is represented by either a ‘PASS’ or a FAIL’ flag, where a ‘PASS’ flag indicates that a line will be capable of getting ADSL, and a ‘FAIL’ flag indicates that a line will not be capable of getting ADSL. The prequalification indicator is then loaded into an industry standard prequalification database which is used by DSL operators to check the status of customers lines as required. • How reliable are the ADSL prequalification results? • The prequalificationification test is a predictive tool and is not an absolute guarantee that the line tested will support ADSL service. Service cannot be proven until the installation on site has been completed. Prequalification has nevertheless proven to give a reliable and accurate indication that lines passing can support service.

  5. ADSL Components Customers who have Win95/Mac/Unix should use the Ethernet ADSL Modem. Customers using this modem will need to have a Network Interface Card installed. Customers who have Windows 98 or higher can avail of the USB ADSL Modem.

  6. i-stream SOLO These accounts are designed to connect one stand alone system, if customers try to connect more than one system then they breach the terms and conditions of service and risk disconnection. RTM will not provide technical support for customers in breach of T&C’s. Win 98/2000/NT/XP Win95/Mac/Unix

  7. i-stream SOLO

  8. i-stream MULTI This account is designed to connect 4 systems, each system will be running Enternet 300 and will have their own username and password for access. Connecting more 4 systems breaches the terms and conditions of service and risks disconnection. RTM will not provide technical support for customers in breach of T&C’s. The 4 systems share the bandwidth on the line.

  9. i-stream MULTI

  10. i-stream ENHANCED This account is designed to connect infinite systems. The router will make the connection to the ADSL service and provide connectivity to all systems in the LAN.

  11. i-stream ENHANCED

  12. ADSL DSL ‘Pipe’ PSTN ‘Pipe’ 128 or 256kbps   512 or 1024kbps &  Phone calls  Customer Premises Splitter Original PSTN phone line Local Exchange

  13. Frequencies PSTN ADSL ADSL uses higher frequencies than those traditionally used by the PSTN network. This allows PSTN and ADSL to operate in parallel. One analogy is the process is blowing a dog whistle, the frequency is outside our hearing range and therefore we can not hear it. ADSL is outside the PSTN frequency range and therefore does not interfere. ADSL, by definition, is asymmetric - this can be a good fit for access to Internet services, where users typically download more information then they upload.

  14. Normal PSTN Line PSTN Switch PSTN MDF Local Exchange

  15. eircom i-stream DSLAM Broadband Access Server STM1 ATM Splitter ADSL Splitter ADSL Modem DSLAM rack Splitter Internet Splitter Cards Ethernet card & ADSL Modem ADSL Modem PSTN Switch PSTN MDF Local Exchange

  16. PPPoE PPPoE / EnterNet 300 This software is the equivalent of Dial Up Networking for ADSL, it provides username and password authentication allowing users to log on to the ADSL service. SOLO and MULTI account users will need this installed on each system using the service.

  17. Why PPPoE? • PPPoE vs PPPoA vs DHCP • Flexibility of RADIUS • Ease of integration with existing systems • Per-customer IP addressing & QoS • Usage-based billing • “Preserves the dial-up experience!”

  18. Contention • Wholesale ATM bitstream service • Open to OLOs • Contention ratio of 24:1 • i-stream retail service is built on this • Retail IP service • Dual 100Mb/s & 155Mb/s uplinks from i-stream to core eircom IP network • No IP level restrictions / contention • 80/20 rule & download allowances

  19. Thanks for listening!Questions welcome…