unit 7 business negociation and contract n.
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UNIT 7 Business Negociation and Contract PowerPoint Presentation
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UNIT 7 Business Negociation and Contract

UNIT 7 Business Negociation and Contract

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UNIT 7 Business Negociation and Contract

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  1. UNIT 7 Business Negociation and Contract

  2. After studying this section, you are required to • 1. have a general idea of the process of negotiation ; • 2.understand the how to negotiate ; • 3. master the Principled-Negotiation Approach • 4. master the difficult words and expressions

  3. Text A: The Process of Negotiation

  4. Think about the following questions before you read the text in detailed. • Why do people have to negociate sometimes? • What should thay do before negociating in order to do it well? • In your opinion, what is the process of negociation?

  5. Analysis of the text. • 1“Distributive negotiation":分布式谈利—谈利双方的目的、想取得的结果不一致。 • "Integrative negotiation":合性谈利—谈利双方的目的、想取得的结果一致。 • 2 This way, you must be prepared to use persuasive tactics and you may not end up with maximum benefit. • 这样的话,你必须准备好使用劝说策略,并且可能也达不到最好的效果。 • persuasive:有说服力的,劝诱的 • He presented us very persuasive arguments in the paper.在论文里,他给我们提供了非常有说服力的证据。

  6. 3. pre-negotiation:谈列前。pre-:前缓,意思是“在……之前,先于”。 • You should preview the text before the class.上课之前你要预习课文。 • 4. You have to take into account how it will benefit the other party by offering some sort of reward or incentive.你必须考虑到如何通过提供某种奖励使对方受益。 • take into account: take into consideration考虑 • Before you go to have a picnic in the field, you should take the weather into account. • 你到野外去野欢之前,应该考虑到天气。

  7. 5. incentive[in'sentiv] n.刺激,奖励 • His words gave me an incentive and I worked twice as hard. • 他的话语给我以鼓励,我工作起来加倍努力。 • You may end up losing something in the negotiation that is more valuable to your business than money. It could be a reliable client or your company reputation. • 在谈判中,你可能失去对你的生意来说比金钱更有价值的东西:一个可靠的顾客或是你公司的声誉。

  8. 6. end up doing…最后成为 • We didn't like it at first, but we ended up cheering. • 一开始我们不喜欢它,最后却为之欢呼。 • 7. more valuable than...…:比……更有价值 • 8. reputation n.声誉,名声 • Company reputation is more valuable than profit. • 公司的声番比利润更为可贵。 • Writing or phoning in person will allow you to set the agenda in advance...… • 亲自写信或打电话可以让你提前定好日程……

  9. 9. in person:亲自 • I can't attend the meeting in person, so I send someone to speak for me. • 我不能亲自出席会议,所以我派人代我发言。 • 10. in advance:提前,预先 • ' We had to pay the rent one month in advance. • 我们得提前一个月付房租。 • Or they may lose interest instantly and not follow up on the appointment. • 否则他们会马上失去兴趁,不会按照约定采取进一步的行动。

  10. 11. follow对……采取进一步,跟进 • I decide to follow up her suggestion. • 我决定根据他的建议采取适当的行动。 • Don't give away anything that will give them a chance to prepare too thoroughly. • 不要泄落给他们任何让他们准备得太充分的事情。 • 12. give away:泄霉(秘密),告发,分送,赠送 • A man in the gang gave him away to the police. 团伙中有人向警察告发了他。 • She gave away all her money to the poor. 她把所有的钱都捐给了穷人。 • As it is always easier to play down than to gain. 因为失去总是比获得更容易

  11. 13. play down:贬低,减低(缩小)……的重要性 • The government is trying to play down its role in the affair. • 政府试图减低它在这件事情中的作用。 • 14. Make sure that you remain flexible throughout the negotiation in case the opposition decides to change thedirection of the agreement. • 切记:为了应对对手改变谈利的方向,你在谈判过程中始终要保持谈利的灵活性。

  12. 15. flexible:可变通的,灵活的 • We can visit your company this month or next month; our plans are fairly flexible. 我们可以这个月或下个月去参观贵公司,我们的安排是相当灵活的。 • You'll need to turn it around quickly. 你需要快速使情况有所改观。 • 16. turn around:使情况或组织好转,改观 • The new manager turned the poorly run firm around in six months. • 新经理使这家经营不善的公司在6个月内有所改观。

  13. 17. If the other party then amends the conditions in the agreement in writing to you,those amended terms then become part of the agreement, UNLESS you disagree in writing. • 如果你的合作方把协议中的条款修改后书面通知你,那么这些条款就成为协议中的一部分,除外你书面告知对方你不同意。 • 18. In 1982, China amended its constitution. 1982,中国对宪法进行了修改。

  14. 19. bargain:讨价还价,讲价钱 • If you bargain with them, they might reduce the price. 如果你与他们讲价钱,他们可能会降价。 • 20. Aim highly, but don‘t underestimate the oppositi听力求高目标,但不要低佑对手。 • 21. underestimate:低估, • We underestimated the cost of materials, and ended up making a loss. • 我们低估了原材料的价格,结果亏 损了。

  15. Assignment • Finish the exercises • Preview Text B

  16. Text B: The Principled-Negotiation Approach to Bargaining

  17. Think about the following questions. • 1. Do you know about any famous negotiators both at home and abroad? • 2. Can you tell one of their stories to the class? • 3. What are the basic reqiurements for a successful negotaitor? • 4. And how are you going to sell your idesa to a stubborn person?

  18. Reading comprehension • Read the following sentences and decide whether they are true(T) or false(F). • (1)()Separating the people from the problem simply means open discussion • (2)()Emotions out of negotiations should be acknowledged as legitimate. • (3)()Every interest could be satisfied because of several possible positions in negotiation • (4)()Searching for a large pie means looking for options that benefit both parties in negotiation • (5)()A good strategy to an intransigent negotiator is to insist that the agreement must reflect his position • (6)()To make objective criteria both parties must yield to a fair solution

  19. Analysis of the text. • 1. entangle: v. 缠住 • The sailor ‘s legs got entangled with the ropes. • 水手的腿给绳子缠住了。 • 2 merit n.优点,价值,功绩 • These so-called merits are often offset by its undesirable effects. • 这些所谓的好处拄往被其产生的不良后果抵消了。 • There's little merit in passing the driving test if you don't have a car of your own. • 如果你没有自己的汽车,通过驾驶考试也没什么价值。

  20. 3 deteriorate v.使恶化,变糟 • His work deteriorated in the last month. • 他的工作在最后一个月变糟了。. • 4 joint adj.共同的,共有的,共享的 • joint mortgage联合抵钾 • joint action联合行动 • joint favorite共同喜好 • joint author合著者

  21. 5 Second, emotions brought into or evolving out of negotiations should be made explicit and acknowledged as legitimate. • 第二,对谈判中参杂进去或流雾出来的感情成分明确地加以指出并将其视为是合法的。 • (1)explicit a.明确的,清楚的 • explicit directions明确的指示

  22. (2)acknowledge v.承认 • I acknowledge the truth of his statement. • 我承认他说的是事实。 • v.公认为,认为 • He was acknowledged to be the best player .他被人认为是最佳选手。 • It is universally acknowledged that dogs have an acute sense of smell.大家都认为狗嗅觉敏锐。 • Joe is acknowledged as the best basketball player of the year.乔被公认为是今年最佳篮球选手。

  23. 6 degenerate v.退步,恶化 • His health degenerates rapidly.他的健康迅速恶化。 • 7 The difference between positions and interests is that one's position is something one decided upon, while one's interests are what caused one to adopt the position. • 立场与利益的区别在于一个人的立场是其进行决 • 策的基础,而一个人的利益则是促使其采取某种立场的根源。

  24. 8 Reconciling interest works better because for every interest there usually exist several possible positions that could satisfy that interest. • 因为,在每一个利害关系问题上,通常可能有好几种立场可以满足利益的需要。所以,在利益关系问题上进行调和,常会收到更好的效果。 • reconcile v.调和,调停 • I can't reconcile those two ideas. • 我无法调和那两种看法。

  25. 9 Inventing options for mutual gain involves searching for a larger pie rather than arguing over the size of each slice. 创造对双方都有利的交易条件就是要设法找到一个更大的馅饼,而不是争论切开的馅饼每一块该有多大。 • 10 Intransigent: uncompromising, stubborn • 不妥协的,固执的 • Owing to their intransigent attitude we were unable to reach an agreement. 由于他们强硬的态度,我们未能达成协议。

  26. 11 independent a.(常与of连用)独立的,自立的 • He is old enough to be independent of his parents. • 他已经长大成人,不必再依赖父母。 • 12 By discussing objective criteria instead of stubbornly held positions, neither party is yielding to the other;both are yielding to a fair solution. • 双方一起讨论客观的标准而不是顽固地坚持自己的立场,任何一方都不向对方让步。 • yield v.放弃,投降,让步 • I will not yield a step.我寸步不让。 • The army yielded when”was attacked这支军队在受到进攻时投降了。

  27. 13depreciate v.使降低 • The purchasing power of money has depreciated since she bought her savings certificates. • 自从她买了债券以后,现款的购买力己降低了。 • 14 index n.指数(pl. indexes or indices) • a price index物价指数 • cost of living index物价消费指数 • 15 replacement n.代替物,替换品 • The machine has broken down and we must get a replacement quickly.机器出故障了,得马上找可替换的机器 • We will give you your money back if we can't find a replacement如果我们找不到替换品,便把款项退还给你.

  28. Check the exercises

  29. Conclusion • Separate the people from the problem • Focus on interest, not positions • Invent options for mutual gain • Insist on objective criteria

  30. Assignment • Finish the exercises • Preview Unit 8